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Thrive the Movie - Is NOT About Thriving at All!

I watched the much hyped  Thrive movie on 11/16/11.  I had  put a on this blog about it coming out on 11/11/11, which I now have taken down after seeing the movie. 

I know what I am posting about it, is totally contrary to "popular" belief and the hype about it.

In my opinion the movie was made to suck people's energy out of them and make them feel hopeless!  It is so overwhelming in what they say.   For one hour and 37 minutes it is nothing but "You have no Hope and you are a slave!"

As I watched the movie I wrote down notes on what they were talking about, which I have the notes below. 

I personally believe this film was made by the same elite that he (Gamble) talks about in the movie and how they control every aspect of the world. 

The guy that made the movie is a Proctor and Gamble heir.

He does not give any real solutions at all!  He promotes his website and says solutions are there.  He says there are foundations around the world people should join to help.  Yet, we know most foundations are created by those who try and control,  he is telling us to join them?

He gives the solutions after 1 hour and 37 minutes of nothing but "We are totally controlled" information, of what we already know has to happen to be free.  But the truth is... we know that the solutions are something that are impossible with the structure of government we have.   The elected officials would have to "End the Fed - they would have to stop their own corporation campaign monies."  It is not going to happen, they are not going to do that.  The movie even says our elected officials are completely controlled by a handful of people. 

What the movie does is simply put out there, all the things most of us know who have been awake and aware.  Remember the elite tell you exactly what is going on, they have to.. part of their karma.  They know people know all the information, so they went ahead and put it in a super very expensive production movie.

It came out on 11/11/11 and they wanted people to watch it that day.  A day of master numbers where people should be connecting to the higher energies, but if they had watched that movie that day their energies were lowered and sucked out, in my opinion.  There was nothing about Thriving in the movie in my opinion, it was about every conspiracy theory there is to make you feel depressed and caged in as a slave!

The title is completely misleading - it should be "We have made a movie to show you how we control everything in the world and there is nothing you can really do about it."

I am not saying there is nothing we can do about it, personally.  I believe where we put our energies is what we get.  People have to understand, the top "elite" of the world understand how the universe works.  That information is kept from us "normal" folks.  They know how to use tools to keep our energy where they want it.  They know through our energies we could over power them.  But NOT by joining foundations and organizations they themselves have formed for controlled dissent.   The movie even says "The elite control the dissent."  They tell you this.... did you listen if you saw the movie?

I believe we can all thrive when we intently and purposely put our energies and thoughts in creating the best for ourselves and the world.  We start on the inside with our own energies and changing the energies from worry and fear to expectation of the best coming to us.

 I wrote this post the other day about our energies and thoughts cr...

By the time of 1 hour and 37 minutes, I was so over the movie and tense from all it was saying, I had been waiting and waiting for that "Thrive" moment.


Here is the "Image for the Thrive Movie":  - what is that image telling you?  I know what it is telling me... they recognize the world is waking up and now they have come right out in front of it... to keep the control of the waking up and keeping the energy where they want.  The movie uses the "All seeing eye"



If you watch the movie..... watch it with a discerning mind...... think about what he is telling you how he is directing your energy and thoughts! 


I personally believe it was Created by those who he talks about that "run the world" after seeing it!

I will never recommend this movie to anyone, no matter how hyped up it is as being "The awakening movie!"

Here are the things talked about in the movie in the form of short bullets and areas talked about. I wrote these as he talked about them - so they are exactly what I wrote as I watched.  Just words to say this is what was discussed.:  



crop circles

The fed govt. has taken every new free energy invented -  labs always raided and all inventions taken - govt. takes all real inventions

Our food is GM - is to force humanity to be dependent on a few corporations that control the food of the world

Energy and food is controlled by a handful of banking families - always same families in charge - through corporations or foundations.

Wanted through schools - an obedient and useful person to do their bidding.




Medical - suppresses cures and and they have destroyed all technology that has cured cancer from others.  They have burned down labs that have cured cancer.  

A handful of people have control over the energy, food supply, education and healthcare - every aspect of our lives.  They do it by controlling the money.


takes you through the levels of control - govt. is controlled by the corporations.


We live to pay off debt to the banks - they get to create money out of nothing, but people have to work hard for it.


Fed reserve - private bank is backed by fed govt of police  - to stop those who blow whistles.


Trillions given to banks - Rothschild's, Rockefeller and Morgan's -


orchestrated to consolidate wealth and power in 2008


Banks get the real wealth - property and money - 


BIS - Rothschild bank is the main bank and controller of the world


Bankers already have vast fortunes what is the end game?


Controlling and dominance of the world - total and global


What do they have to control to control the world  - below is controlled

















Only thing not controlled is internet 



Dissent has to be controlled



Those who have control


















All seeing eye is a symbol of those who control


Shows symbols


including freemason




Since they have more money for generations than can be spent and can create money


it is all about POWER that is why they do it.



