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I am posting this because it's sad that she never posted this on any of her other sites besides the one that disagrees with her the most. Is this written in unconditional love?


Special Update to all Indigos on Planet Earth=Heart, From Mother and Father God

We are here Today, to give a Special Update to all Indigos on Planet Earth=Heart, in Respect to Current Events. All Indigos that came to Planet Earth, came here by special Permission, on a Special Mission and Contract from US. Which was To Assist Mother and Father God in Awakening Humanity on the Planet. This was to be accomplished by getting yourselves out of duality and ignorance first, then assisting your Brothers and Sisters. All of you had until the end of 2008 to accomplish getting yourselves Awakened, and to then begin the work with the rest of Humanity, this year. We have been very Patient with all of you, However, time is NOW UP, as you have chosen to be asleep at the Switch, instead the Turning of the Lights on. You have an Opportunity right Now to WAKE UP and Smell the Coffee, because after today your Contracts are null and void, if you choose to remain in illusion. After Today, We of the Family of Light, will give all the Crystals, your current responsibilities. They will Take over your Missions and Contracts, and then you will have to exit stage left. Get your head out of your butts, and Get with It! Now, all your codes have already been sequenced and if you have not got it by now, you're toast, this is the Reality of the Situation. This is why we had to put this message out to you today, so that you clearly Understand the Urgency here, and to prepare you for your choices, which are Love or fear. You came in with Your Contract and have conveniently chosen illusion over the Love and Truth of Your Being. What we have observed is that those claiming they were Indigos began holding other Indigos back. The ones choosing illusion and fantasy have attempted to protect their lies via any means possible. Then went on to attempt to convince others of their made up lies, by using ridicule, and hatred towards the Truth and Light, which created confusion. Children, this will no longer work any more, and will come back to you 3fold. Only True Reality is to Exist on Planet Earth=Heart and there is no room for any lies, which are an illusion. We Observe you believe, that this is a game. Creation and Love are not a game. WAKE UP, THIS IS NOT A GAME!! If you choose your illusions, please enjoy being zombies, we will get back to you later, someday, do not hold your breath. You cannot save anyone but yourself, this is the Reality here, and if others have led you astray, well, too bad you listened to them. We are in a Planetary Transfiguration Event, and Everyone on the Planet will be touched by this.

Instead of Shining your Light and Love on this Planet, which then requires you to Be in Service, as part of your Contracts, you have behaved as childish, destructive and dead weight for the Whole Planet. We are sure you are not proud of this, this is why we are putting this special message out to you today. So that you have one more opportunity to make the change, the Energies of Light are piercing through all darkness and unconsciousness, if illusion is all you have to hang on to, oh well. We have shared with you over and over and over, the Consequences of your choices. You have also continually shown US, to refuse the Truth of Who You Truly are. We are Now working with those who are moving into the High Velocity Light Experience. We are Dedicated to the Awakening of Humanity, While you are not even dedicated to your own Awakening. You were to come here and learn one lesson, which was to Surrender, let go of ignorance, and Be The Love you Truly are. You have not accomplished this. You have held a belief, that we were just kidding. Well, if you chose fantasy, Now, the jokes on you. Your fears will consume you, this is the Reality and consequence of your choice.

We are Sending this message out to you, not to put you in fear, although many of you might go there, but to share with you the Reality, the Very Truth of what is occurring on this Planet. The Role you chose before this incarnation, was to be in Support of the Light, Truth, and the Real Love, not only within you, but within the ALL. Have you accomplished this? If not you better start now, or the time is up. We have others awaiting to take your place. WE have taken the energy, that we gave to you, to assist you in your awakening, and have Now given it to those who can Utilize the energy for their Awakening and the Greater Good of the ALL. The only way this energy will come back to you is if you Surrender all your illusions, ignorance, and egos, and become the Love you are. Because you refused This Gift, you have turned away from the Light and this will now leave you powerless. You have made this choice for yourselves, Not US, We have been giving you Everything and You have basically told your Family of Light, that you hate yourself so much, that you cannot Awaken.

As Decreed, All Indigos that have chosen illusion, after today, your contracts with Your Family of Light are null and void, your time is now up. WE have Real Crystals Well Prepared to take over all of your responsibilities, As we have Now Handed you over to them. They have also Encapsulated you. We can only observe this as you then attempt to consume yourselves, this is what occurs in insanity, which is what will occur for each of you, trying to protect your fantasies. As Decreed, By Mother and Father God, Your Real Family of Light, The Galactic Federation of Light, and The Ground Crew for First Contact. And So it is.

We Love you Unconditionally, and Loving Unconditionally Requires you to Hear the Truth and Nothing but the Truth from US. That is what Real Love does, calls you out on your fantasies and illusions.
We Love you, Love Mother and Father God, Your Family of Light, The Galactic Federation of Light, and The Ground Crew For First Contact. Please choose Wisely. It will not be wise to throw your life vests overboard!

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Clint is right of course about allowing and the Heart,but we still want to read energies and decide which ones we want to co-create with-or not.p.s.LUV U Too Kerry.h88
I don’t know if it is good or bad that letter, but who ever wrote it, the main interest of that being is to accomplish the job of awaking the humanity, and the high tone of the words it may be because the limitation of time, we have to remember that any person who put a lot of him/her self in a valuable task, will expect everything to be perfect, frustration is not the best motivation.
At the same time the reaction of the readers it has a reason, which is to care about others, in conclusion both sides are motivated for a noble feeling, unconditional Love for others
I am not indigo, I am to old to be one, but if this is the reality, it looks like I will have to work double, that may give a little help.

All my love and Light to all of you

what is Love, baby dont hurt me, dont hurt me, no more...
I also do not resonate well with the "null and void" statement, but reserve the right to be presently uninformed about the validity and authenticity of such limiting statements. It has been my experience that we reside in Infinity, and that all are welcome to take all the time they wish. Maybe this is just sounding harsh, but has more to do with a purely mathematical reality of this present time. If this be the case, than this unassailable nurturing environment, from what I have discovered, is well prepared to accommodate each fractal, right where they are, even if someone decided they were dragging their feet a bit concerning contracts made between incarnations. I am just going to keep a completely open mind on this and allow fluid intelligence to be ready to see better as I go... LLP, Chris
Desiree said:
I just find it hard to believe that you can say that you have unconditional love for everyone but that everything's now null in void. So basically they are setting conditions on a love that should be unconditional. A parent does not jydge a child on how fast they grow and develop they do not say here i am done with you, you can leave now.
I really don't know what to say. I'm still very young and I haven't had much of a chance to awaken but I guess who ever wrote that message is right. I guess it is entirely our own faults if we didn't awaken fast enough.

I jus feelt very negative vibes coming from this message though.

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