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Tolec concurs & comments on David Wilcock's 07.22.14 thoughts re: Benjamin Fulford, the failing Cabal, and benevolent ET assistance.

Tolec concurs & comments on David Wilcock's 07.22.14 thoughts re: Benjamin Fulford, the failing Cabal, and benevolent ET assistance.

Tolec concurs & comments on David Wilcock's 07.22.14 thoughts re:  Benjamin Fulford, the failing Cabal, and benevolent ET assistance. 
note:  Part II of this paper is a contemporary, current summary update by Nahiska, Head of Defense, for the Andromeda Council.
​by Tolec, Andromeda Council
Thursday, July 24, 2014
Part I.  Tolec concurs & comments on David Wilcock's 07.22.14 thoughts.
Part II.  A contemporary summary update by Nahiska, Head of Defense, for the Andromeda Council.
With great conscience - I concur regarding David Wilcock’s dream interpretations & assessment of these current times, as well as acknowledgement of some of what Preston James & Gordon Duff are saying.  It is with great personal experience & insight into the ‘inner workings’ of the global financial ‘world’, and very recent meetings I’ve had on the Andromeda Council primary biosphere, I can tell you that change is happening, more changes are coming… and benevolent ET assistance, on the part of many people who hold a variety of roles including within the security & defense structure of the Andromeda Council... continues to happen. 
Ridding the Earth of some really bad human ‘lieutenants’ at the top of the power structure [of a Reptilian ruled & operated “Cabal”] is a top priority.  It is also part of the higher frequency decision making & evolvement of Earth’s people.  For why this information is all relevant, please see the web link - “The Hard Reality & A Difficult Truth”… especially the part of this white paper titled – “The complete infiltration, infestation, corruption & control of our global society” - to learn about the global Reptilian infestation, manipulation, power control and abuse of the people of this planet.
Because of my own professional work in the 2000’s, I learned first hand about the kind of gross misconduct, lies, fraud, deceit, outright manipulation & theft of clients money by top global banking institutions [where Reptilian dominance of money, power & greed has had what is likely the worst effect among all top global industries] that has existed at the top levels of the global banking industry for years.  You’ve likely read about this kind of malevolent behavior verified over the past couple of years, including very recently, on the part of the top global banks with them incurring hundreds of millions & billions of dollars in fines due to their extensive, pervasive, corrupt business practices… practices that are mostly hidden in multiple layers of bureaucracy, foolhardy massive leveraging, highly complex trading algorithms, programs & schemes, “dark pools”, toxic securities… and the list goes on. And, because of my personal career exposure to this corrupt mess, and my own ‘high level’ contacts… I have some considerable amount of insight into what is happening right now.
With the coordinated efforts of some aligned, very smart people in developing countries… people who want to help their own people & change the way things are done around the planet… people who are in positions of power around the globe who also recognize the need for change at the top of the power structure of the financial world;  because of these people & their commitment - these changes are happening at a incredible pace… faster than can be imagined in the past… as evidenced by the recent founding of the BRICS Development Bank, now formally named the: “New Development Bank”.  This new bank is an alternative to the World Bank / IMF / BIS ‘system’ whose obstructionist policies & protocols have dominated international banking for years… giving the U.S dollar a preeminent role, a hegemony, in monopolizing global money supply, oil & natural gas transactions… creating interest [profit] for & lining the pockets of people at the very top of the global power structure… when money could have & should have been used to help people in developing countries where money is so desperately needed for infrastructure development [ie. new electric/power sources & grids, clean alternative fuels, clean water, sanitation, roads, housing, schools, etc.]
It is believed that the organization of this alternative development bank is in fact a step forward in creating far greater balance in global finance… in saying ‘no more’ to the corrupt ‘powers that be/were’… who have so dominated global banking for years… where they actually restricted & retarded the growth of the very people they are supposed to serve. The creation of this development bank is just one more step marking the decline of the power of… the Cabal… who was not able to stop the establishment of this new bank… an alternative to the corrupt World Bank / IMF / BIS system.
As David Wilcock said, “…I do believe some form of divine intervention is required to actually clean up this mess due to how entrenched the power structure truly is. …The Cabal banked for a long time (literally and figuratively) on the idea that ETs will only watch what happens but are forbidden to intervene. That may have been true in the past, but the rules changed as of late 2011 when the ETs started portaling out a total of 28 underground facilities that we know of."  
David also said, “…So according to [Preston] James and [Gordon] Duffs’ [of Veteran’s Today] sources, the ETs have given the Cabal a final ultimatum. On the physical level I believe the creation of the BRICS bank not only creates an alternative infrastructure if the Cabal tries to torch the financial system — it also creates consent, on a spiritual level, for the ETs to intervene much more.”
The ETs need our free-will permission to act.  Until we were brave enough as a planet to step up and fight, and do something as tangible as to create this alternative financial infrastructure, the ETs couldn’t intervene as strongly as they can now that we’ve done the work. …It may still be some time before we understand the degree to which our extended family has assisted us through this whole process.” 
Based on my own prior, very detailed reports beginning in the late summer of 2011 – 
