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I had this odd dream last night...

And those can be the opening words for a few hundred posts, if my estimate is correct. I think that in these days we're all having some very strange and symbolic dreams. Dreams are a manifestation of our subconscious knowledge and wisdom, at a time when our turbulent brain is literally dormant. And lately, I've started remembering all of them after waking up.

All feature either an aspect of myself or a familiar feeling energy. So here's the one from last night, hopefully someone else will find it enlightening as well.

(I call this one 'the vampire')
As I fall asleep in the real world, I wake up in my dream. Looking out the window, I hear a roaring sound and see an old jetplane (a vampyre, I'm sure aviation enthusiasts will know the model I'm talking about) crash down not too far from my front garden. Even though the plane itself is wrecked, and neighbors are already gathering around it in curiosity, I stand back and hear to my horror that the engine is still running. Before I could utter a warning, the engine breaks loose and goes on a rampage through the neighborhood, doing great damage. I stand there, impassively, aware of all the damage and destruction, but not moving from my spot even though that engine is coming right for me. Before it reaches me, however, it changed course and continues on its destructive path. Moments later, a group of neighbors succeed in bringing the beast to a halt and bring it, whilst still running, to me. Even though it is still on and trying to break free, burning all behind it and threatening all in front of it, these neighbors have no trouble carrying the engine to me and asking 'Do you know how to stop this?'. Looking down, I don't see an engine, but only the moving parts of the thing that keep it going. Without speaking, I reach out one hand and remove a single part. The engine falls silent.
The dream skips to a new sequence here, I'm relaxing in a hot bath. All is calm and serene around me, but above my head flits a small bat. I remember finding it odd, since it seems to be in different definition than my dream, but the bat assures me that it is supposed to be there, and has always been there. Just as I relax again, it swoops down and bites the fingers of my left hand. This is painful and annoying, and I look at it in disbelief. Again, it says, it is supposed to be there and has always been there, and I've never minded before. Since it doesn't seem to be wounding me, and thinking suddenly that everything in life deserves to be, I ignore the blatant fact that it's a vampire bat and continue on with my dream day. Every so often, the bat swoops in to bite my fingers, and more and more my patience with it thins. At this point, I once again run across the familiar energy I've described before, this time in the guise of a young boy. I look at him and realize I'm looking at a boy that looks remarkably like me when I was young. He starts asking questions, about life, society, civilization, in the frank and honest way only children can. From time to time I ponder using the phrase 'that's how grown ups do it' but I also remember I hated that phrase when I was young, and it still doesn't make sense to me now. In short, this child is challenging me to rethink what I thought was a given. As if on cue, the bat swoops down again, but this time it's not coming for me. It bites the hand of the child, and draws blood. The boy is shocked and obviously in pain, and I remember losing my temper then and there. That bat had no reason being in my dream, it served no purpose, and was obviously a danger to myself and others. With a simple thought, and a lash of my hand, I disintegrated it.

That's when I woke up.

As I type this, I can see so many symbols, and I'll ponder on the lesson while at work today.

By all means, let me hear your insights, your own dreams... they are there to teach us, so by all means let us share the lesson.

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beautifully recollected dream, and a good read but I have no input, I can't make anything of it.
latley i my dream state is almost like waking concisness except clearer,you know the way its so much more effortless to understand when you ingest a certain type of fungus,like that but i dont need the fungus anymore i just go to sleep, and on another note i think the solfeg. frequencys are changing me phisicaly because alcohol is NOT affecting my sleep anymore,they are amazing whoever gave us this gift is very wise,if i met him i might freq out!
Usul said:
I can't seem to ever remember my dreams.

That is the odd thing about this, Usul, up until a few weeks ago, neither could I. Nowadays, when I wake up, either all the images are clearly there and the entire dream is available for 'playback' in the space of a second, or it only takes a small effort to focus on a feeling I remember from the dream, and it all comes flooding back.

And in my dreams, I can remember having had dreams before and knowing I'm dreaming them again, only differently. It is as if someone has thrown me the keys to the most wonderful mental playground.
I had a strange experience last night. I don't know if I was dreaming, but it felt very real.
I never had a proper OBE. Sometimes I feel that "falling into my body" and jumping with a fright, like we all do, but this was different. I felt I was leaving my body (it was a longer sensation than usual), but then I felt such fear, I felt that I was being "pull out of my body" and screamed "Noooo!!!!" and I went back.
I don't know if really happened and I don't know if the fear was an intuition or a product of my own mind (I am scared s***less of being abducted, even not believing 100% this is possible), or even a fear of leaving my body and not being able to come back.
Anyway...did anyone have such experience/dream?
Ullan - I see the first part of your dream as a group of people you know in your physical life crashing into your life experience and causing havoc. It is on fire, this indicates that while its making a mess in your world, its also bringing awareness. By removing one part, you stopped it (this could represent your ability to clean up anything that is making a mess in your real life by removing a single part of it). The bat sounds like a habit that you have (it could be a habit as in an action you do repeatedly, or a way of thinking). This habit is sucking your life force out of you, just a little. He told you he was meant to be there though, maybe you are meant to learn something from this habit. The child represents a new part of you (maybe at the time you had the dream you had just learned a new skill or realized you had a new talent, and were developing it). The habit is still getting at the new you too though. In the dream, you had the power to rid yourself of it though, so you probably do in physical life as well.

