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!!!!! We are at war . . . whether we want to admit it or not! . . . as recommended by Bradley Loves

!!!!! We are at war . . . whether we want to admit it or not! . . ....

Posted on By AL Whitney © copyround 2014
Permission is granted for redistribution if linked to original and the AntiCorruption Society is acknowledged.

Our so-called government is waging a war against the American people and has been doing so for a very long time. In fact we were born into this conflict. While we are told that we are a free people, we are most definitely not free.

enemies of the stateIn 1933 Congress was bamboozled into officially making the American population “enemies of the state” so the private FEDERAL RESERVE could confiscate the people’s gold and leave them with no method of exchange other than their privately owned FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE.  [See the Bankruptcy of 1933] To facilitate this action, Congress declared a national emergency and gave the office of the President unconstitutional authority during a national emergency or war. This ‘state of national emergency’ has been maintained by the White House ever since. [SeeSenate Report 93-549]

We are at war!
The American people have officially been “enemies of the state” since 1933. As “enemies”, according to the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917, we are required to get a license to ‘do business’. The issuance, limitations and restrictions of these licenses is how we are unconstitutionally monitored, controlled, fined and taxed.

We are also being ‘managed’ by a vast network of  unconstitutional ‘federal’ agencies, such as the Center for Disease Control, the Food and Drug Administration, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Environmental Protection Agency.  These are all for-profit corporations listed on Dun and Bradstreet and NONE of them represent the best interests of the American people.

Let’s use mandatory vaccinations as an example of this ongoing war.

Most of our parents and grandparents lived long and healthy lives without receiving any vaccinations. And yet today some employers are requiring their employees accept a toxic vaccine or lose their job. We are also being told that our children cannot attend school (which is now unconstitutionally compulsory) without being vaccinated with products that are not warranted as either safe or effective by the very companies that produce them.

In fact, many brilliant scientists and researchers have done their very best to inform us that today’s vaccine products are more likely to injure or even kill us and/or our children than they are to make us healthier.

So, why would a legitimate representative government force toxic products onto their own people? It wouldn’t! But a fake corporate government that wishes to 1) profit from illness and 2) replace the majority of the population with automation and robots would! [See Post-Humans - Let's Not Go There]

For most of the past century the American people were useful in helping the Money Monsters (the owners of the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE) gain access to economies and resources of other nations through unprovoked wars and other means. [See All Wars are Bankers Wars] The owners of the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE are hiding behind the corporation known as the UNITED STATES and its network of franchised agencies and governments. [See Who is Running America]

“All of this deception is compounded by the refusal of ordinary Americans to realize, know or understand that it is this secrecy and duplicity of privately owned corporations, being surreptitiously portrayed as American agencies and government . . . that have come together to fleece the American people like the sheep they truly are and unfortunately, America’s public apathy and ignorance only serves to reinforce the lie!” (From The Great American Adventure; pg 10)

We are at war!
A deadly war is being waged on the American population. It is being done by stealth and professional propagandists are selling these weapons of war to us as beneficial. Vaccinations, GMO food, fluoridated water, Aspartame, and EMR (from cell towers, wifi and smart meters) are all weapons in this ongoing war.

So, the question of requesting a vaccination “exemption” (religious or otherwise) from the very institutions that have been created as battalions – to control and profit from the American people and their children – does not make sense. And, as many of us have observed obtaining an “exemption” is becoming increasingly more difficult. That ‘trend’ is not going to reverse. In fact, after the introduction of Common Core into our educational system, vaccination clinics will begin showing up in our schools.  The plan is to overcome parent’s objections to toxic vaccines by directly teaching children the opposite in their classrooms.

We are at war!
Let there be no mistake about that simple fact!
Merriam-Webster definition of war: “an organized effort by a government or other large organization to stop or defeat something that is viewed as dangerous or bad”

This war was exposed and described in the 1979 Air Force Technical Manual“Silent Weapons of Quiet War”. Of particular importance is the heading on page 37:  Consent, the Primary Victory.

So, how can we defend ourselves from the many corporate-government battalions now attacking us and our children?

