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I met him in my dream, he and Michelle. He was very friendly, yet all business.
He greeted me like an old friend.

I got a sense that he had a great and very strong purpose. He demonstrated how he had ESP abilities, and seemed to have great powers of the mind.

I am describing the dream in very general terms as some of it was a bit surreal involving him dealing with dark entities with total and complete ease - but I woke feeling like I really did meet the guy and was amazed by him.

Straaaange. [Good strange]

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Don't be fooled by the devil......
this is weird , everyone was praising him when he was elected and before .. now everyone hate him, coz everyone is waiting to something radical and fast will change, dont wait for everyone or a president he is a puppet like the ones before him but please just stop judging peoples too fast...
Obama and Michelle are very active in dreamtime to those embracing the new energies, they are major Wayshowers of Earth and many have incarnated within the same soul group as they have and are here to support his mission. He is surrounded by service-to-self individuals and needs that support telepathically. I too have visited him & Michelle during dreamtime. David Wilcock has written a couple of excellent articles on Obama on He is about the only 2012 speaker who sees the truth where Obama is concerned, but all that will change of course as time goes on.
You will see Obama again in dreamtime as long as you go with the universal energies, much love
Magenta Pixie :)
change comes great and fast. there is no doubt, but you must have the very acute senses. in order to percevir it, is so shameful for them, that they pay any thing not to be lynched
Hello my dear friend Besimi - I am often surrounded by snakes too! They are representative of Kundalini energy. Spiders and Scorpions signify spiritual awakening. I am also protected by Dragons and other reptillian entities which represent the warrior energy, protection, strength and backbone. All these that are with me are aspects of Light as are Obamas. These symbols, metaphors and actualised beings can be both positive or negative.

Michelle Obama also has Angelic and Elemental energy (faeries) around her...

Of course if you are referring to the human beings that surround him politically as 'snakes and scorpions' then in that context you are absolutely right. He does have protection though and others like him are moving into the political arena that he is in, eventually to work with him, but yes right now he is surrounded by humans operating from service-to-self (snakes and scorpions viewed here as negative metaphor)

Lots of love & Light
Magenta Pixie xx
I often dream snakes.But when cats are in my dreams i know that i would have positive expirience.

Magenta Pixie said:
Hello my dear friend Besimi - I am often surrounded by snakes too! They are representative of Kundalini energy. Spiders and Scorpions signify spiritual awakening.
He is the one that has been prophesised. If he survives an assassination attempt then that is it. He will be overthrown, don't worry unless you are 1 of the billions that are killed during armageddon brought on by this guy and his evil government officials beside him. Stop being fooled. Wake up before it is too late. He will lead you all like lambs to the slaughter. Namaste
I don't know if you're interested in an interpretation or not, but if you are, this dream can have two meanings. One, like the others said, you actually did just meet them on the astral or dream plane (very cool!). Or, this could be a symbolic dream in which as the president of the US, he represents an authority figure, which can be used by your mind as a symbol for your higher self. He was friendly with you (indicating you know your higher self and are working well with it), and he demonstrated abilities, which can mean that he is showing you what you are capable of. Cheers!

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