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The entire world is made up of thoughts, yet for something so integral to our lives, thought isn't very well understood. When most people think about thoughts, it's limited to two-dimensional thought. “Grass is green”. The thoughts are bound to words which separate experience into this and that. Now, the grass itself isn't a 2d thought, nor is the grass being green. The actual experience of the grass expressing it's green-ness is a multi-dimensional thought, yet the thought “Grass is green” inside of most people's minds is only a dualistic idea. It's this and not that. Part of the problem is the words, people think in words. The reality of the thought is what lies behind the words, yet in most minds, the words are focused upon while the reality is discarded. Grass and green are only concepts in a mind. People fail to see the metaphor for what it is and the words become their reality.

Now green isn't green. Green is a feeling, a vibration, an experience, but not a word. The feeling and the experience, the vibration of light that connects with your eyes, that's the multi-dimensional thought of green. The word is just a dualistic idea, a way to condense a multi-dimensional thought into something it isn't. Your 3d experience is constructed of thought, just think about it. The way you see it isn't the way it really is, it's something assembled by your brain so you can make sense of it. Are the colors you see what the colors really are? Or are they just varying vibrational frequencies assigned a certain look by the brain? Your smells and tastes are really just certain shapes of molecules that bind to receptors on the tongue and nose. Yet you experience this shape as a smell or a taste. Think of butter, you can taste it can't you? So is the taste itself anything more than a thought?

For most, the physical realm seems so real it's hard to see it as nothing but thoughts, but that's all it is. When you dream do you realize you are dreaming? Most people do not, the dream is so similar to their waking that while they're dreaming they can't tell the difference. Yet when they wake up in the morning, it's clear it was a dream. What was the dream other than thoughts? And if the dream is so similar to our waking experience that we can't tell the difference, is it so hard to believe that the waking experience is constructed of thought as well? The physical realm is a dream, it's just a little more dense than your nightly dreamscapes.

In the lower realms, thoughts seem like static things. Dualistic thoughts become “irrefutable” laws, governments, religions, and 3d thoughts become “solid” physical objects. Yet the thoughts themselves are made of Energy, something that couldn't be static even if it wanted to. Even things that appear so unchanging as rocks are constantly vibrating, constantly moving. Trying to force these thoughts to stay put is the very essence of attachment. Try as you like, but you're going to wear out long before Energy ever does. In fact, Energy, being Energy, is never going to wear out, it just changes form. Trying to hold on to it is just going to exhaust you. This is what desire and attachment are, trying to bind something that can't be bound. The thoughts don't belong to you, in fact every thought you've ever had has been around since the dawn of Creation. They may stick around for a while, but you never really own them. Believing otherwise only keeps people stuck in illusion.

Where is the mind? Is it in the brain? Well science has looked there, but can't seem to find a mind among all that gray matter. People seem rather reluctant to ask, “what is the mind?” and there's a good reason, the mind is an illusion. There's Someone observing the thoughts, there's Someplace the thoughts exist, and there's the thoughts themselves, yet where among these is the mind? There's a cloud of thoughts drifting across your Consciousness, one's you're trying to hold on to, one's you believe define who you are, and these you call the mind. Yet there is no mind, just a cloud of thoughts.

A rich man once believed he owned a large piece of property and on that was a forest. One day a lumberjack came along and chopped down a tree. The rich man came up and asked, “What are you doing to my forest?” and the logger replied, “Is this tree your forest?” “Of course the tree isn't the forest” the rich man answered and allowed the lumberjack to take the tree. This continued day after day until a year later the rich man looked out and realized his whole forest was gone. Yet the logger didn't take away the forest, he just removed the trees. There never really was a forest, just a group of trees. People fail to see the forest for the trees. People fail to see the mind for the thoughts. The forest and the mind are just dualistic thoughts, neither has a tangible existence. What makes a forest? Trees. Yet are the trees the forest? Citizens make up a country, yet where is the country apart from a thought in it's citizen's minds? The thought is just Energy, the forest and the mind are illusions.

Consciousness is like a clear blue sky, the thoughts are the clouds. The clouds drift across the sky, but they leave no mark upon the sky. They're temporary, fleeting. They move, they change shape, there's more one day and less the next, yet the blue sky remains. Consciousness is the sky, thoughts are the clouds. You are the Consciousness, that which observes the thoughts yet remains unblemished by them. If you forget this, the clouds start building up. Soon they obscure the sky altogether and Consciousness is forgotten. The clouds, the thoughts, are all you see and you believe you are these thoughts. The mind is like a storm that covers the sky, yet the sky is still there. You may forget the truth of your Being, but it's still there. You are still this Consciousness and if you don't believe me, then tell me who's the one observing the thoughts? The sky is Being, it simply Is. The clouds are always in action, always doing. If you're a Human Being, you're Pure Consciousness. If you're a human doing, you are the mind.

Thoughts aren't a bad thing, there's nothing wrong with thoughts, but it is in one's best interest to stay conscious of what one is thinking. Only when one is ignorant is one bound by thoughts. If you believe you are the thoughts, then the thoughts own you. The only ignorance is being ignorant of the Consciousness, the Love, the God You Are. The thoughts make up Everything, they're God expressed, yet separately they're nothing. They don't exist separately. The Energy that makes up the thoughts exists as Oneness. It's Consciousness Being Aware of Itself. The clouds are the Sky. You can't separate the two, but the attempt to do so creates the illusion of the mind.

The thoughts exist as Oneness and yet we experience them as individual thoughts. It's a paradox. The thoughts appear different, yet the Consciousness they drift across is One with them. It's a paradox, but it's how one experiences their Oneness. I wouldn't complain about it, in fact I'd celebrate it. In celebration we're wild and free. Don't worry about thoughts and don't try to force them out of your Consciousness. Resistance is what keeps them from moving on. Simply kiss them as they pass. Love them, and in loving them let them go.

Disclaimer: In order to prevent a fruitless discussion of semantics, I'd like to address the word mind. The way I defined the word mind is the way most people use the word mind, though I doubt they'd call it an illusion. What in many spiritual texts is called Divine Mind, Buddha-Mind, or No Mind is what I called Consciousness. Our languages are ill-equipped to describe such things that transcend words.

Will, Mother & Father God

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