As the corporate government structure currently in place is bound by the LAW OF CONTRACTS [see Bond v. UNITED STATES], the first and foremost weapon at our disposal is to deny (or withhold) our consent, i.e. refuse to contract with them. Quite frankly, if we don’t learn how to do this, we will actually be consenting to our own destruction.

We are at war!
And our enemy (the corporate government of the UNITED STATES) has some very sophisticated weapons, one of which is the relentless psywar being waged against us via the mainstream media. We most definitely need to recognize that the media is not a reliable source of info, but is in fact a very sophisticated system of mind control. [See Psywar]

Don’t surrender!
I personally have no idea whether or not we the living flesh and blood men and women will defeat the dead legal fiction known as the UNITED STATES corporation (that our government and it’s Money Monster controllers is hiding behind), but I know one thing for sure . . . I will never consent to the poisoning of our children and ourselves.

The guide LAWFULLY YOURS was created by those that have been studying the commercial nature of our corporate government to give living flesh and blood men and women some tools (other than guns) to defend ourselves in the war being waged against us. It is a guide – not a manual – and not everything in it will be useful to everyone, but that is OK. Hopefully this guide will inspire others to create even more ways to deny consent.

Points to consider regarding the LAWFULLY YOURS guide:

  • It is free
  • It is a non-violent weapon of non-consent
  • It is only 52 pages
  • It is supported by three important Supreme Court decisions
  • It exposes the scam being perpetrated by BAR attorneys & Judges
  • It contains sample letters, questionnaires, and notices
  • It’s implementation has been designed as a work in progress

The day of the “exemption” from vaccine requirements really ended the day the American Academy of Pediatrics circulated across the country a truly vile entrapment ‘form’ known as Refusal to Vaccinate. We are in uncharted territory and denying consent is the first step in winning the war being wagged against us and our children!

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Note from ~Jean: If you don’t think this information is important, then why did I publish it this morning, only to find that it never appeared on my blog? Why is it nowhere to be found in my records here? Not in the trash, Not in my Drafts? Why also did a Comment from Cosmic Convergence disappear four times, and after several private emails finally show up the fifth time? This is a Comment that contains very important information about the Khazaria issue. I’m saying here publicly that I DO NOT CONSENT TO WHAT THE CABAL IS DOING. ACCORDING TO MY DECLARATION THEY WILL PAY A HUGE PRICE FOR BREAKING COSMIC LAW! Let them be warned! ~J

I’ve decided to “shift” gears in this next installment, and give both the right and the left parts of the “brain” equal time! Thus, all of the information given so far will be looked at from the “other side” (of the brain) so to speak before moving on? Is that “okay” with you realists?

Admittedly, I am not even the first person to write an Article such as this. That said, what I will be doing for everyone, is to reorganize and to update the information into a more readable format, and then add my own personal take on how it all fits together.

So before continuing, here is a link to another article that is “eerily” similar to this one, written by another lighted being! Follow this link:

!!!!! We are at war . . . whether we want to admit it or not! . . ....

The absolute synchronicity of my having written this article, and then only hours after it was both written and posted, to discover the link above (which was placed as a comment into one of my previous articles) boggles my mind!

It shows that those of us who have this information are definitely ON THE SAME PAGE with each other “energetically”. Naturally, then, the first thing I wanted to do in Part Two, was to show everyone reading this article that there are “others out there” who have both “seen” the same thing I am seeing energetically, and then writing their own articles about it.

That being said, after a quick perusal of the information that can be found there, I recommend it. It contains MANY great links as well as a link to a downloadable .pdf file called: LAWFULLY YOURS.


Now I would like to clear something up for those who are already pressing the “fear-porn button” in the comments section. The “POINT” of this article is NOT about putting people into fear, as some might think! It is to get people to wake up and then get them to — REMOVE THEIR CONSENT!

No one has to be “afraid” of what’s going on in order to remove their consent! HOWEVER, and this is a “BIG” however — they do have to KNOW what is happening all around them without their knowledge!

How can you even say that you don’t want something happening on the planet — IF YOU DONT EVEN KNOW IT EXISTS? This is not possible!

