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Brad sent me an E-mail on March the 22nd in which he stated his intention to sign the ownership of SoE over to me.

Without hesitation this offer was accepted and a request made to Brad for him to post an explanation for the handover.

The actual handover took place on April the 1st. It is now the 7th of April.

Having checked the “left members list” today Brads name can be seen as having left the network on April the 4th.

I for one am grateful to Brad for;
- Starting this network
- Providing a place for personal growth, enrichment and awakening with like
minded members
- Handing the network over rather than deleting it

It appears that Brad has chosen not to explain his actions nor to take leave of the community.

To me personally the name alongside the “created this NING network” is just one of many names of members of this wonderful community which has created SoE.

The only change I have implemented is the removal of the donations request area. As far as I know SoE incurs no costs (for premium services) for its content hosting here at NING (officially I won’t know for two weeks) so there is no reason for donation requests.

The attachment contains the mail received from Brad, this way we all have access to the same information regarding the handover.

In oneness,

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Brad seems to have been struggling with this decision for a while. When his updates and posts stopped coming, I figured it was a matter of time before this group was deleted.

Kudos to him for looking into the alternative, and many thanks to you Tony for taking on the burden.

I'm glad to see we're all still here, ready for a new chapter.
I consider it an honor Ullan but thank you for the thought.

yes, kudos for not deleting it. Something he could have done but chose not to.

To interesting times ahead.
The live of Brad, so I have the idea, might have been a positive turn in the privacy ... I am very very happy for him ...

And we Tony and We All of us together, we will get there ... all together towards the Unity,
in Oneness ...

In Lak'ech
Thank You for the info Tony and Thanks for stepping up so we can all stay together and continue to learn and help others as the family we all are. Love & Light
thanks Tony. I hope all is well for Brad :)
Thanks to Brad this site was started and now very grateful for you Tony that you have chosen to take over and continue this wonderful place. New beginnings are always good.
Love & Light
Tony Thankyou for being honest & respectful we couldnt ask for a better skipper to lead us through the storms a head
heres to you tony, I hope your do a good job, Brad was a good guy but a little rash and mellow dramatic for my taste, but he did get things rolling, I will give him that
Very noble of Brad offering you the ownership instead of deleting the community!
Tony, I think we couldn't have a better person running SoE. Thanks for accepting the job!
So much love to Brad. ..and many thanks for transferring the ownership to Tony.
One of the Greatest Jobs in His life ,will always be :Creation of The Saviors of Earth.
A Site like this,was something very much needed to exist anyway,and was that time to be created, ....on the ''hectic'' times around and after Oct 14 2008, as we who spread and believed Blossoms Galactic Message, were bombarded by redicule and els, from thousands all over the world ,
Open-minded brothers and sisters needed a place to be togather, and there was Brad to create Saviors of Earth.

And we continued strong and grew up (despite so many obsticles),and still going even stronger.
- And will continue to Shine for Humanity,till The Light Fully Ancors on Planet Earth, and Beyonde.
Well..i am sooo very greatfull that this network was not deleted and Im sure Brad will move on to great things.. much love to you tony <3 xoxoxo im glad that you were his decision to transfer ownership.. as i trust you completely and obviously so does he..
lots of love!!!
I know that Tony will do a great job running SoE.
Congratulations Tony and special thanks to you and all the others admins like Besimi that quietly make this web site a good source of info.

We are all one and looking forward to what it´s to come...


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