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Groups of protesters remained as night fell over Istanbul’s Taksim Square on Sunday June 2.

The square is the epicentre of anti-government protests that have swept Turkey since Friday May 31.

They were sparked by a police crackdown on a peaceful sit-in to prevent Taksim’s Gezi Park being redeveloped as part of plans to revamp Taksim.

The mass demonstrations have drawn in people from across the political spectrum, some calling for the overthrow of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

One protester said: “This isn’t Taksim Square anymore. This is Tahrir Square, Red Square, it’s the square of revolution! We’ll be here until Erdogan leaves the country!”

Protesters threw rocks as they marched to the prime minister’s office.

Erdogan blamed the main opposition, the Republican People’s Party (CHP), for provoking the protests.

The CHP denied orchestrating the unrest, saying Erdogan’s policies were to blame.

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Gülay Ateş

Dear friends… I want to thank you most of all for your support and comfort.

We have a little over 80 million citizens here in the republic of Turkey… and something wonderful is happening here. Millions have not slept over the past 36 hours; we are all really on the streets. Large cities, small cities, suburbs are full of people who know how they will be treated. Jung and old people, professors, actors, writers, workers all know that they will be beaten bloody, be bombarded with teargas and agent-orange. This is not stopping anyone from helping those in need.

This was not planned, we did not organize this. We were all siting in our living rooms and saw in Halk TV and read on Twitter what was being done to peaceful demonstrators.

None of us thought long about this, we simply put on our shoes and ran out to help. Not even in my years as a student, have I ever taken part in a demonstration. But this is so natural that you don’t think of yourself and your own security any longer. It is so strange to experience this sort of thing… ALL ARE ONE…

Dear friends, I and many millions of people are experiencing this here and now and I tell you it feels absolutely wonderful… The POWER and ONENESS… and it is all so simple and it all went so fast… only when it has been awakened, do you realize, that the power was there all along and that we simply forgot it… WAKE UP… what is happening today here will be happening tomorrow in your country, the game is the same… what is fascinating me and probably baffling the powers that were – is that their system is as easy to bring down like a house of cards when you just stand as one.

In Love ♥

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from fb : Homemade Tear-Gas Mask
Here is another technique I found in picture form. It diagrams how to make a homemade tear-gas mask using a 2 liter (not litre) soda bottle. Looking at the instructions two items that you may not have lying around the house: a clinical mouth-cover and a strip of rubber foam. Get the mask mouth-cover at any local pharmacy. I'd check the local hardware store for the rubber foam seal.

except for  the fake stars between these pictures .. you can see the swelling revolution in Turkey!

Turkey´s uprising shakes Erdogan´s power :

Turkey: the triple strike that could change everything

Post image for Turkey: the triple strike that could change everything

i really like the diy gas mask

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