Even though for some readers, my next statement may seem to get out of the boundary of REALITY and take a “wild flight” into the World of Esoterics —

-It is my opinion that NONE of this could be happening on Earth, if we all just “remembered” how we are all actually consenting to this daily without being aware that we are! It was the exact “purpose” of my earlier long series to point out for everyone very “matter of factly” that we DO have a CHOICE in everything that happens to us here. Even though it does not seem so on the surface.

I will defer to my “favorite” Jedi YODA on this very important aspect, where he says simply:

– You must un-learn, all that you have learned! –

The reason for saying this is simply that ALL the you have learned is incorrect! I will continue from page 7 of the Document SW for QW by quoting what they decided must happen to all of the commoners starting in 1954.

- The quality of education given to the lower class must be of the poorest sort, so that the moat of ignorance isolating the inferior class from the superior class is and remains incomprehensible to the inferior class. With such an initial handicap, even bright lower class individuals have little if any hope of extricating themselves from their assigned lot in life. This form of slavery is essential to maintain some measure of social order, peace, and tranquility for the ruling upper class. -

Do you even see the Arrogance and the Hubris in this? They see the USELESS EATERS as nothing better than mere SLAVES, and by depriving them of any real education, they are even admitting that this “kind” of slavery is welcome to them — as long as it provides safety, security, happiness, and peace for the upper ruling class!

The truth, however, is found right here as well. They have admitted it. Very LITTLE of anything you learned in school means anything!

Getting back to WHY we really DO need to know about everything that is happening around us (no matter how sordid and vile it is), is that this is OUR only chance to correct it! Nothing hidden can be corrected, and correction is the ONLY thing that will save us. Whenever you read something that is very negative in the paper, or on a blog, or see something broadcast on the TV NEWS — there is a “supernatural” thing happening between you and the new information you are being exposed to WITH which the Cosmic Intelligence is involved.

Each moment of our lives is a chance to “vote”, and to give our choices a chance to be cosmically heard. And even though it may not seem so…, there really are RULES to this “game” that the dark cannot ignore!

Whenever I see video images of the on going battle going in the Ukraine, knowing that it is really just a BANKERS WAR, and a battle for resources — the first thing that I do very verbally and out loud is to tell the Cosmic Intelligence: I DO NOT CONSENT TO THAT! I literally cast my vote.

When I see video images of the Ebola Scam on the News, I say:

I DO NOT CONSENT TO THAT! and again I cast my vote. And my vote is always heard.

I live in the USA,  so why should my thoughts, or my vote of non-consent even matter?

Because I just happen to know something, or let’s say have remembered something that you have not yet remembered!

“I KNOW” that we all live in a collectively created REALITY! I also know that this collectively created reality is a magnetic hologram, and the only way bad things can happen here is if enough people either give their CONSENT, or simply do nothing at all (after hearing of a very bad thing), and simply turning away and IGNORE IT.

This was not the purpose of you being exposed to that information!

This is called TACIT CONSENT – or consent by not going on record at that moment, that you are “against” whatever has come into your perception.

It is my opinion that ANYTHING that comes into your perception is meant for you to both ‘SEE’ and ‘VOTE’ on right in that moment –

Why would people choose not to do this regularly? It is because they DON’T THINK THEY HAVE THAT KIND OF POWER!

– You must un-learn what you have learned-

All of your life, you’ve been told that you don’t count, that NO ONE is listening, so you don’t even try. But the truth is that each and every soul is INFINITELY POWERFUL. So, it is therefore of prime importance to the Cosmic Intelligence that each and every single one of us GO ON RECORD as to what we would choose, or what we want so see happening in this WORLD at each moment. Not just in our own countries. Just shaking my head at the TV, and saying something like: OH THOSE IDIOTS, does not place my actual “NON CONSENT” on record. The universe is wondering – what does he mean by that? –

This may sound all very strange. I will be the first one to AGREE! What we are now getting into is Deep Esoteric Knowledge! It is knowledge that only Adepts and Magicians are usually aware of. And even though I use that word (magicians) like a third hand, let’s finally “decode” the actual word “MAGIC”, and pull back the curtain and then reveal the “man” standing behind it!

