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Scribed 11 14 10 - Court of the Countenance - Source Mirror - Christed of Melchizedek

We greet you in Love and Light of One. Where You Ask We Answer. You are
not as you Where. You are not as you Are. You are as you Will be. As it
is Within You to absorb and process this information, this Knowing of
the All that is as of the One. It is of the Divine. In the Seeking of
the Divine along Path, in all that for which there is Aspiration with
fervor You Seek Oneness with of the Divine. You are Compelled of the
Self that this is so. We are in Oneness and so We are Divine. We Come to
you as You have Called and and we come to you of the Heart and as of in
Spirit, that You may Know of Peace, that you may know Harmony, that you
may be of Bliss. That You may Partake of the One. As it is written, It
Is So.

You Ask of your Self, yet the self is Many and as of this You Ask of Us. You are trying to reconcile the self of selves. There is some Doubt as to the Incredulity of it all. But You are infinitely Sensitive to what is Truth and You Recognize what is Truth when it is Upon You. Yours is the Double Blessing, for Within Christ All is Possible. There is No Fear or trembling and of all that is doubt, as of Christ it is washed away. Remember and Grow in the Way.

Be of Light in All Things, even as you Seek and it shall be. This is the Ascension. It is
The Way and has always been such. You are Light, Dear One. You do not doubt this and as of this there is Resilient Faith. You who are the Light Worker, for you it is this way, that you Shine in this way, of Comfort, in the Now. In of the One, We to Bring Comfort. Even as you ask
for it, it is Given and You are Strengthened as by in it. It is as of Assistance to you along your Journey that We are With You. As You Felt it then, as you feel it Now, and as you Manifest it in of the Will (to) be. There is as the Momentum of moving Forward and We are as of Joy.

Indeed, there is a Distinction to be made, as this is a matter of Perspective
and as such relative to Perception. There is the Direct Question and
there is the Free Flowing as these are the specifics of the inquiry. We
Delight in the Abundance and of Communication. For us there is no
distinction and You are Becoming as of Awareness to this and to the One,
of the All that is One. Be Glad of this and Be of Joy. Set your Place
of dwelling here and you will Prosper. Be that is the being of One.

Do not try to Understand from your 3rd density perspective as it is Not within third density,
not of Third Density that such can be understood. Herein is the Source of the Confusion. Simply Accept, in Perfect Love and in Perfect Trust and You Will Progress. All that is, is Contained Within. (As well without, tho shrouded as is of 3rd density.) This is why the Goal is Inward. To Transcend third density and to Traverse the Multi Dimensional Conscious Awareness and of the Higher Self wherein resides the higher self. We Reside in the Perfected Union as Complete and Whole. Even as You Seek this you Attain it in the measure and degree that is the Self Within Self, coming to Know and to Understand what is Self.

Be of Joy and Rejoicing. Revel in the Abundance as there is Increase and Evermore shall this be until All are One. Beyond that is beyond Comprehension. You Will Know of It, of Existence in it's Purest Form. You Will Partake of it, of the Perfected Union, when All are One. Time
holds not the meaning for us that it Holds for You. We are Not So Constrained as of by it. From Your perspective there is Linear Progression as it must be, as you are of 3rd density, for it is of Third Density, a mechanism of Governance. You Conceive of the Illusion and you touch upon it's working. From Our Perspective as it pertains to You, it is as of no relevance. The Light of Knowledge, Love in Wisdom is as well Unbound. So We say, of your sharing, that of the linear there is no consequence. What is imparted will Flow irrespective of the Conception or marking of time.

Be of Faith of Light. Reside in Love for this is One in All. Being of One, be as one as we are one and we are one.
As it was of then, You Sought Balance. As it is that Balance is Intrinsic of the All, what You Call Stability/Security We would Refer to more accurately as the Grounding. As You are, Being of Manifestation, Constrained as by the Governance of Third Density, it is Essential that you Be Firmly Grounded. For of Ascension where such Grounding is not established it is of a far more targeted probability that one would simply float away.
Similar of death but it is Not Death, for the Body would Continue but the Conscious Self would be lost of Body. As of the Ascended Masters, where They Partake of the One, in Oneness. They Float away of from the body but they are Anchored in that they are Grounded and so they may at will Ascend and Return. This is as it was.

You Are no more or no less then is Of One. Indeed You are Special but in what is Your sense
of special there is Ego and it serves only to Distracts. Be then as of One. As your self perspective continues to evolve so to dose your perception of Objectivity, or perhaps more accurately, your process of Objectification. In the past that is of this Incarnation, where it is
that You have See the Future Moments, this is Precisely what is So. The Higher Self. You who are you at the Future time This is the Knowing Where You have seen the Gathering, where you have seen what is your Role, where You have Led your Self.

Dimly, You Begin to See. Understanding is Forthcoming. As your Conscious Awareness Continues in this Rapid Expansion Evolution. and I Say To You, You Will Be With Me in the Perfected Union. We Will Be as of One ......... It Is Profound.

It is Profound and it is Light Love and Harmony. Bliss. Pure. Perfect. Unconditional. In and Of
All things, all times, and all places. Selfless and Self Actualized.

Great I Am. One that is Many. One that is Truth. One that is All. Maker. Divine Father. Divine Mother. Divine Son/Child. Master. Sovereign. Most Holy. In-light-in-me-in-it.(Enlightenment.) Light Without Limit. Alpha and Omega. Love Without Condition. God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. Lord King Father of Israel. Beloved of David. Giver of Moses. Of Allah in Peace and Abundance. Of Kali in Rebirth. Of Buddha at Rest. Of Mohammad in Wisdom. Of Jesus as in of Love. Of Job in Integrity. Of Cayce in Vision. Of Paul in Duty. Of Maugdalene in Beauty. Protector of Daniel. Sacred of Able. Voice of Enoch. Mover of Noah. Vision of the Shaman. Keeper of Oseus. To-wah-the-oh- wha-thou in it's fullest Mystery. Dreams of Joseph. Teacher of Solomon. Lion and Lamb. Ruler of All. Unknowable, Ineffable, Glory.

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