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Uranus Retrograde: The Collapse of Satan's Pyramid



Beginning July 13, 2012 the false empire that has been erected over humanity by those who serve evil and who rebel against God will experience a controlled demolition that will stun and stagger those with the eyes for it. An onslaught of covert strikes will be dealt to them from beyond the boundary of space-time that will induce sudden catastrophes, malfunctions, and terminations of their efforts to enslave and destroy life on planet Earth. As many of their leaders fall voids of authority will allow for humanity to gain vantage points that will allow for the Light to overtake once dark territory. As this ancient battle continues wondrous cultural and evolutionary changes will enthrall the citizens of Earth. This retrograde, which ends December 13th, leads us to the doorstep of a new age. I welcome all who seek higher awareness about the momentous times in which we live to my humble interpretation of the 2012 Uranus retrograde in the House of Aries.


Chaos For Their Order


For centuries the Sons of Darkness have attempted to gain total control of the Earth with arrogant defiance and utter contempt toward the will and authority of God. Their reward during this retrograde will be a paralyzing level of disruption and disorder that will rapidly escalate into various forms of unmanageable crisis and breakdowns of command and control. This state will come by way of the following types of events: violent accidents, assassination, murder, suicides, disappearances, sudden health failures, emergency evacuations, factional war, defections, high-profile lawsuits and scandals, arrests, forced resignations, the abandonment of positions, the seizure of assets, broken alliances, insider whistleblowing, equipment failures, mass revolts, and unexpected changes of heart. The scale of the disaster will demoralize even the most loyal among them and will scatter the less dedicated like roaches under sunlight. The lawless should fear this period of time.


Media Fanfare


During this time the mainstream media will be riddled with unprecedented numbers of special reports and bulletins, many of which will interrupt regularly scheduled programming, to cover these monumental and historic events as they break. Jupiter’s Gemini influence will ensure maximum exposure in the realms of broadcast and citizen journalism, television, radio, internet, newspapers, and social media. Shame will shower those involved as the subject matter will center upon sordid topics like atrocity, human rights abuse, and high crimes. The coverage of grotesque frauds, corruption, and conspiracy will follow suit. There will be many failed attempts to conceal and distort these types of events, reports, and investigations.


Whistleblowers will play a special role as their disclosures will create instant shifts in dynamics and public perception. Many sectors of the criminal consortium will implode from pressure as free-fall collapses in trust and value occur. The industry titans who have long colluded with world government and banking institutions at the expense of the people will suffer greatly. As their masks are removed confidence and trust in them will shatter like glass blasted by bullet spray.


Checkmate Cyberspace


One of the more spectacular elements of this retrograde will focus on what occurs in cyberspace. Advanced technologies from friends in high places who are beyond the reach of retaliation will decimate the systems and technologies that are most intimately connected with warfare, spying, and gross violations of personal privacy. The agencies involved with these activities will suffer indefensible attacks, irrecoverable losses, and massive leaks of sensitive information. The international hacker group known as ANONYMOUS will be highly effective against these agencies using methods yet unseen. With time it will become clear that the element of surprise has and will always belong to the Almighty.


Revolutionary Effects


Drastic increases in collective awareness will come naturally during this period. The magnitude of the exposures will be impossible to deny or ignore and will prompt a re-ordering of the social structure from the ground up. The public will mobilize and campaign furiously against those connected to the abuse and subjugation of mankind. As their dark ranks are diminished individuals who serve the will of God will find themselves in increasingly higher stations of authority and influence. Social cohesion will surge as an “us versus them” mentality spreads. Low and middle ranking defectors will align themselves with the people to produce force multiplication effects. As victories fuel motivation an emboldened population will press for and secure positive social changes during and beyond this retrograde phase.


Society In Transition


As it becomes increasingly understood that the systems and structures that we’ve trusted and relied upon for decades are broken and corrupt beyond repair new inventions, services, and support systems will begin to appear to create success where they have failed. The retrograde influence will stimulate innovative and pioneering approaches that will be necessary to transition society into the new paradigm of science and spirit. By adapting to inevitable change and choosing to serve social needs one will find success with speed.


Expect to witness the rise of self-sustaining communities that decentralize power from those who have sought to obtain oppressive control. A growing sense of cultural self-reliance will rise along with easy-to-replicate systems, models, and processes that local governments will use to effectively and prosperously meet the needs of their constituents. These types of solutions will be exported and implemented in other locations with ease, like software being shared amongst computers. Technology will play an increasingly important role in the healing of society, the global economy, and the potentiation of mankind.


