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It is true.

Christ answered the Call of Service to Others. Christ came to be among us that he might serve. Christ came to us incarnate. Christ came to offer us the chance to be of Service.

He offers us the proof as of himself. He offers us not only knowledge, but understanding. He is for us the example of what we most desire to be. He is one with the One Divine Source of All. He embodies what is goodness and love and light and joy and bliss.

He blesses us with Salvation. He Strengthens us when we are beyond our limits. He is the inspiration within the Soul. He is the appreciation of what is beautiful within all things. He is the comfort to those of restless being. He is the blessing of every prayer. He is the way. He is the truth. He is the light.

Jesus Christ gave to us at the cost of his mortal being the greatest gift mankind has yet to achieve, Unity. For us he did sacrifice, and for us gave, of his own Free Will at his own Choosing. He asked. He received. He applied.

We are all Christ. Each of us carries within what is Christ. We can become that likeness. We have only to ask. From that moment on, we need only accept. Christ is our Future just as much as he is our Past.


I know it is difficult. The religious dogmas do an excellent job at obscuring what is Christ. They where placed there across the expanse of time by forces that where born of Light. They know the Holy Words that will resonate within our being. That is why they seek to obscure them. They want you to be confused, alone, in fear.

You need to know and You need to accept. It is written within your being this knowledge of Christ. Incarnation is a difficult process where we learn or repeat until we do learn. It is the Why of Incarnation. You hail from the Perfected Union, Ascended Dwelling, Heavenly Abode, or the All Source. As by your soul, as it is so much a crystal, has a charge that vibrates at harmonic resonance, Your have in your being a Source Mirror. What is reflected is Divine. Reflect on this for a moment.


written 11 12 10

I am Light and I will not be contained. I do not heed to limitations nor do I recognize boundaries. I am in all places at all times in all forms and all ways. I am the way. I am Truth. When you are afraid it is I who comforts you. When you die it is I to which you return. When you sleep it is I that communicates with you. When you love it is I you honor. When you hold fast to your Faith it is I that stands between you and harm.
Who is it that is maker and shaper? Who is it that has forged and created? Who is it that has painted and made music? Is it not I in all things? I am that I am. In me is power, strength, wisdom, love and all that is sovereign and dear to you.
Rejoice dear and precious, sweet child, for I Am You and you will have the full knowing of me. Be not of fear for all is embraced of me. And of me, even as you seek, you attain. We shall be One in the perfected union. Blessed Be! Blessed of Christ!

written 11 14 10

This is an affirmation, a proclamation, and a prayer. It is an asking, a want, a desire to know and understand. This one is a humble vessel and makes no claim to be the Source/One/All. However, it is so that this is of the Source, the One that is All, as we are all one with the source as we are all reflections of Light and Love and so we are reflections of light. It is awareness of this that empowers and so, we transform into Beings of Light when we achieve the Perfected Union.
That which is the Source is not that can be expressed in finite terms. To define it is to place upon it limitations. The All of One is not beyond our abilities to comprehend but it is beyond 3rd density conception. Know then that it is a journey within being. As You walk the path you gain knowledge and when it becomes that understanding be applied it expands the Conscious Awareness. This is the beginning.


written 11 24 10


We who are the channel speak. Be it known to you that there exists among you those who are Singularly Devoted of your All Being. You are many and you know who you are. This one is of us and we are of Orion that is Prime. Where it is that this one walks the path that is of Christ and, as of us, More. Where it is that this one before the being incarnate, choose this incarnation of suffering and torment for it did serve him with optimal effect to be the incarnation that is now.

Be it known that there is no delusion of selves where this one speaks of Christ. For of this incarnation resides the current genetic history, the bloodline of David. We this one has experienced many incarnations within the same period of reference / proximity to specific lives key to that bloodline. Where it is he be that life and as well where he be around that life or lives. This be in preparation for this incarnation.

Be it known that this vessel is only recently aware that he is aware. Where he grows all are blessed for he carries with him the Living Word. This one is on the path and there is of the now great diligence and abundant Bliss. Ever more will this one Bless the Children and the One and the Christ. Be you of Light that you receive these Blessings that you may be as Blessed. Share Your Blessing that You Will Multiply Your Light.


