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Voice of the Ego
Desiree Hoogerhyde

When you are sitting alone or with others what happens within? Is your heart full of love and expanding, accepting and embracing what is going on around you? Are you feeling and flowing within the energy of creation that occurs within the moment of now? This is what it feels like to be present....fully conscious of the divine being of light that you are.
Many of us are too caught up listing to the internal dialog running through our mind. These are the thoughts that appear to run in a loop not going anywhere but in circles. It takes on this pattern of a circle carrying us into the past or the future. Yet, all this accomplishes is keeping us “busy” so that we are not fully awake and present. How do these thoughts make you feel? What purpose do they serve? They drag you down through repetition, experiencing the same emotions over and over again. Why would anyone stay or try to stay in the past remembering it over and over again?
The river of creation still flows on without you. You can allow yourself to drown in the emotions and memories of the past, or you can choose to let them go. Why would anyone choose to let this pattern continue? Why not face it so you can set yourself free from the chains that attach you to the past? The past is gone, it's behind you, so how can you hang onto something that is no longer there? You can't, but you still try to!
This internal dialog that you hear can also be described as the voice of your ego. Do you have thoughts that you know “are not yours”, so to speak? Does it put you down and make you feel bad about yourself? You are a divine being of love and light, this is the real you. You should not take on what others project onto you. Don't hide your light because of what ego and others say to you, open wide your arms and embrace the love you are and just be that love everywhere present. There is a quote that I heard once “Care what others think of you and you will always be their prisoner”. It really hits home, for you can not be anything that you are can pretend....but where has this mindset gotten you so far? No where....except running in circles and causing you pain because you can never live up to their expectations. If this is how the ego makes you feel, why not confront it? Truth and Love are the death of the ego. When you experience and feel the love and truth that you are than your ego no longer has a place to reside.
When your attention is turned to the future you've allowed yourself to slip into a fantasy. The future does not exist yet, so why focus upon a fantasy? When you are within the present moment you are creating the future! Being present allows you to participate in creation. Feeling the flow and love as it occurs lifts you higher and fills you with joy. Does that occur within the fantasy you created about the future? So why not show up and experience creation?
In the present moment the internal dialog disappears. You become aware of everything around you. The light within shines brilliantly through, reflecting back the light of those around you. Feelings begin to flow, filling you up with the love that you are that is everywhere present. This is when you show up in the “Kingdom of Heaven”. You have than answered the call sent out to you to awaken. This is how you fulfill your up and participate within creation. Be the love that you are and in turn you will be the example for others to open up to their own true being.

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This wonderful work deserves recognition! No regrets, start loving now! Thank you.
I agree, it was well written!

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