Saturn Enters Scorpio


As the Sons of Darkness and their human servants are shocked and stunned with setback and loss a foreboding event will occur on October 5th: Saturn will begin its 29 month transit through the House of Scorpio. Saturn’s Scorpio transit will see crippling physical limitations and forms of curses placed upon those who have chosen to work against humanity in secret and subversive ways. Horrifying disclosures that will implicate the highest offices with the most heinous crimes will be a major transit theme. Take comfort in knowing this higher truth: that as we embark into the Age of Aquarius those who rebel against God will find themselves in their weakest state and on a trajectory that will further worsen sun by sun and moon by moon. Shackles, weights, and unbearable exposure come for them as Saturn enters Scorpio.


Higher Self Activations


One of the most wondrous things that will happen to people on a personal level during this time will be the sudden establishment of conscious connection to their Higher Self, a profoundly liberating and empowering event that changes the nature and course of one’s life forever. Clear and constant Divine inspiration is the benefit of such a connection. It allows one to consciously choose the most optimal life course, dramatically improve their circumstances, and willfully participate in the building of God’s kingdom here on Earth.


The point at which one is awakened to this higher state of consciousness is encoded in the DNA and becomes activated by planetary gravity as our luminaries transit into specific astronomical degrees. Those who have birth planets between the 4th and 8th degrees should be especially alert during this retrograde as you will be affected far beyond those without them. For those to whom this passage will apply this will be a time of unparalleled excitement and self-discovery. The realization of the Higher Self is the first true step in a human’s multidimensional awakening.


Evolutionary Upgrades


One of the most exciting elements about this retrograde is the effect it will have on the evolution of humanity. The energy emitted by planet Uranus will be unlocking our DNA in mysterious, radical, and unexpected ways that will enable quantum leaps in ability, extrasensory perception, and intuition. The source of these enhancements is found in the awakening of dormant areas of the human brain, for example, in the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain that processes what we know commonly as psychic ability. Spontaneous higher mind functioning will manifest as new neural networks, connections, and pathways are formed which will allow for astonishing new levels of function and performance. The purpose is aimed at one primary objective: to enable humanity to live multi-dimensionally.


Group Souls Unite


As Earth citizens awaken into higher consciousness they will begin to congregate and collaborate with one another to fulfill group soul objectives, meaning, that the souls who incarnated on Earth to help one another accomplish otherwise impossible tasks will be finding each other in droves during this retrograde. The connections will be extraordinarily synchronistic and occur in relative secrecy. There will be an overwhelming sense of guidance that is felt as these spiritual teammates find each other. They will fit together like pieces of a puzzle and they will complement each other perfectly. Their destinies will be fulfilled through one another and their contributions will eventually culminate with the permanent overthrow of darkness on Earth. Be watchful for unusually positive chemistry with those whom you happen to meet by “chance.”


Angelic Interface


One of the most beautiful things about this retrograde period will be that more and more contact will be made between human beings and God’s loving and virtuous angels. The higher multi-dimensional awareness and perception that Uranus enables will promote conscious observation and interaction with benevolent life that exists in the higher frequency ranges otherwise known as the Divine realms. Angels exist to serve the will of God and so they are our spiritual partners here to assist us in our individual and planetary ascent. God’s angels will reveal themselves in subtle yet unmistakable ways, for example, by introducing flashes of brilliantly colored light into your line of sight, sending gentle energy pulses into your hands and feet, and by filling your heart with sudden and overwhelming joy.


Prophetic Dreams


For the first time ever and because of the Uranus retrograde influence vast portions of Earth’s population will begin to dream about the future, for themselves, for others, and for the world. Dreams where potential futures are revealed will be the most common, their purpose being to encourage, forewarn, and to help us choose the most optimal life directions. God’s angels will deliver these dreams so be sure to take them seriously and to diligently interpret their highly symbolic and allegorical meanings. I encourage you all to share and discuss what you receive in your sleep. In truth, the dreams that we have mirror the cosmos as we sleep.


Anger Weaponized


For the sake of vigilance I wish to shed light on some important points that will forewarn you of tactics that our enemies will try to use against us during this time. I’ll begin with anger and rage as these emotions belong to the lower vibrational spectrum of Aries, the House that Uranus currently transits. These emotions have an incredibly toxic and limiting effect on human life. They are destructive and they will be used to try and sabotage the success of positive social change as well as the spiritual ascent of the populace. Recognize those who propagate these vibrations into the world as agents of the old world who wish to stifle the coming glory that is promised to the Earth. Avoid the venoms of anger, rage, violence, and destructive acts lest you become paralyzed by them.  


Enemy Tactics


As the world is rocked by explosive revelations our enemies will attempt to capitalize on the instability by using divide and conquer tactics to try and circumvent unification efforts. Always remember that we have far more in common than we have not and that there is great power in unity. They know this and they fear this, that is why they will virulently attempt to pit us against one another by any means necessary. The truth is that the more we unite and focus our collective energy on achieving specific objectives that benefit all people, the faster the world transform in our favor. We must and we will be united.