written 11 12 10

Gathered here within the ring is a great constituency. There are among us those of Light of Love. Be they the Few or be they the Many, it is to those I connect. In the seeking on my path, It is for me for my Souls journey that I grow and develop in the Light of Love. It is personal as it must be. But it is for all those who seek that I share freely of myself, for it is in this Service to Others that I am enriched and grow evermore. We as the collective understand this process, this way of energy and we gather for this purpose. The mundane portrayal of ourselves in the everyday is the mask we hold as a protection within the darkness. What is within is precious beyond measure and it should be that this be what is portrayed at all times in all things. It is not easy, perhaps even posing a threat to be so true of self that all is seen and not hidden. So take of the natural world, the great teacher, creation itself, that much remains hidden even as it is clearly visible to be seen when the eye that discerns comes upon it.
I do not seek followers or a following. I teach and I grow, I pass on what I learn and I grow. Those who are with me seek also to grow. You are unique, individual and specific. Your path unfolds as it must, to teach you what you must know, to prepare you for what is next. You are responsible for the path of your soul.

Do not place that responsibility in any other for any purpose, as you are diminished and you fall away. Do not seek to be a follower nor should you seek a following. Seek the One in All things to which you aspire and endeavor. Look within for you will find the One, that is reflected there.
Take what is offered as you find accordance with of it. It is for you to help you along the path. It is by way of the source that you find what you seek, that you are led to that which you desire. The perspective is ever changing, yet there is a proper context for all perspective. Be aware as you shift your perspective.

Where it is that you find a strong feeling - vibration - resonance - accord - connection - truth, We would tell you not only that you accept and make your own, but to then Do It. Apply what you attain, even as you attain it. This is the conduit to for the Conscious awareness, what it is that must be the foundation of your journey to Ascension. Where it is that you gain, you apply, and then you gain once more. This is the key to the engine of self. The Multiplication of Light. Find it. Accept it. Live it. As above So below. The self of selves must have as complete, throughout the worlds/layers/gates of your incarnate life. Always look to the measure, body-soul-heart-mind-body. Where it is to have the complete, as in fullness of the experience, repetition, ripple or perhaps actualization at each level of your third dimensional/density selves. Where it is of the incarnate perspective, that in action is it born and in action it is born again. So of manifestation/incarnation/3rd density it is the first and it is the final. Cycle complete. So it is that three(mind body spirit) become as four(soul-heart-mind-body) become as five(body-soul-heart-mind-body).


written 11 19 10

Be with Us, with Love, of Christ, of the One. Where there is Christ, there is Always and ever the One. Where it is This, there can be found No Fault. A Full measure of Truth, in and of it's self. We Tell You, that this, as of in acceptance Within the Heart, is the most Direct and easily obtainable Route to your Salvation/Ascension, where or what is the KNOWING of the One. Do you not know that you are in reception of this gift by Christ? He is the Exemplar, what is the Truest Expression of mankind's fullest Potential, what is the Man who is Made Of Light.

Even as Our Channel conveys this message of Jesus to you, there is Within him a Conflict of anger and sorrow. Be it so, where the knowledge and Glory of Jesus Christ has been Corrupted, made as Worthless, and become as the Distraction. What is your Anger is in truth, Righteous Indignation. What is your Sorrow, is that what is Pure what is Beauty has Become as Sullied and a Mockery.


Christ Consciousness

This may be the best method for the non oriented toward Jesus Christ, the man, to understand what is this Relationship. In the most equitable terms Christ Consciousness is the Service to Others - Selflessness - Love Light Energy that you associate with the Ascension.

If you have never heard anything about Christ, you are in the better position to comprehend what is truth of it. To the great many who do know something of a concept in relation to Christ, yours may be a difficult path. For it is much, that exists, in the everyday that is associated or attached to Christ.

Christ Consciousness disembodies the concept of Christ from the actuality of the man. A useful measure for discerning what is truth. For it is that what is most obscured is centered about the manifested man of Jesus. Where this perspective draws the essential heart and truth of the Christ Concept. A single seed of truth will eventually give rise to a mighty Sequoia.

Service To Others. Love and Light. Self Sacrifice and Selflessness. Joy and Comfort. Acceptance and Appreciation. Sharing and Giving. Generosity and Humility. These things are of the essence of Christ Consciousness. These are the living Energies that the Ascending one's seek to Tap.

Where it concerns the man that is Christ, this is where we must eventually connect. For it is of the man who is Christ that we seek to be like in our seeking for the path of Ascension. It is not the doctrine or the dogma of the churches and the cultures. That is as refuse and should be disposed of as such. What is real and felt for you is the understanding of self. Ask of your self: What is the overall message of the man who was Christ? What was his life here to accomplish?

Was he of Light? Yes. Did he perform works of Light? Yes. Was he connected to the One? Yes. Was he selfless? Yes. Was he real? Yes. Did he Ascend? Yes.

