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“Abduction to the 9th Planet”

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I read this book completely in one setting. I feel in love with thiaouboa. I hightly recommend it.

I thankyou for sharing, this wonderful book with us.........CAN'T WAIT TO READ IT...CHEERS
Thank you! I spent the better part of two days reading the material presented. I feel it is timely, and I fell in love with that lovely planet! So much light and love!
I read the book non stop. Great input Kerrie!!!
Some chapters/descriptions just gave me a thrill, a shiver straight from the spine, as if it brought me close to "something".
I want to re-read it soon because there is so much info in there!! And it all seems so logical when I read it, so true when I think about it... Can't help thinking they are (part of) the Federation of Light.
I only find it hard to convince my partner :-/ Hope he will open his mind to this one day...
From the first moment I read the story of Michel it felt as truth. THE TRUTH. Nothing to believe but everything TO KNOW ... as it is and always will be ... Knowledge in its Highest form. Statements I made in the past were answered in this book, I was truly amazed, still am in matter of fact ... Is not it amazing that the ruler of the Unierverse can not been seen ... but only be touched by the soul ... and only in its Purest Form ... how many truth does man need ...

And then the story told of our existence on Earth, and that we were E.T. coming from another planet and that our TRUE civilisation was started on the continent of MU...
Again it feels like coming home... :)))
Thank you PaTricia T. Stay on the edge... but please my dear, remember ...
You need depth search if you find nothing at low water ...

paTricia T. said:
Just to create balance here (you know I love you guys)....doesn't the word Abduction bother anyone??? And let us not forget that it is very easy for this tribe to create a synthetic feeling of internal delightment. It kinda works like pharamones for the mind and creates a utopia feeling within the body. And one final thing...dosen't anyone find it strange that this guy releases this book right after Avatar comes out??? A planet worth leaving for. Mass depression from Avatar...and a ticket to wonderland a few weeks later??? Something to consider.
The word ABDUCTION does bother me. It would be nicer to be invited to take this journeys, hehe! But, the book was released in 1993, so it way before Avatar.
I found some videos in YouTube of Michel Desmarquet talking about his experiences. Here is the first:
I've read the Thiaoouba Prophecy some time ago but it really didn't resonate with me. This could be another disinfo and so after 4 years...the search for the truth continues. Sometimes I wonder whether I will ever find the truth? Oh, well time will tell and I know the truth is out there!

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