They think freedom is dangerous - they don't think people would use freedom wisely.



New World Order - Bush, Brown, Kissinger Pope - talking about New World Order needed


NWO is a divide and conquer strategy



to make people against each other - Democrat - Republican etc... yet they are all controlled by the same group 


Power to focus our efforts



They dictate the norms of society - so people judge others - 


when you step out of the norm and step out to show your uniqueness - they have others jump on those who step out of the norm.  


By norms being created by the elite/illuminati - they have everyone suppress the ones who step out of the accepted norm.



systematically distracted and suppressed - 


police state - debt - 


they will stop at nothing to gain global dominance. 


they plan on transferring American wealth, jobs - got us so deep in debt - can never repay it.  


Can financially disable everyone in the U.S. from finances.  


Carbon tax - paid to world bank 


they create a crisis - 9/11 - banking problem - then they give the reasons why it happened.  MSM is public relations for the govt and banking elite.


they create fear - in people - saying we want solutions - then create police state and control


Vietnam war under false pretenses - based on lies


Iraq based on lies


9/11 false flag - to dismantle constitution and take over oil in middle east


then shows death and war


police state already in place - U.S. citizens can be imprisoned without due cause - we are being watched surveillance cameras every where.


every phone call and email is collected by Fed govt.  


RFID chips - being inserted in people


All things always to "help" people


full spectrum dominance - can target anyone on Earth



Containment camps - FEMA camps are set up all over US


Depopulation is being done - it is real - documents eugenics 


Vaccines are used to sterilize people - chemical spraying over towns -


Rothschild - Rockefeller foundations


Govt. part of it.


GM corn - created to sterilize males


direct depopulation agenda





AT 1 hour and 38 minutes into nothing but depressing information - that we are totally controlled in every way and watched - they finally start giving solutions



Says it is for the soul of humanity!


Agenda is based some more deserving than others - based on scarcity and fear.


Can only do it if people don't wake up.... Have to wake up to save world.



Withdrawal our support - to the banking - non violent standing up 


Power of truth!


GMO freedom zones - through grass roots 



at 1 hour and 47 minutes starts promoting it's website.......



The actions - are on their site - 


solution saying - dismantle Fed... 


actions as individuals


get informed


connect with others


bank locally


buy and invest responsibly


join movement to end fed


join - fair open internet


get info from independent media


support non GMO farming


support campaign reform


advocate for renewal energy


do critical mass action



non violation society


to implement that society - has to 



3 stages of solution


Stage 1


integrity to systems


cut military spending in half


get rid of Fed Reserve


eliminating poverty


no GMO food


stage 2


protect liberty


stop oil



stage 3


people more money


no tax


free energy


no rulers


individual rights



Aikido - martial arts - is a way through balance


connect with the energy of Earth


Do not respond to what is happening with violence - all needs to be non aggression


we are energy fields 


inner person/life - relationship with self - 


people have to wake so the scheme of global domination is exposed


people have to stand up for liberty




Notice he did not mention how Churches also are part of the control 



He did not mention what the real secrets of the universe are and how the Elite know the secrets and he does not give us any information for us to know those secrets.  Which would actually make the people Thrive!


He gives all fear information and then impossible solutions! 


The real solutions are each one of us, directing our energy to truth and to ourselves and each other in positive good intents and taking actions through them!  Once we stop being against each other - we could form the energy and strength needed to stop the matrix that has been formed.  But, it is keeping us divided that is important to the elite for control.  



Added 11/18/11 - 6:15 AM EST.



Before I was falling asleep last night, the thought of why they created this film came to me.


They know that people know all the information in it.  They consolidated all the information of what they have accomplished and they made an "In your face, triumphant movie". 


This movie is about the Elite having Thrived and they wanted to show the world what they have accomplished!  This is their ultimate movie for all those awake and aware.  They are laughing and saying "We have managed to control all aspects of your life and the world and we are showing you in a fancy and expensively produced movie."    


Everyone sees things different ways.  The comments show that some people have felt the same thing as I did about the movie and others have liked it.    The way I saw it, is from my own inner thoughts/knowing, which is right for myself, so I stand by all I have written. 


Comments: just some go to to view the rest

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting that I thought I was going mad by the time I finished watching the movie. Initially I thought it was very good, a very slick production but by the time it had finished I was uneasy and something about the thrive website not the movie made me realise I had seen that set up before. It was something linked with common purpose -common purpose work for the elite in the shadows one thing they promote is concensus creation - but in reality they want everyone to think the same way which is ultimately there way. Everything common purpose gets involved with ultimately stops functioning properly. Thrive is the elites attempt to hijack the awakening process.


November 17, 2011 11:10 AM


sage691 said...

I agree with you.... the first red flag to wave in my face was the photo on the promo - one eye!! Then there's the Gamble person on it. Slick production means lots of money behind it - not many have that kind of money anymore. I'll avoid this one like the plague.