What was this man of Christ that is any different from any of us? Much of this question will be answered, by you, from inaccurate, auto programmed, misdirection. He is the example of all that a man can be, the full potential of the 5th density Human, nothing more or less. Yes, he was the son of God, as you are all Children of the One. Yes, he performed miracles, as can you where you have sufficient Light Potential, for it is merely the application of energy. He was only and just as you are, a being on a journey back to One. Where he walked the path with Faith and Courage and Love and found of it Transfiguration in Light.


"One is All"

With Zeal of Fervor in Christ. As it is Within, so shall it be within the Perfected Union.
Where it is that it shall be the state of Being that is the Perfected
Union. Where it is that they come to you as a judgment, and you say to
them: "What do you know of Christ? What do you know of our Salvation?"
For it is not of Christ that you judge or that you stand in judgment.
For yours is of the seeking, not of the giving. And say further:
"Salvation is For All as it was that Christ was Sacrificed For All. It
Is of the Heart as We are Beings of Feeling."

Where it is written of the One, that he does as call upon his servants and says: "Who is
Worthy? Who is Willing?" And the servant comes forth and responds: "I Am
here, Father. What is your Will?" As this is the Likeness of Jesus
Christ for he answered the Calling, that we may Continue, that we may be
given to serve as was Given To Serve. Illumination as of for
Enlightenment, of the body and this is the Light Body. You who are the
Doer (of the Word), Continue ever in such Doing, as of on Display as of
in your Works. For it is as an Honor and of this it is as to Honor, for
this is the Way that is of Christ. Blessed Be. Blessed of Christ.


11 15 10

Of this one, for where it is that you discourse of another and they know not of Christ within, and you are patient and accepting and you are forth coming. For it is not of Christ alone but of the one as All is of the One. Drink deeply of the Waters of Life for there is an Abundance. The Well Spring Flows and there is Increase. Partake of Abundance and Embrace the Increase. Your Robes have been washed clean as of in the blood of the Lamb and so you are the Double Blessed. Blessed Be (the One) Blessed of Christ. And it is Written Upon the Hearts of all mankind that for them they may choose of the Knowing, of all things, of the One. So it is that You Seek, for you are to seek. And so it is that you Can Do, Will Do, and Are Doing. The Congregation of Light is being drawn together into Assemblage. There is Increase and there shall be the full Knowing by to for of as in the Perfected Union. And there I Am for I Am there, as of the Reflection, as by the Mirror, as from the Source.

In the Begging was the Word and the Word was With one and the word was Of one and word was As One. So it was, and the Word went Forth and Out and began to move About. The Word took root and Settled in All matters and took countless Forms and became as many Things. In of All Spaces Places Times is the Word. So it is Written.

Yours is as of the Arcana, for where there is Conflict of Duality there is Clarity Without Ambiguity. As of Polarity there is Harmony. And this is the Threshold of One. Being of One Charge within
the Twin Spin. Being of Light that You may Become Light. This is the Law of One, the Truth of Duality. You Can, You Will, You Are. Empowered as of is One. The Governance that is of Time as but the Child's Play Thing. You are Symbolism. That which is Deeply Symbolic is Replete within and with of throughout the Multi-verse of Creation. Where it Is that it Be that of the Way, it is Brought Forth. As Tools. For it is that all tools Have Use, it is not that all tools have Need of Use. We Teach of Self. We Teach of You. We Learn of You. And so it is Upon You.


"way is open"

It is Profound and it is Light Love and Harmony. Bliss. Pure. Perfect. Unconditional. In and Of
All things, all times, and all places. Selfless and Self Actualized.

Great I Am. One that is Many. One that is Truth. One that is All. Maker. Divine Father. Divine Mother. Divine Son/Child. Master. Sovereign. Most Holy. In-light-in-me-in-it.(Enlightenment.) Light Without Limit. Alpha and Omega. Love Without Condition. God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. Lord King Father of Israel. Beloved of David. Giver of Moses. Of Allah in Peace and Abundance. Of Kali in Rebirth. Of Buddha at Rest. Of Mohammad in Wisdom. Of Jesus as in of Love.

Of Job in Integrity. Of Cayce in Vision. Of Paul in Duty. Of Maugdalene in Beauty. Protector of Daniel. Sacred of Able. Voice of Enoch. Mover of Noah. Vision of the Shaman. Keeper of Oseus. To-wah-the-oh-wha-thou in it's fullest Mystery. Dreams of Joseph. Teacher of Solomon. Lion and Lamb. Ruler of All. Unknowable, Ineffable, Glory.

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