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This is the Google logo on Google's home page today, Tuesday September 15 (10am Australia EST)

Very exciting and amazing, considering the very recent Google logo of a ufo beaming up the "O" with a tractor beam!
What are these guys playing at? Ahem...they must know something....
But, just to throw in something odd, the "ufo" image (shadowing the "O") to my mind looks very much like a ladies sun hat.

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mmmmh very interesting love it.....
O then L... Are they spelling a word?
In my opinion, i think they are giving people some hint, so people can search about that and be aware what is really happening on earth right now. Or maybe they are just participating into the government's plan to fake a first contact with the greys. They know what is really happening and they know about Ashtar Command, and the GFOL, they know it's coming, so maybe they are preparing people with their fake first contact. We can see hollywood doing a lot of movies about ufos and first contact too. Well it's coming =) we can see them desparate to fake a first contact, they don't want to lose their power. This is all their agenda for New World Order! I am very excited, can't wait to see their plan to failure and our true brothers come from the sky and beam them up in front of our eyes lol
Infine love & light for all =) Namaste

PS: i hope people around the world could find this social network through this google's logo, so they can find out the real truth and wake up. Google could be trying doing their dark agenda but they can help us too lol
just to mention, if you click on the image, it's going to do a search about "crop circles" and they did a similar post 2 weeks ago with an ufo... what are they planning? =S
I like it a lot.I do believe that something is brewing for google to do the ufo first then come out with the crop circle and ufo.What kind of need would take them down this road of awareness?
I like that Google is doing this, why is Google doing these?... that´s the question...

Allow me to give you some numbers so we can understand the huge amount of people around the world that are searching Google and of course are seeing the crop circle google pic today.

As of September 1st according to Google have a market share of almost 70%, last month Google got 76.7 billion searches conducted which means, in any given day you have 2.3 billion searches conducted around the world. So, if the crop circle logo will be there for 24 hours, 2.3 billion times the crop circle logo would be seen for millions of people and if you get curious and click on it it will do a search of crop circles, sweet!!!

I´m fine if Google does it for fun or for a specific (good or bad) intention, either way I like the idea that people that didn´t know about it at least for a second maybe they´re willing to read more about it and there is where awareness kicks in...

Keep them coming...

The O may stand for Obama faking the first contact. Just a thought!
I've been trying to make out what the little green thing is at the top of the thin line representing the "L". It struck me that it could be a vehicle like a farm tractor, perhaps a subtle gesture to placate the unbelievers by suggesting all crop circles are man-made. On the other hand Google has probably picked up on the reality of crop circles through the collective consciousness and intentionally or unintentionally this has led more people to view crop circles when they click on this logo and it leads them to a multitude of crop circle websites. A huge step in spreading awareness. Brilliant, Google!

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