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Unconditional Love brought to the Masses
5/21/09 8:33:24 PM

It is time. You have agreed to speak with the Council of 12, and we wish to commence our conversation now if it is allowed.

It is non-factual that we are the disciples of Christ, but we are a council of 12 members who uphold the laws of your universe.

The first subject we wish to address is Love, not of the relationship type, but of the global and masses kind. It is becoming imminent that the masses will be needing to focus their attention on mass consciousness, rather than individual consciousness at times that will be pre-ordained for you. The individual consciousness is important, as are the aspects of relationship consciousness. However the global consciousness needs to be raised. There is much Love to go around, from us to them, and from many other heart sources as well. It is needed for many to channel this love out into the masses, when they feel guided to do so. Taking mere moments in time to stop and channel this love at appropriate times will make indescribable amounts of difference.

This Love we talk about is beyond your recognition. It is an unconditional Love that is unparalleled and is without human words or concepts to explain to you. But one can feel it if it is allowed to be channeled through them. You two call it connection to Source, which in essence it is. It is allowing the mass Love of that which you identify as divine to flow through you freely, and out into the global consciousness.

This can be accomplished through meditation, or through personal means, but we encourage groups to work together for these purposes, as it allows a more concentrated form of this Love to be passed on to the masses.

We ask you to please initiate such groups, and we will guide you to appropriate times and dates for such actions, although you are welcome to do so at other times as well.

The next subject for discussion is what you know as global security. We have much knowledge of the events to come, and we wish for many to be able to expand the global awareness of the beings to come into your sphere of existence. Many are peaceful and wish only Harmony with your races(s). But each of you with the ability to sense, must also learn to sense those that are not. We spread light and love to all, having been of these races before ascension. Please relay this information to the masses, that those who wish to come, seek peace and Love, not war.

We wish to discuss with you many other matters as well, but at this time, we withdraw so that the channel may regain breathing.

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