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Is the world really going to end on December 21, 2012 ??

It is predicted that the World will end and all life on Earth will finish after three years from now. The presentation below explains it in details along with the videos:

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life and the world will not end, but our obsolete systems and money will end, and a whole lot of new and amazing systems and technology will be introduced, and finally, the quarantine on earth ends and ETs will come down and say hi!
At first my dear Sukhpreet Kaur, I wanna say welcome to the SaviorsofEarth, a wonderful place with lots of information and beautiful people ...

Your question about our Earth coming to an end ? My answer is No my dear, Earth will remain just as it is, a very nice planet. The leaders who run this planet most change their attitude ... and people should increase their awareness ...

There are so many vids posted, asking? 2012, is that the end? I look not to the so-called predictions because it decreases my vibration.

And for the next meditation of the Grid II on 28 july 2009 .... I wanna keep my vibrations high :) :) :)

Always with Light Love and Laughter for anyone to receive
First of all, Welcome to SoE Sukhpreet!...hope you enjoy your stay!...Nope the world is not going to End...The coming changes are referring to a new level of consciouness of humankind..We around World will experience The Law of unconditional Love..We on a global level will help each other like a Global your lungs and all your internal organs do possible that you exist..all humans will make possible ...Earth body Exist in a better better Existence....Will be exciting times!!....see this vid for more info :

Welcome to the SaviorsofEarth :). No it is not going to end, and yes it is going to end ;). It is the end of the old world, and beginning of the new world. Our world is in the process of transformation. It will be clear in the years ahead, but before end of 2012.
not for everyone, not the believers

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