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I should probably introduce my self to you by doing this beautyful gesture, opening up my aura for you to read and give you my love, hahahaha

Instead I do this ”3d Earth way” and tell you the story of my ”role” here:

My name in this life on Earth is Betina. I was born 1968 in Stockholm, Sweden.

I probably had a normal upbringing, why I say probably is because I really dont know what ”normal” upbringing is. And I dont remember that much of my earliest years.

What I do remember is that I often felt I did not belong, and many times in my youth I came to think ”maybe I was put here, and now they are observing me from up there”.

So, I have always felt my self as being an outsider. Though not to my disadvantage. I've always thought I can do anything, and had a hard time believing one would have to spend these horrendes amounts of money to go to school learning something, for several years, just to get to work with that profession for some years, retire and then die.

I could not overcome the idea that if I wanted to fly the fastest plane there is, I would have to be a certain age to even be considered trying out for a class.

And the fact that if I wanted to participate in building a new city from 0, I had to have like 5 different degrees and 8 years of school.

There was so much in this world I could not agree with. I felt I was on a whole different level. Even from my family.

But, despite all my thoughts I went to school, even 1 year in the US, started working at a young age, and met a bunch of really great people on the way.

One of these people I married and had 2 wonderful children with, Tanja, now 21 and Jimmy, now 17.

As I still was trying to find the right place for me, I jumped from one job to another and by 2004, I had worked with alot of different things, and I had also been in and out of long relationships.

This year my third child was born, Maya, now 4 ½. And with her came the changes.

It all started with ”the hands” from Michelangelo's panting, in 1 day I saw these hands in 3 different places, showing themselves in 3 different ways. And I imediatly thought ” it has to mean something”.

From that day I saught information about ”the other side” as well our history in books, on the internet and from medium's. This led me to Channie.

I very quickly understod that this was my coming path, so I started attending courses in healing and all that was around it. And found I was on my way home.

I have now come so far as I know why I felt I did not belong, Now I know that it does not matter. All is as it should be. I´m married to a wonderful man who is a stonehard sceptic, but who supports me in all I want to do. And I have found new friends who I can see are standing on the same level as I, you.
I obviously still do not agree with this world we live in, but now I know it does not matter. I drew the construction drawings for the house I want to live in anyway, even if I dont have the degrees. And I have learned how to atral travel, and there I can fly as fast as I want to.

Now I know that all that matters to me is ”just relax in love and laughter, being a human”.

Thank you for being here.

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Nice little Story about yourself Betina :)

Much love from sweden ^^
Beautiful story Betina, Sounds like your doing wonderful and you have found your way to happiness...
L&L to you and your Family.
Thanks for sharing Betina!!! I am loving this catagory !!
Thanks guys, for reading it. Yea I love this as well. One really get to know people in a different way, exiting :)
Thanks Kerrie, yea, I did quit my fulltime job just to be able to do what I love doing. And I believe it pays of too. After all; for a new door to open, one has to close another ; )

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