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Hi everyone, I just wanted to bring these two videos to your attention. They are another set of videos that pertain the a religious structure. This time, it is the St Petersburg Cathedral in Russia.


This video was on the March 22nd 2011


This video was taken on March 23rd 2011 by a television crew.


This video also appeared on the disclose TV website. You can view it right here: .


Let me know your views and ideas on these two.



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These videos look pretty genuine to me.

I found the first one really amazing and the second has the "backup" of a TV crew.

But to be honest, I'm getting tired of these ufo's sightings from far. Even when they look pretty real, people talk about them for a few days and forget about it, and as always only one or two eye-witnesses.

It is time for something bigger!!!!!! Closer, hundreds of people seeing it, irrefutable evidence...

Tks ME

I wish for big... big... big... big.. ship to show up over our major citys, may be this will get some attention.


Thanks for the post, ME 

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