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I'm hoping that everyone will pay attention to this because of it's significance.  We are now at the end of May, and the information I've found is pertinent to what's going to happen. It's only because I've asked for the truth, from Source that I believe the information I've received, mostly brought to me, through others, play a significant role in what's coming this summer. Basically, through the Olympic Games, scheduled for the U.K.

I'm presenting this because I care, and what I'm seeking is merely to inform others, and nothing more. Maybe you might have seen this information, but maybe not, which I why I'm presenting it to you today.  This is a final attempt to awaken those that are still asleep, or seeing the all beautiful end only.  There is much more to this than meets the eye, so please pay attention, read the articles, watch the videos because they're all connected showing clear evidence.  I know that many will say it's only FEAR PORN, but what is actually is is the writing on the wall.  It has nothing to do with fear, don't be afraid - just be prepared.  Everything I'm posting is 'geared around the Olympics Timeline. '  And remember; the Code of the Illuminati is now and has always been to put the truth out there and announce what they are doing, or going to do and what they're plans are. They own the media, and their clues are hidden within.  If people just stare at it, the information passes them by. But if they get it, and begin connecting the dots, they think more of that person.  I'm not looking for grandeur....only to inform.

The Planned Re-election of Obama, Revolutionary Style - This will give you inside intel from an informant inside the DHS, Rosebud, who has stated that there will be Riots in the U.S., which create and are spawned more hate of Muslims and religion, separation of class, and color. This is going to be done on purpose so this administration can stay in operation. (Civil War), and instigate Martial Law.  The Russian and Chinese troops that are currently in the U.S. number at 425,000.  

American Representative to the UN Calls for Worldwide Depopulation - This is self-explanatory, but for others it's a wake-up call. Gov and NATO are 'not' your friend.  They want their one world government, but we're 'not' going to let them have their way.

Life-sized replica of Noah's Ark to sail up Thames for 2012 games - In this depiction, what Noah's Ark was is a symbol of man's punishment, by the flood.  Why would they do something like this?  Only to let people know a punishment is coming...that would be destruction beginning at the Olympic games.

Pentagon Source Alludes to Martial Law Around July 1st, 2012 - Warning; however, with this also comes the Supreme Court Ruling of late, that American's keep their guns, and the Second Amendment supersedes ANY International Treaties.

In this video, posted on YouTube back in 2011, is the Illuminati Card Game.  Created in 1995, this game has depicted every event of the past, including 9/11, the Gulf Oil Spill, and of course now, the Summer Olympic Games.  Pay close attention to this, as this prediction is correct. Why? How did anyone know in 1995 that the Summer Olympics was going to be in the U.K. in 2012 unless it was planned? (seek light within darkness).  These are just some of the connections, so make the most of them, and then seek others as well.

IN THIS NEXT VIDEO POSTED ON YOU TUBE, is a new Commercial that was made in CHINA. Mind you, this cartoon commercial is telling you that predictions about the games in the U.K. are the starting point...and this is how it will be, unless We the people spread this information far and wide, into the open, so they can stop it.


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Much love to you, my friend and my humble thanks. <3

we have the power to say NO to all of them

exactly lea anna. we are co-creators of this world.

love and hugs back your way.


Thank you so much for posting these, Christina.  As long as we know their intention we have the power to say NO to all of them; and as we reach out with the truth, not ignoring what's in front of us, the light we share does defeat their plans.  This is the reason to spread this message; so that people know what they're doing, and how to stop them.  The best of the best IS we who are in the light.  :D  Hugs and Love

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