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Not a good sign is this. Those are the most ruthlest group that there is. I hope that Obama does not listen to this.

Even though i still feel he might be a light worker, but the more i see him hanging out with some of the leaders that has been pushing for a new world order, I'm not sure for this one. I still hope that He gets his head on straight and start cleaning house.

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I like to hope that he's just playing the game as it has to be played until the moment is right to start taking things in the right direction, ya know. I don't think theres any way, as president elect, for him to not have meetings and conferences with those we see as the corrupt elitists, at least during this transition of power.
maybe i'm just complaining a little but I know that the last couple of presidents has been very corrupted so horrible that they are just as bad as Hitler atleast Bush is. Maybe for what they have done to the people all around world might be part of a spiritual awakening but i can tell you that if the majority of people knew what our leaders have done they would demand justice no matter how enlightened you are.
2 words.

Photo Op.

Nuff said.
part of the deal that he signed up for, methinks
All we can do is hope and see.
I know nothing of Obamas intentions, as he does not seem to speak from heart but rather written soft words from someone else to make the people cheer. In any of his speaches that i heard there was no mention of the actual solutions to the wars they fight and plans ahead... just "maybe" and "we'll see what happens" its like... how stupid do you think we are... I dont believe in change or that he is a "lightworker", a good man until i see it. So far it seems he is not going his own way, still in the pocket of the scumbags. And thats it. I'll believe it when i see it.

I agree Kamala, and I think it is we who have to start. By our own actions, thoughts and feelings will we make the changes in this world. There is no leader anywhere on the planet that can do it on their own. This is definitely the time we come into our own powerful presence. We follow no one but our own truths. A good friend keeps reminding me of that... there's nothing that can come from the outside, we empower ourselves from within and only us. Love Dana

Kamala said:
The light always comes into the darkness. Let's just pierce all of the darkness with our love. We can do this. He can do this. Someone has to begin somewhere!

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