I first reported the destruction of a lattice networked underground base in the greater Washington D.C area [recorded as an earthquake on August 23, 2011] where the people of the Procyon star system, a senior member of the Andromeda Council, used pinpointed, highly focused, low frequency, sonic compression wave technology to collapse and destroy this underground base lattice networked facility.
Further, I also reported in great detail direct efforts by the people of the Andromeda Council [each time, days ahead of when each action took place] to clear out, shutter, seal &/or destroy, at minimum fifteen (15) major facilities, large scale, Draco & Hydra Reptilian undersea bases. There were other minor ones included in these 15 that were shut down as well.  As a result – specifically with the last base that was destroyed, tens of thousands of Draco soldiers, and over 2,000 high ranking military officers & officials were captured & sent off planet to face an intergalactic Criminal Tribunal on the primary Andromeda Council biosphere for crimes against humanity of Earth… crimes for which they were found guilty, and punished.
So has there already been on-going benevolent ET ‘intervention’… directly addressing the problem at the very top of the “Cabal” hierarchy.  But those actions were specifically directed at the Reptilian's communications, operations & infrastructure… undersea bases with a military hierarchy & high level officials.  Not humanReptilian.  And the good news is - it had the net effect of ‘cutting off of the head of the snake’… which created a power vacuum, loss of leadership and extensive in-fighting. This was the beginning of the Cabal’s collapse.
These actions on the part of the people of the Andromeda Council were allowable because it was a direct effort to remove an alien species [Reptilian] – its intrusion, interference, manipulation, control & abuse of the human race on planet Earth… which is a clear violation of all universal spiritual laws.  The Reptilian actions are especially heinous because they have repeatedly, going back 1,000s of years, interfered with the natural evolution of humanity on this planet. 
The remaining problem now is with certain ‘lieutenants’ for the Reptilians – Humans, and/or human/reptilian hybrids who for all purposes look human, who have globally held positions of great power in all major sectors of our society, especially in finance, government & media… for years… likely hundreds &/or thousands of years.
However, now in 2014, things are changing. Finally.  Brave humans, employing their own free will, have decided that the long standing corruption of the Cabal run global banking system & the infrastructure that has supported it, needs change, an alternative, as evidenced by the establishment of this new development bank.
Yes, David Wilcock is correct in his assessment & dream interpretations.  And, it is likely we will need continued help [intervention] from a benevolent, higher, "divine power"... to rid ourselves, to clean our global society, from years of an entrenched, malevolent power structure. 
Even so, much is still yet to be accomplished.   We as a society must continue to push forward.  We must do more.  We must take added responsibilityinitiative & actions to reclaim our freedom, our lives & our planet... for our people, our children & our future.  We must do these things if we are to evolve in a healthy balanced manner in all areas of our lives.  And we must do these things...  so that we may from a perspective of maturity & responsibly... be able to join a greater, intergalactic community of brothers & sisters across the cosmos.  Ultimately, it is up to us.   It is our choice, each & every one of us.  What will you do? 
So, for now, please pay close attention to many other aspects of our global society...  as major changes continue to happen across our world, our home planet.  Earth.
Andromeda Council
Planet Earth, and this whole solar system of which the Earth is a part, is currently under the monitoring & protection of a variety of multiple, cloaked, Andromeda Council flagged scout craft which monitor the perimeter of this solar system, and this planet, as they look for energy ‘signatures’ of Reptilian, &/or Reptilian aligned enemy ships, that approach the corridor of the various outer space portals or ‘star gates’.
As Tolec stated, the area of space this solar system is currently going through is very dense, dynamic, highly magnetic & highly charged, and also full of remnants of a planet that was destroyed centuries ago. As a result the scout crafts monitor and report back to the primary AC biosphere pending locations where much debris is located. The goal is to remove & clear the larger debris by an ‘engineering team’ and to guide this debris away from the path of Earth to an area of space that is void of any planetary bodies or star systems.
The Andromeda Council cloaked scout craft can also detect the cloaked ships of the enemy [Reptilian] scout craft and/or large-scale starships, battle cruisers, etc. There have been observations by our scientists concerning the current timeline watching for anomalies in space that includes the physical manifestation of any Reptilian ships approaching this solar system. The variables of this current timeline have been kept in a continuous monitoring state in order to catch the potential entrance of these enemy ships that wish to overtly & openly control this solar system, particularly planet Earth.  
Earth is a planet that is home to many of our relatives from different star systems incarnating in what is now a 3D, organic, physical human existence. The Earth human is, in a manner of speaking, just a toddler that has yet to explore not only “outer space” & other worlds… but also outside the realm of their own 3D density / dimension.
We, the member planets of the Andromeda Council, are responsible for this solar system as a protector of planets in need of benevolent assistance. We are aware of the awakening that has increased due to the incoming higher frequency. This is a cause for celebration among us. 
