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UFO Fireball Turns Into A Clear V-Shape Craft Russia 20th October 2010

hope this link works - pretty cool...helluva lot different than the usual orbs/lights we usually see on these vids.

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Thanks Maricel Piercey.
Interesting sighting. A similar one appeared over Mexico City in 2002. Those V-shaped objects occurred earlier in the past. There's probably a larger story behind those "Vectors", according to Jose Escamilla. Watch part 6/9 of his film "Moon Rising".
Interesting! Thank you Maricel.
you're welcome to the both of you! :-) here's another one - could be from the same group of people who shot the first video. also christina, thanks so much for providing the link to Jose Escamilla's story on vectors - fascinating!

Multiple Rod UFO Fireballs Over Russia 20th October 2010
yep ! very interesting,indeed.
...thnx Maricel. Love,love.

Besimi said:
yep ! very interesting,indeed.
...thnx Maricel. Love,love.

your very welcome, besimi, my pleasure...glad you enjoyed it!
i thought it was a Haarp beam frying the sky.. but i could be wrong
yeah! just saw this one on another forum - SO COOL!! thanks for adding that one besimi!

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