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U.S Govt. Warning - Strong Solar Storm Reaching Earth Which Can Devastate The Planet At Any Moment.

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U.S Govt. Warning - Strong Solar Storm Reaching Earth Which Can Devastate The Planet At Any Moment

Tuesday, September 27, 2011 7:04

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We just have received the following E-mail from one of our readers, who had got this from The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)


From: NOAA Communications;………
Date: September 26, 2011 22:42
To: ………
Subject: Strong solar storm reaching Earth; NOAA experts available

Media Alert

Contact: Katy Human
303-497-4747 September 26, 2011

Strong solar storm reaching Earth; NOAA experts available
NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center – the nation’s official source of warnings and alerts about space weather and its impacts on Earth – issued a warning for a strong, G3 geomagnetic storm on Earth resulting from a significant explosion from the sun’s corona Saturday morning. G-scale solar storms range from G1 (minor) to G5 (extreme).

NOAA’s space weather experts are available to discuss this and the potential for more solar storms this week.

Impacts have arrived on Earth, jolting the planet’s magnetic field and triggering strong “geomagnetic storming” in some regions. Saturday’s coronal mass ejection – a burst of charged particles and magnetic field that streamed out from the sun at about five million miles an hour – delivered a glancing blow to the planet. If it had been directed straight at Earth, the geomagnetic storming could have reached “severe” to “extreme” levels.

Geomagnetic storms on Earth can impede the operation of electrical grids and temporarily damage radio and satellite telecommunications. No impacts to the power grid, satellite or other technological systems have yet been reported yet from today’s geomagnetic storm, which could persist for several more hours.

The spot on the sun that produced Saturday’s coronal mass ejection remains active and is well positioned to deliver more storm activity in the next several days. NOAA’s SWPC will continue to watch the active region for activity, and will continue to inform its customers – grid operators, satellite operators, airlines and more – about what to expect, so they can protect infrastructure and the public.

Space weather can also trigger spectacular aurora (northern and southern lights). Tonight, viewers in Northern Asia and Europe have a chance of seeing aurora.


G 3


Power systems: voltage corrections may be required, false alarms triggered on some protection devices.

Spacecraft operations: surface charging may occur on satellite components, drag may increase on low-Earth-orbit satellites, and corrections may be needed for orientation problems.

Other systems: intermittent satellite navigation and low-frequency radio navigation problems may occur, HF radio may be intermittent, and aurora has been seen as low as Illinois and Oregon (typically 50° geomagnetic lat.)**.

Space weather can also trigger spectacular aurora (northern and southern lights). Tonight, viewers in Northern Asia and Europe have a chance of seeing aurora.


In the last paragraph NOAA inform that is warning: “grid operators, satellite operators, airlines and more – about what to expect”. We think solar storm could also trigger an 6+ Magnitude Earthquake in coming days as it did before.

In other words NOAA is telling that they expect that a big solar storm can devastate the planet at any moment.If the NOAA forecast happens you will not have anything, nor water to drink because the water pumps to supply it to the city will not work, obviously no emergency service could help you.

Other detail to take into consideration are the nuclear centrals, if the grid systems become complete collapse or blackout, then the cooling systems of atomic reactors will not work and all them will explode progressively as happened at Fukushima,when Japan Earthquake And Tsunami Caused By "Solar Flare".

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'' Someone posted today on GODLIKE PRODUCTIONS that they are a cousin of members of the Elite, who are all going into the bunkers. They have knowledge and understanding of things 100 years ahead of us, and are aware of a huge flare to hit us around 10am on the 28th, that will fry billions of us in seconds. The person said they are a police officer from California, and are disgusted with the beliefs and plans and actions of the Elites in these matters. They don't care if we die, he said. Hard to imagine, wow. '' ~
.........................................saintinwaiting 1 hour ago (You Tube).

..................looking to confirm this. ...there is some reason,why Obama & Elites rushing to hide.'s 5:30 on the morning of Sep 27,2011 ,(Atlantic City,New Jersey - East Coast) ...and everything is quiet so far. .


OK, I see a couple of problems with this post. 

  1. The US government did NOT say anything of the sort, ufo-blogger did. When you read the title of this post, I would have sworn I missed a television news broadcast with Obama saying that this thing is coming. But no, no such thing, because the government said no such thing.  So this title is fear mongering (as so many other titles).
  2. When posting these types of articles (which I do think they should be posted of course, but in the right context) it's important to research. This title entails that something came out of the sun and is on its way to us (almost indicating that there's no chance of escaping disaster) and yet it's far from certain that it's gonna hit us.  Spaceweather predicts a 40% chance and NOAA is talking about a G-3 level magnetic storm, much less devastating than a G-5.  

  3. I would post the link first THEN the contents of the article because this is an article on ufo-blogger, not on the NOAA, Spaceweather or any government website. Hence, the US government is NOT predicting what the title is indicating.

  4. The NOAA doesn't even indicate anything like what this title is saying. It said that if what we got yesterday would have hit us directly, it might have been problematic, that's it.  There is also a big difference between something "IS COMING" and something is a threat.


Here is what the NOAA forecast says On for September 27th 2011

Updated at: 2011 Sep 27 2210 UTC

0-24 hr
24-48 hr
40 %
40 %
25 %
25 %

You can go to and go to the september 27th archive to confirm these numbers.


The bottom line the article, because of its title and it's subquoting, they take the information out of context and turning into a disinformation campaign designed to try to bring the readers into fear.


Just my thoughts and 2 cents. :) 


Here's what the NOAA says about what's up ahead:

....thanks M.E.  .........scary crazy infos indeed, ...but I saw multiple blogs and videos on these Solar Flares lately and was very curious to discuss this.

I wouldn't post this on Facebook or els ,cause of all new comers get scared easily, ..but here at Saviors o E. we get all kinds of these terrible infos often,and are used to it :) .

Please ,disregard this 28-th today's mentioned day,  ...this was just to compare , the info-madness of what's going on lately.

....................................yeah ! I agree ,   ...something significant ,is really brewing.   Stay on your Light guys. LOVE :)

its redicualsley hot and clear skys in the uk at the mo, like hottest all year, and i have a headache n loss of appetite :(

And ive been stuck inside at work rather than where id so much like to be outside in the sun!

Beloveds have we not told you that the energy for change is unstoppable.


I feel like the energy from these recent flares is transformative, driving us to finally release with love our deepest fears.

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