There is still much work to be done in our own literal approach to humanity. We are careful not to interfere with the free will of all people including those souls who choose not to be awakened for their own learning experiences. We abide by all Universal and Spiritual laws in operation… humanity’s freedom in action to choose for yourselves what you want to see and not see in the manifestations of our presence.
As to the timeline sequence of our appearance among humanity, many of our people are working toward the goal of presenting ourselves small groups of people, one step at a time.
Another idea is to materialize our monitoring ships, as well as scout crafts manned by a smaller number of crew members which have been utilized on many occasions. The physical manifestation & appearance of the monitoring ships & scout crafts are increasing because we wish to make ourselves known to Earth humanity in order to educate you so you may learn you are not alone in the Universe; so that you may also know we are not the enemy. We are showing up more in your skies, both day and night, in order for humanity to get use to our crafts… much like the aircraft of your world. It will become a normal occurrence. We will continue our current activities until such point in time when it will be necessary to make ourselves known out in the open, to the general public, as you might say.
Your world has created many challenges that can be as challenging to all of us within our own dimension and timeline as well. Due to the Reptilian corrupted, elite powers that be upon your world, it has taken us thousands upon thousands of years to be able to get through the muck of the minds within humanity in order to open up the possibilities of our presence as benevolent and not malevolent people.  
This era of time in earth’s history from this point forward is an exciting time for all of us to see that humanity finally getting the message that after all of the changes you have coming, we are here to help you get, as you might say, “back on your feet” and recognize that we are not a figment of your imagination. We are here for the long haul and we are not leaving this solar system until humanity is free from the tyrants of the powers who made slaves out of you, our relatives, incarnated star people in human form. 
As always, with each being on the ‘brink of change’… the birthing pains are very evident. It can be painful, but any pain you might experience should not be due to our presence as we seek to help inform you of so many truths during your transformation process. We will walk the Earth to help relieve the pressure of the birthing process from the old world into the new world… a new way of living life to the fullest without the enslavement by the powers who were only of self service to control, manipulate and blind you to false truths of your past within the societal, religious, education, political and working systems of your planet.
As Tolec has previously taught you, as the caterpillar moves to create a cocoon to encase its body, it then sleeps and emerges into a beautiful butterfly. In this demonstration, Mother Earth has been asleep to the actions of thought forms of humanity. And now, Mother Earth begins her awakening process to birthing herself in emerging with a new, more beautiful, higher frequency body to be enjoyed by all as a gift to the Universe by the Source of all life in existence. Therefore, it is time for humanity to embrace the change from within yourselves into becoming a new species.  
Many Earth humans fear change because of old pain you carry within yourselves and not wanting to experience the new. You need not fear change within your own DNA because the birthing process from the physical bodies that you currently inhabit into the higher frequency ones which will be crystalline in nature. Again, as Tolec has taught you, there will be no pain during the transformation process… that is to say during the actual moment of transformation. It will be as easy as turning on the light switch in your own home.
Go back in history and study the change of the human body as indicated by the hieroglyphics, religious scriptural writings, and archeological digs. Scientists of your world alongside with your own computer technology can analyze the biology, human anatomy, planetary environmental and climate changes that produce the changes within plants, animals and humans. Your geneticists have already begun to identify the chromosomes, nuclei and DNA/RNA components within human bodies that are not part of this planet’s DNA/RNA structures. Many of the ancient astronauts that came from other worlds have already had their ‘hands into the cookie jar’, so to speak.  
Earth humans, you are now on the brink of your bodily change in becoming crystalline in nature, structure & much lighter in presence. A side benefit is that these new bodies will easily be able to breathe in Earth’s new atmospheric changes as she changes as well.
As to the biological agent/”chem trails”, do not be concerned. With the higher frequency of your new crystalline bodies you will be fine due to the fact that the ‘missing link’, as you say, within your human forms is being activated. This will negate any problems within your new human form.  
To the people of Earth, remain calm and allow the changes to flow through you. The physical form appears to be at its worst before it gets better. It will subside and return to feeling normal again. Seemingly, everything will get turned ‘inside out’, as you might also say, when it comes to the new positive changes within your bodies. So, it is with your body. 
Many of the people who are now awakened, as you might say, who have already experienced psychological, intellectual, spiritual and physical changes years ago within their own bodies - they will be able to assist, teach and calm many of you who are going through changes yourselves, right now, as well as others who will also go through changes.
Earth humans, you are graduating into a new species. We are with you as you move into your new change of life. It is all part of the Universal growth in all dimensional existence of life forms within the Universes, Omniverses, Parallel Universes, and Intra-Universes. 
I am Nahiska, Head of the Defense, within the primary Andromeda Council flag ship biosphere. I send to you my honorable respect, love for humanity and blessings as a gift to humanity as well. 
I end this transmission in peace.