Seek Outlets


There is a danger that some of us may be taken by overwhelming feelings of disenfranchisement and hopelessness. Always remember that radical, unexpected, permanently life altering experiences are part of the times in which we live. Do not allow these events to disable your ability to act in positive ways that benefit self and society. If these words become applicable seek outlets that will allow you to effect positive changes to your surroundings quickly and perhaps even exponentially. I assure you that there will never be a shortage of them. Positive and rapid refocus is the key. Uranus in Aries means that eventually we will all find ourselves in circumstances that require us to embrace something that is totally new and in a way that demands both confidence and courage to succeed. Be brave as the Earth is reborn.


Energy Overload


I must emphasize the importance of grounding during these times of unprecedented leaps in human evolution. It is possible for us to become physically overwhelmed by the high-powered attunements that come from the cosmos. Connecting with Mother Nature is the best way to ground excess energy that can manifest as mental overloads and energetic burnout. If you ever feel that you are crackling with an uncomfortable amount of energy try these simple steps to properly ground and stabilize yourself: walking barefoot in nature, holding, wearing, or meditating with smoky quartz, incorporating more foods that have grounding properties into your diet like the starches, roots, and legumes, staying super-hydrated, and getting as much extra sleep as possible. Evolution isn’t supposed to hurt. Look to nature for solutions.


Have No Fear


Never forget that the changes we will all experience are designed in God’s perfect love, wisdom, and power. It is His authority that guides Earthly events so as sudden changes in life trajectory manifest, embrace them with faith and trust instead of fear and doubt, no matter how drastic they may be. Evolution and revolution are linguistic siblings. Think of them as mascots of our times. If we’re not living in both an evolutionary and revolutionary way, then dear readers, we are living incorrectly. Keep these siblings close to heart as we journey together through and beyond this retrograde. As astonishing as this time will be for us it is but a glint in the sun of what comes for our race. May courage replace fear and may wisdom impart strength.


My Words To You


I myself have and continue to personally experience many of the things which I have written to you. I am not the person I was a few short years ago. I will never forget the days when Uranus struck, so to speak. March 11th, 2011, the day of the tsunami in Japan was one of those days. I recall how my wife and I, at that exact moment, were downloaded with our spiritual names as well as other profound insights. For me Uranus in Aries has meant the bold embracing of a calling and profession as an astrologer, something that never once crossed my mind in my entire life, until Uranus struck, so to speak.


Looking back I marvel because I realize the types of things that have happened to me have yet to happen to the majority of Earth’s population, simply because Uranus is young in its transit. I live in near-constant excitement because I know that what is happening to humanity is unstoppable and that it leads to our permanent liberation and fulfillment of our Divine potential. It brings me great joy to have begun to both understand and accept that there is far, far more to life than what meets the eye.


Through it all there has been one person who has always encouraged and supported me as I’ve grown into my new self. This person is none other than my beloved wife Alexis whose spiritual name is Amari. It was she who gave me the push to take the leap of faith required of me to embrace my new path. I am not alone in my spiritual service as Amari has been enormously blessed with clairvoyant ability that allows her to see and know all things about a person, often simply from a glance. I encourage my readers, especially those who are female, to become acquainted with her that she may serve you excellently with her gifts.


At last I commit this work into the benevolent care of God Almighty and His son whom I serve, the Light in my life, Jesus Christ, that it is guided according to His will.




Astrologer Salvador Russo



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What does the sentence below mean in plain language (I am not an astrology expert):

"Those who have birth planets between the 4th and 8th degrees should be especially alert during this retrograde as you will be affected far beyond those without them"

Thanks for clarifying in advance.

jr, i'll get back to you on this one asap.

Thanks ... Christina.

jr, i emailed salvador, the astrologer himself, for an explanation, just to be sure.

here's his response:

"What I meant by that passage was in reference to one's horoscope, the sacred document which reveals the planetary alignment of one's birth.  In the horoscope planets are marked in astronomical degrees and by sign.  People born under planets in those degrees will experience the types of extraordinary events that I wrote about. "


jr, people will need to order their birth horoscope which comes with the astrology 101 report in order to know whether their planets are in those degrees:!services/vstc1=astrology-101


hope this helps :)






thank you Salvador, beautiful name...its happening to me right now so i guess i am in the degrees of 4th and 8th. its been just shocking and so exciting but i cant sleep much lol lol in love , light and laughter

in lak'ech

yeah, not the answer you were expecting...

JR said:


thanks for sharing, ismail.

what's your starsign and ascendant, if you happen to know?

Ismail said:

thank you Salvador, beautiful name...its happening to me right now so i guess i am in the degrees of 4th and 8th. its been just shocking and so exciting but i cant sleep much lol lol in love , light and laughter

in lak'ech

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