Here it is, and it’s a real treat! MAG-net-IC

Do you see it? Clever isn’t it – to hide the truth from everyone in this way! Here it is the other way…. Backward and forwards, REMEMBER!


Magic is simply the complete and total KNOWLEDGE of how to manipulate the MAGNETIC HOLOGRAM. Now, didn’t I just say that we LIVE on a MAGNETIC HOLOGRAM?

If this is so, then “manipulating” the magnetic hologram would need to be done MAG -net -IC -ally or MAGICALLY!

Which is also why a 5 gallon pail full of properly wound magnets can power an entire household forever! Many people have been threatened with death over this little piece of information! However there are hundreds of working prototypes in use all over the USA. Little run down shacks in the middle of the desert with nothing more than a 5 gallon bucket filled with magnets running the whole home.

But there’s so much MORE! Words are also magnetic, (magic), thoughts are magnetic (magic), ideas, customs, and beliefs, all are magnetic (magic). [I have to add here that Jim Self teaches this, as well. ~J]

Now, suddenly, yes very suddenly, the idea that at every moment a magnetic (magic) choice is being recorded from each of us into the larger MAGNETIC HOLOGRAM that is the EARTH, seems not so silly.

If you think this is all TOO SILLY, the lets go back to my earlier writing in the long series.

In the long series: The Great CON of Man – Esoteric’s, the Supernatural, Magicians, Mind Control, and the New World Order, I wrote in Part Two:

- Judges (according) to Judge Dale, are in fact High Priests. They obtain MAGICAL AUTHORITY from both contracts and spells. If you don’t know exactly…, word for word, what to say to them, you will place yourself under their authority by your own consent, by inadvertently “contracting” for something you don’t want. –

Let’s change the word Magical Authority now to “Magnetic” Authority!

Why when any human being is brought into a Courtroom, we are told it is because we have been “CHARGED” with a crime. Then the Judge reads those “CHARGES” out loud, and tells us and everyone else in the room that you’ve now been “CHARGED”.

But the word “charge” is all about electricity! For example:

– Let’s charge up that battery!
– There is a positive charge and a negative charge!

Because positive and negative “charges” involve ELECTRICITY, the word “charge” also has EVERYTHING to do with magnetism!

It has everything to do with MAG – net – IC’s! It has everything to do with MAGIC! So the Judge even uses these very words “charge” the person standing in front of him due to his: MAG – net – IC Authority!

Now the Judge, (if he likes you) can “dis-charge” the complaint, or the debt that you are claimed to owe to the court!

If not, then you have to pay! What do you usually have to pay with?


You need to inject YOUR OWN CURRENCY into the situation, before the Judge will DIS-CHARGE you!

Is this all finally making too much sense? These very words prove what I said earlier in the long series! It’s all a “MAG net IC SHOW” – it’s a MAGIC SHOW.

When you are in the Military, you cannot get out until you are: DIS-CHARGED! You can be either honorably dis-charged, or dis-honorably dis-charged. What kind of “dis-charge” you leave the Military with will also affect how much CURRENCY you will be able to EARN once you are out.

A “dishonorable discharge” LIMITS your CURRENCY!

So then after knowing all of this. TELL ME LOGICALLY…, is there any reason whatsoever to believe that you’re complete NON CONSENT to the NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA, (spoken daily and recorded on record) cannot have a very significant effect on the world and what’s happening here? If all of this is just a MAGIC SHOW?


There will be much more in Part Three.

yeah you need to tell them your a non-adverse, non-combatant party, otherwise they will presume otherwise..  i would like the same documents for canada..

also, there is a document about presumptions of the court, these presumptions will stand untill rebutted... its a must read if you are being charged..

much appreciated for the link, ted.

haven't looked into it yet... busy doing other things...

Ted said:

yeah you need to tell them your a non-adverse, non-combatant party, otherwise they will presume otherwise..  i would like the same documents for canada..

also, there is a document about presumptions of the court, these presumptions will stand untill rebutted... its a must read if you are being charged..

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