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Theo are angelic beings (Ester Hicks went to hear and learn from them before she starat chanelling)

Theo, how do you see the world today?

We see the beauty that it is of your planet. We see the goodness of the hearts of humanity and the lessons that are being learned one unto the other. But more importantly, we see the awakening of the consciousness of humanity, more than it has ever been. And in that recognition beings taking responsibility for their inner process, which is necessary to acknowledge those aspects of self that are imbalanced within. And bringing the little orphans home and to the heart, meaning the fragmented aspects of the self. And when this comes to fruition there is much information to be imparted to all. For each being as they do their inner work recognize that connectivity to the god source. We’re not speaking religiously we are speaking in that sense the individual connection to creation and to each other. This is blossoming; individuals having personal experience with spirit and engaging on a much deeper level and reaching out to one another.

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