We are not hopeless. Stop watching their TV and listening to their radio. Disengage from as many of their systems as possible. Avoid their poisoned water and foods..... and prepare for when all of this is cut off. Pray and listen.... we are not alone in this. Peace.


November 17, 2011 11:14 AM


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I am not alone.
Didn't take long for flags to start waving.
Something very wrong.
And frankly its slick and picturesque but also downright boring in parts.
Most of us have been there, done that, seen the lot.
I would not recommend anyone waste their time watching it.
You know even the title irritates me. For some reason - thrive - hive - drone slave workers - the borg!

Anonymous said...

I too was interested in watching Thrive---but stopped after about a half-hour. It just didn't "smell" right to me. Beautifully done, though, in a seductive sort of way. I noticed the one-eye promo poster, too. There are a myriad ways to depict "waking up" but that particular image was chosen. So thanks, Sherrie, for taking a stand on this movie--I just wish people would not let themselves get pulled into a mindtwist as Thrive obviously is. Keep getting the truth out there!


November 17, 2011 1:01 PM


Anonymous said...

I personally saw tons of value in the material. It is in plain sight that oppression has occured and is becoming stronger in every way. I like the concept that the message is not doom and gloom rather than education and concepts to manage the transition of change. It is so easy to knock something because destruction is easy, what is difficult is creation. That should be applauded. They present ideas to create inspiration to rise as a people. They present a clear problem and also present conceptual solutions.

This documentary to aid in your individual search for the truth. Believe nothing until you can personally verify it.


Anonymous said...

the more I read through the solutions on the website, the more I feel like throwing up! those are not solutions, those guide lines are the frames for exactly the same reality we see today! key words: money, competition, efficiency, taxes (only national, not international, as if it makes any difference), wars ("if expenses on defense dropped to half..." --- why should they drop to half? they should completely disappear as we would experience world wide peace), violence is accepted as part of the new paradigm... people, please don't buy into this crap! these are key words that should NOT describe a new world!

November 20, 2011 12:29 PM


November 17, 2011 1:14 PM


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OK here is another review of Thrive from

Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take? - a valuable look at humanity's situation

Posted By: JediShaman [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 22-Nov-2011 14:23:44

The film released on 11/11/11 "Thrive: What on Earth Will It Take?" is the subject of a lot of discussion. It presents information similar to what David Icke shares about how the world is run (interview clips of Icke are included in the film). While the presence of ETs interacting with Earth is exposed it does not discuss reptilians or say ETs are in control - though it does suggest that ETs taught advanced physics to ancient civilizations and it shows the torus geometric form and the flower of life and how they relate to energetic flow and creative processes. Topics covered include the UFO and free energy coverup, suppression of natural medicine, eugenics, global control grid and microchipping, chemical agriculture and GMOs, and occult organizations such as masons, illuminati, and bilderbergs. Also mentioned are major banking families and corporations (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Schiff, etc.)
The film includes people like Catherine Austin Fitts proposing solutions to the oppressive paradigm we've been stuck in. Detractors seem inclined to focus on the fact that the filmmaker is a Gamble family heir (of Proctor & Gamble) and the production is polished, with professional graphics/animations and editing. This film appears to be a solid compilation of what many people have been waking up to - designed to be accessible for those who haven't previously learned about these things. It also offers possible approaches to creating positive changes - you may not agree with all of their ideas but that's natural, since we can't all think alike. This film is a great basis for discussion and dialogue about where we can go from here as we seek to build a free society that respects life, liberty, and the pursuit of personal fulfillment (happiness).


:) a short answer about movie ''Thrive'',I would write : discernment highly advised here. ...cause some things are left short in this movie :):):).
......... but if adding more to it, ..a Thrive-Movie would look like ,exmpl. :people of all races/religions/nationallities/colors holding hands togather ,singing happily in love & real trust with full happy faces looking at each-other, ....celebrating playfully & freely (with very uplifting music added to it)
...enjoying the beauty of nature and surrounded by beautiful flowers,exotic-birds & lovely animals all around them . ...enjoying what they have,and envisioning even better world for all concerned.
--- thus, uplifting Human Soul, bringing and amlifying more & more LOVE,wich will make it possible for that to happen :)
...showing examles of a future World of Love & Unity. (No Better Way to Learn, Than By EXAMPLES) ...:):):) .

------ further , for Free Energy also examles of how it works (bit more in details :), like how to make one :) ). fast it will be distributed all over the world, how fast people will be relieved from all these tasks/hard works and all these rediculous bills ect ect ect, you get impression of Thrive,and they could do it/animate it with this latest tech/experience they got.
...............well , it didn't contain this excitement needed on this movie.
I would recommand this movie to un-informed so they know in what kind of world they are living, ...but would tell them :see it and get over it fast and start envisioning a future for yourselves, not wait for others to do it for you.
....................................................................................................... :):):):):):) <3 <3 <3 Sweet Love. .

A little long to read but i really enjoyed thrive, thought it was good, infomative and realistic. imo

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