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I have kept this to myself for three days now because I wanted to keep it to myself. I am not sure why I feel I need to share it now, but something is telling me that I should. I have been seeing triples for almost a year now. I have all but memorized Doreen Virtue's meanings for most of them. Something very strange happened to me Sunday. I was in New Orleans with a friend driving around and I saw "555" on a parked car tag. I couldn't remember what that meant as this sequence has not shown itself to me very often. I usually see 111, 222, 333 and 444...with an occassional 888 and 999. Anyway, I remember thinking to myself that 555 meant something really big was about to change. Less than 10 minutes later, I saw a woman on I-10 - in a BMW having an extreme attack of road rage toward a hummer in front of her. She was in the lane left of us and behind us. Why I turned around and saw her I do not know. It upset me. She was screaming and gesturing to the driver in front of her. He pulled over into our lane and she sped past. Her license plate said "555". I thought how strange! I just saw a "555" less than 10 minutes ago. Then immediately another car sped past us and it also had "555" in the license plate. WHOA! Absolutely freaked me out. I said nothing because my friend doesn't know about synchronicity and I just didn't want to get into the conversation. The rest of the day as we walked around the French Quarter, I couldn't get this off my mind. I live close to New Orleans so I visit quite often and have for over 24 years. I had the best day ever that day. I even tossed a penny into the fountain at Jackson Square (the first time I have ever done that - I was just inspired to do it). I made a wish (my heart's desire) and as soon as I tossed the penny, the clock at St. Louis Cathedral (which is right behind the fountain) began chiming. It was 10:00. I felt immediately that this was a sign that my wish was going to come true....that on top of the triple sighting of "555" less than an hour before made it very clear to me that my angels were talking to me.

Later when I got home, I looked up the meaning of "555". It did indeed mean something big was about to change. It started off with "buckle your seatbelt! - a big change is about to happen"

As I started to log off of my computer, I noticed the time was 5:55.

Anyone else ever experienced anything so profound? Yesterday while driving to a client's business, I started thinking about it again and about the fact that as you ascend, manifestations occur so rapidly. So I thought - well, I would like to see another 555 today. Immediately I saw a car with only three numbers (no letters) "111". Five minutes later I saw a tag with "222". I wasn't disappointed, because I was still manifesting triples. After I left my client, I was driving past the courthouse and saw "444", "333" and "555" - all on parked cars - all in the same area. All of these sightings occurred within 1 hour.

Something is defintely up.

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on a side note - for those of you who do not live in the South - in Mississippi and Louisiana, all license plates include a series of three numbers, followed by a series of three letters. they are separated - not all run together. So when you see a triple number, it stands out.
I have been noticing 11:11 alot recently too :-)
Triples are indeed showing up quite regularly in my life as well. But then again, being born at a date and time that is a perfect palindrome, it somehow feels 'normal'.

Just an example of triples today:

A group of 111 people requiring my attention.
Arriving later than usual at work, at precisely 5:55
5.55 GBP, price of lunch
Released from work at 2:22
Requested to call a supervisor on extension 5115

And that was just today.
i saw a couple of cars with triplicities while going to work 2 days ago. LOL but nothing much happened.
yesterday while auto writing and posting up the writings, i had 11:22, 12:21

LOL we must be on the right track. :)
I personally don't put too much credence into number patterns - I think the mind is simply attracted to them and notices them more - BUT what you experienced is way beyond that - it was re-enforced on so many levels. Totally brilliant - thanks for sharing.
Today's pattern: 333.

Absolutely everywhere.
I see number combinations too like 333, 1221, 2020 & 777. I found a link that might help you understand what they mean:
little light said:
I see number combinations too like 333, 1221, 2020 & 777. I found a link that might help you understand what they mean:
,,:):):) Great reply girl. I like that website ''spiritlibrary''. Namaste Little light.

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