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Beads of perspiration and by the sweat of thy brow we effect much change

By Thoth thru Leonette

Dec 23, 2010 - 7:59:47 AM

Leonette was going to take some more on this, but she was injured and still out of sorts right now.

Sometime about 6:00 am 15th December 2010

Beads of perspiration and by the sweat of thy brow we effect much change

It is time beloved. Awake from your sleep. Prepare yourself for the window to change has been thrown wide open. I know you don’t believe. I know you want proof. Sudden it shall be. In the midst of your yuletide preparations.

I know not the hour...but surely you can tell even if your conscious mind refuses to believe that the time has come... (no one knows the hour until all is done and organized and they can hit the "button."-C)

In parable I speak for I can only convey what your mind can accept for the whirling of the worlds has begun. It has been set in motion. Think of the spin dry motion of your appliance called a clothes dryer. It tumbles with heat, it blows with air, it refreshes with steam. All of which to make clean, sanitized and wrinkle-free. Tumultuous it must be, but effective nevertheless as the ‘reset’ button has been pushed.

Candace: amongst the evidence is all the extreme weather changes. Add also the obvious "new and fresh" faces appearing on many TV news channels now. We have shown the New Obama who remains under protection and out of site. But he was there in public shortly before thanksgaving, when giving an award to a service man. I have a contact that is ground based that had me turn to CNN to see him.

And the Barbara Walters interview on thanksgiving Day was also him and his new Michelle.(and the real love between these two, was palpable!!! I think I was seeing some good friends or soul mates filling those bodies. You CAN find hints if you open ears and eyes. And speaking of that, please sent me notes thru the contact form, or my email address if you have it, if you notice any larger number of troops coming home. I am getting some confirmations starting since yesterday. I won't publish them though at this time. I need to be sure they are not routine. WATCH.

The various replacements of star fleet lookalikes are all over the globe, not just in the US of A, so study these ones in your media and governments in particular. They may be seen at times.

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You are kidding right !!!  various replacements of star fleet lookalikes are all over the globe ... okay I have eyes to see and ears to hear so I will watch out if I notice any differents , hahahaha in fact this is   marvellous realy ... I like this game (^L^)


'Candace' has been frank about our near future...

"During the pole reversal that is coming up, everything in the lower astral will be leaving the planet and destroyed. It is not worthy of God. In fact all beings when they die, if they are lower astral they are pretty much removed within 40 days of death and meet the "2nd Death." Middle folks go to the astral layers around the moon, if they are staying for more incarnations on earth, and if not their souls are taken to where ever they are going to have their next experience. To continue on earth, there must be at least 51% of karma worked off.'

That's bleak reading.

Its 11:40 p.m.

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