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The Krithikas or the PleiadesVikashi Vishakam The Pleiades, or the seven chaste women, are the wives of the seven divine sages. Six of them were raised to the sky and became the six Krithikas or the six stars of the Pleiades. The seventh one was also chaste as well as pious and devoted to her husband. She was separately raised to the sky and became the Arundhati. It’s these six Krithikas who nurtured the six-headed baby born of Shiva in the Saravana – Sara = Reed, Vana = Forest (Forest of Reeds). The six heads of Kartikeya represent His six attributes. They are: Jnana (wisdom), Vairagya (detachment), Bala (strength), Keerti (fame), Shree (wealth) and Aishwarya (Divine powers).

Muruga is the God of Pleiades. The Pleiadeans have long a standing contact with planet earth. They are fond of human beings and the earth plane. They are interested in helping the earth to get more light. Their goal for human beings is to change the genetic structure of the human bodily cells so that the humans can eventually acquire a light body. The Pleiadeans constantly fight with negative beings from other planets who have been basically responsible for ruining our genetic structure. Lord Murugan as a Pleiadean God is going to play an active role in the evolution of planet earth and the human race. He is identified by the star Alcyone (Krithika). During 2012, the Sun, planet earth and Krithika are going to align themselves to transform the earth. Dharma will once again be established on earth.

The Photon Ring or Pleiadian Light
In modern times, in 1961 satellite borne instruments discovered a PHOTON BAND in outer space. This PHOTON BELT or MANASIC RING, (Manas = Mind in Sanskrit) which scientists have not been able to reproduce in the laboratory, encircles the Pleiades and extends the 400 light years to our solar system. Our Sun and several other stars are said to be part of the Pleiades System and all these stars are said to have planets. Our Sun is said to orbit this system in 24,000 years, during which time we spend alternatively 10,000 years in the dark and 2,000 years in the light of the PHOTON BELT. We are said to be about to enter the light of the PHOTON BELT, whereupon, we would all be transformed “in the twinkling of an eye”. According to the scientists, the radiation of our Sun will be modified by the Photon energy.

There are three types of people in our cosmos: corporeal, like us, solid, human; atmospherean, also solid to a point, but the molecular structure is quite different; ethereans, no mass at all. When we enter the Photon Belt, a normal healthy person is expected to feel a jolt similar to putting your finger in a live light socket, and the transformation will be complete — you would have just changed from a corporeal person to an atmospherean person (”and ye shall be changed to immortality without the separation of death in the twinkling of an eye”)

First discovered by scientists (Paul Otto Hesse) in 1961 near the vicinity of the Pleiades by satellite instrumentation, the photon belt is a huge toroid shaped object composed of photon light particles. Entering the Photon Belt, on Day 1 the body would undergo a transformation and electric energy will cease to operate. With the collapse of the planet’s electrical and magnetic fields occurs, it will also allow all atoms on Earth to be changed. The atoms in our bodies will be modified to form a new body—a body that is semi-etheric and the veil of consciousness around us will be removed. We will no longer be living in the limited 3rd-dimensional reality and will have physical and psychic gifts.

The big danger will be from nuclear materials since there is the possibility for either nuclear chain-reactions or huge and deadly radioactive explosions of fissionable materials. Therefore, to avoid these dangers, the Galactic Federation will allow a special landing of technical ships and personnel so that these potential nuclear dangers can be alleviated. The Sun would cool down leading to the cooling of Earth’s climate. This would occur because the Sun will be undergo a change in its inter-dimensional polarity, thus preventing its heat from reaching the Earth’s surface.

This photon effect is very important because it will allow us to have a new energy source. This new energy source will permit the end of our planet’s fossil fuel dependency. It will also allow the capability for space travel since photon drive technology is the established power system for all starships operated by the Galactic Federation. Earth would warm up again, every living thing would be invigorated and we would go back to having 12 strands of DNA. Photon beam-powered ships can travel in space. Incredible psychic abilities like telepathy, telekinesis, etc., would be available to us. Normally, going through the photon belt would take 2000 years. However, at this time our solar system will enter an inter-dimensional rescue bubble that will thrust it out of the photon belt.

Our solar system would be put into a position about 3 light years from the Sirius star system (at present Sirius is approximately 8.3 light years from Earth). Then this will be the end of our 24-hour daylight experience and bring the return of an approximate 12-hour daylight/12-hour nighttime schedule. We would then be fully 5 dimensional beings. It is a time when we would be one with the Earth’s Spiritual hierarchy.

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