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 HORUS - Aug 24, 2012.

It is a time for further explanation of what is to take place when the majority of all people on earth awaken to their fullness of fifth dimensionality. It is not a matter of being in the right place at the right time; it is a matter of being within the inner knowing of who you are and what you are capable of.


I am Horus, and as I bring this information to you I do so with the complete recall of how it was for me before I was aware of who I am and why I am here. It is a known thing that there is more than what meets the eye in these days of unrest. It is a matter of being in the know and going from there.


Give yourselves the freedom to know what it is that you want and then go from there in the knowledge that it is already in place for you. It was your recognition of what it is that you desire for your life that created it. See how powerful you are! As soon as you recognized what it is that you desire and intend for your life, it became your creation and awaits your claim.


There is a mater of importance that is coming to the front on the planet, and that is that there is a coming revelation about what will be shown to the world’s people about their society. It will be a huge eye opener for many of you, and an ‘aha moment’ for the rest of you who have been awaiting this moment of truth. When the curtain comes up on the world stage about the play of the financial structure in the world it will be as a huge awakening for all those who have been in the dark for so long. When I speak of the dark, I speak of the place of not being able to see what is in front of them, because it has been so clouded over from past generations of deceit and innuendo of truth. What the ones who have been creating this deceit for so many years have created as truth, is indeed false and is designed to deceive all of those on earth who have not been part of the family of the darkness.


It is all about to come out into the open. Realize that there will be repercussions that will make it seem as if some of the way-showers are speaking through their tongues of deceit. This will only last for a few moments and then the evidence will come that is so clear and final that no one will go to that place of disbelief any more.


As this all comes into the open, it will go from the financial world on to other aspects of the societal system that has been in place for so long. It will hit the political, the medical, and communication aspects and then filter on through the secondary phases of the way life has evolved in earth. There will be no turning away from the truth. That in itself will begin to open people’s realization as to what has been hidden, and what they have been hiding from themselves through the generations and lifetimes on earth. It will be a landslide of truth that will begin to surface and slide through life as an unbounded avalanche of knowing what is in place for the freedom of the people from their own enslavement.


I know this, my dear family, for I was once in that picture. I was in a position of forgetfulness at one time in my experience on earth. Also I was on Maldek, and as I took my place in the universe through the mechanisms of change that came upon us so suddenly, I left my awake consciousness behind and spent a lifetime on earth not remembering my origins and my times of being who I am in the reality that I now live in. when I say lifetime, I am saying that it was a much longer lifetime than is now spent on earth. I lived the number of years that could now be construed as three or four times of living on this planet today.


In that time on earth I was part of the Annunaki in their time of being in the darkness that played itself out in so many ways. I was the son of a being who was considered to be evil and to have given of himself in so many ways that cemented him to the life of living in the lower energies. There have been many times on earth, through the various stages of evolvement and earth changes that the evolutionary process involved the wavering back and forth between the levels of the 3rd and fifth dimensionalities. Yes, within those first levels of the dimensionalities lies the potential for slipping back and forth, due to the influences of the lower energies that seek to bring all to their level.


As I went through the various stages of the slipping back and forth, I learned a great deal. I saw that there is only one way to escape the influences of the lower energies and that is to bring the Love to the present moment. In doing that you recognize who you are and what you can do. In that moment there is an absolute truth that is so strong that the only thing that can loosen it is to lose faith in oneself. That happens time and time again, and then it begins to happen less and less as we go through the various stages of seeing and believing. When we finally get to that place where we can see the truth more than the lies that are fed us, then we know that we have the power to step beyond the lies and into the truth of power and freedom that is inherent within us.


That is what I was able to do, dear ones. I was able to remove myself from the slipping back and to hold my power in Love for all time. I see that in so many of you! I love what I see and that is why I am here speaking through this one who was not only my daughter in those early times of my evolvement, but she was also the one who led me out of the fire into the heavens from Maldek. She too had been caught in the fire and she saw me in the midst of the debris that was threatening to carry me into the soils of the planet. She stood by me and reached out to grasp the one she knew had carried her from many disasters before while we were on earth outside of that Maldek time warp. She knew that it was the way of Love to allow herself to go that extra step. As a result we were both propelled out into the universe to go back to our origins and prepare to go to earth and begin our new journey back to ourselves in a different way than the first time.


Why I have told you of this is because I have heard many of you ask yourselves, “Who is this Horus, and why is she channeling him?” Now you may have a broader knowledge, and I know that for some of you it has answered some questions that have arisen about your involvement with this whole Maldek, as related to earth, story. Now if you can relate what has been taking place on earth to this information about Maldek and the time warp, then you may have some idea that has answered a question or two about your life and evolvement. There is much more that I could tell you, but that could be a book for a later time.


Right now we all are in the midst of writing our own book, collectively. It is one that will resound throughout the universe and that will not need printing, or an ebook format to relate. It is in each and everyone’s heart and mind. It is in the process of coming to a crescendo that will ring through the heavens forevermore.


I leave now with the knowledge that you will all be in the perfect place at the perfect time for the upcoming opening of the gates of truth. I will be right here with you to stand by and hold your hands as the truth of the release comes to you all. You are ready for this freedom that is at your doorstep. Rejoice and dance and sing through the moments and it will be here before you know it! Blessings are on the way!


Thank you dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate

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for easy read please HighLight it :) You :) <3 came like that on yellow color.

If the person who posted the message above reads this.I'd like that person or persons to know that.I can't read the yellow colored words.A lack of knowledgae has taken place and been lost.I hope the message above is reposted so that people like me can take joy in reading it!

oh dearest Richard Levasseur ur so ready for glasses ^L^ please my friend read what Besimi wrote... please Highlight... it came like that on yellow color ;-)

Done ;-)

yes yes thx u Tony u made me and my friend richard very happy ^L^ see I'm right, Ur the Best 

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