Simmy - It might have been the beginning of an OBE. Sometimes fears such as you described come from repressed memories, but in any case, you needn't fear that happening because grays are not comfortable on Earth anymore, it has increased in vibration too much. Before you go to sleep at night, surround yourself with white or gold light, and know that if any part of you does leave for a trip, it and your physical body will both be surrounded in light and protected. This sounds so simple, but it really does protect you and your body, even during waking hours. If you did go astrally, you would automatically go right back to your body just by wanting to, and you are the only one who can drive it.
Simmy, I had the same thing happen about three times since 10/14/8/. Never really believed in this till it happened.
The first time was after I used the Ascension frequencies . About a week later in bed with my eyes shut , There was a halo like body standing in front of me it was dark Just an out line of a body, when it reached out with its left hand that only had three fingers and touch me on my right shoulder . I jerked back and I guess I broke the connection, I know it was not a dream my eyes were just rolled back in my head at the time. For some reason I knew not to open my eyes or I would disconnect from this encounter but that touch I felt was real ...Too real...
The next time it happened was during the day at work . I get a 1 Hr lunch break so I always take a 30:min nap on a lazy-boy chair in our shop. When after about 15:min in the chair my mind began to sir and I remember asking my self
Three question's. For some reason I remember answering to someone correct and then I started to feel beginning in the center of my forehead a zipper like opening zipping down to my belly . I was cool with that but what freaked me out was when I looked down and around me the zipper was unzipping my realty. It was like not only unzipping from my skin but was unzipping the chair floor walls ... It was all gone, my fear of hights kicked in when i felt like I was floating
in a room of pure light. Then I was back. Till this day I still cant remember the three questions.
The last time something happened was two days ago . I was having my lunch again and sat down in my lazy-boy to take my nap when I started to dream with my eyes open.... I mean I was so relaxed that there were co-workers in the room with me but yet I was able to see Two men in army uniforms running behind a building and I was running with them... I could feel that they didn't know I was behind them . I saw a poster on a alleyway wall that had obama's picture on it.Hope nothing bad happens in DC this week. When i saw this I could still see my co-workers in front of me playing with a coffee maker and talking about our 401k's
Again Never saw a - UFO - Ghosts - or - Big foot -
But I do believe that I am not crazy. And I know now Im not alone.
Something Big is going on out there, and I think like it or not we are going to be in the front line.

Much Love and light to you simmy
And remember our dreams are part of our powers.

Hi honeybee :]

Be safe all...
honeybee: Thank you! I usually surround myself and my family in white and golden light every day, when I wake up. But it is a good idea to do it at bedtime as well. Also, good to know the "grays" are not around any more...

Woken2012: Your experiences freaked me out!!!! Hehehehe! But they were very interesting...

Lots of love and light to all
I can't believe this topic has survived this long, so I thought it would only be fitting if I added my latest dream to the pile ;)

I had quite a few problems getting to sleep, and it was going to be a short night. That knowledge gnawed at the back of my skull, along with the apprehension for Blue Monday, the hell that was undoubtedly going to break loose at work, and the mere fact I hate getting up at 3 AM. Just as I told to myself 'sod it', and just pushed those worries out of my mind, it felt as if I started to float. Literally, the bed dropped away from under me, and it was as if nothing surrounded me, even though I had my eyes still open. Then the dream began.

In my dream, I was paired off with someone I felt I knew quite well, even though we didn't exchange names. Yes, again that same familiar energy/feeling. We were in an office, and given a task. I can't remember for the life of me what it was, but only that it was difficult, and involved subterfuge, danger and more close calls than your average James Bond movie (Brosnan variety). I vaguely recognised scenes of my own life, as if I was a bystander at pivotal moments, and helped nudge them in the right direction. The dream skipped forward, and I remember having this sense of relief as I drove us both back ... well, 'home' I suppose. I can't drive, this is where my conscious mind short circuited and told me I was dreaming. With a jolt, I woke up.
This wasn't the end of it, because soon after I settled down, that floating feeling returned, and vaguely seeing a flash through my window, I was back in the dream. Back in the office. Praise and accolades for a job well done, and we were invited to meditate with those who gave us the assignment, as a way of extra reward. I took up a meditative position I've never used before, and closed my eyes. The officer door opened, almost interrupting, and I heard a voice say 'Ah, good, you're here.' I woke up again, it was around 2 AM, just in time to see something very strange. At this point, I know I was awake. A sphere of... well, I'd describe it as bright and twinkling lights wrapped in fog, came in through the wall. My next memory is of the alarm clock going off.

And today, things have been strange. It's as if every thought I have, positive or negative, materializes at once in some sort of situation. I have the distinct feeling more is to come as well...
Simmy- I can't say for sure they're gone, but I feel it is the case (plus I knew some abductees awhile back and at one point in the late 90s the grays seemed to to come and get their stuff back and leave for the last time, no one's seen them since!).

Hi woken! Neat experiences! I had a "vision" I guess you'd call it in a similar state, Mine was of a star in the sky in my backyard in a direction where there's never a star that bright. I don't know what it means, or if I'll ever know!

Ullan- I don't know what this dream would mean, to me it sounds more like an astral projection than a dream, or maybe a trip to a parallel reality. I think some dreams can be those things. Typically a dream office would represent a place of learning, but whatever you're doing sounds dangerous, and not really related to learning. Sounds like you're your own guardian angel!

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