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Hello Dear Beloved One's. I come to you Shining in Love. I have not posted here in sometime. But, I feel Spirit guiding me to be a living example of what is to come for everyone. So I post here now.


I continue going beyond everything I think or believe. I continue going beyond the thought of there even being a 'me'. The desire for Reality from my soul is driving Awareness deeper through all illusion that was ever created by a seeming 'me'. Lately I am having more frequent glimpses of Universal Consciousness. To put it into words would be Everything is Love Loving ItSelf. Ohhhh the Sweet Beauty of Reality. It brings tears of Joy! The really interesting thing is noticing how tasting Reality ignites the Fire of Purification within. I go crazy tossing anything and everything into my God Flame. To live more and more in Reality is my deepest calling. The Bliss of Reality is what my soul has sought for millions of years. Finally Home is at hand. My soul rejoices!!!! The search is over!


As I fall deeper into Reality I become more drawn to Awaken the rest of Humanity. I feel drawn to create community. My Intuition looking into the future sees that it is already so. So much Love Unbounded! Oh how Beautifully Sweet! (^-^) How can I best help the community here? Would a blog posting about Enlightenment be helpful for everyone? I humbly serve you Beloved One's.


Boundless Love!


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Welcome home Terrence...


Your presence alone is enlightning.... anything else is a bonus


in oneness,


I feel drawn to create a daily blog about what is unfolding for me and the insights that are flowing from Awareness. I feel it will be helpful so everyone else can benefit by taking what works for them. I can't begin to tell you how amazing it is to Love Everything.

Boundless Love,

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