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I am sorry I don't have an answer but I sure would like to know How you were able to do the aura viewing?
Is there a website or instruction you can share on this site for the ones that are still trying to get this ?
Hi! is it really bad? ive been trying to see aura without much success. i tried listning to the aura iso tune a couple of times, i felt some electricity, and saw 'something' but no bright colors that you describe. Is it really that bad, and how do you come to being to able to see them so?

Thanks. L&L
congratulations! erm, basically i guess once you open your third eye you cant switch them off. its part of getting into a higher mode... hahah
but you can consciously ignore them..! so just relax.....
Thank you very much Adam, I will practice this and let you know about it...


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