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please highlight for a better read - above

Short Planetary Situation Update ~ Cobra 08.05.2014

Short Planetary Situation Update

Behind the scenes, clearing of the Chimera group continues. We have now reached the stage when only the core of the Chimera group remains, and clearing that core group is now the main challenge.

Global plasma scalar mind control network is tied to strangelet bombs and this is why its removal takes so much time. 
The etheric Archon grid is the final stage of dissolution and the power of the Archons diminishing rapidly, leaving the Chimera group as the main controllers of quarantine Earth and their plasma scalar network as the main tool of psychological programming. 
The Cabal is now engineering events (plane crashes, Ebola scare) and hyping them through the mass media to keep human masses in the state of fear. They will NOT be able to use Ebola as an excuse to install martial law. They know the breakthrough of Light is near and they still want to do whatever they can to postpone it. 

The Chimera (the force behind the technologically advanced negative military, focused on maintaining the quarantine Earth status) and the Archons (black nobility families behind the Jesuits, focused on keeping humanity as religion-programmed slaves in reincarnation cycle) are still at the top of the food chain. The Rothschild faction (Zionist controllers of the mass media and accountants of the global financial system) and the Illuminazi faction (Paperclip-imported crime syndicate) are their subordinates. 
All this structure will fall apart when the exotic weapons of the Chimera group are removed and therefore their mechanisms of planetary control dissolved.
This is the main condition for the Event to happen. 
Despite all appearances, victory of the Light is near. 

Hello! I like what this posting is about above me but blue lettering on a black background is to hard for me to read.I prefer white lettering on a black background instead.

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