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Lecture of Mike Bara at the Aetherius Society on March 14th 2010. Mike gives a talk about some of the information from his new book "The Choice".

You've probably heard of The Secret. Now it's time to make The Choice.

There is a great shift coming in the near future. We can all feel it. But what does it truly herald for the planet we inhabit?

Is there reason for concern about the apocalyptic prophecies of the Mayan calendar, and is there an underlying physics driving these changes?

How do planetary alignments and astronomical events such as the ones predicted for 2012 affect your consciousness?

And most importantly, what can each of us do to influence this coming shift in both consciousness and physical reality?

New York Times best-selling author Mike Bara examines all these questions and many more in The Choice, which also includes:

Detailed descriptions of a revolutionary new theory of physics that proves the theory behind The Secret
How to use your own inner light--the power of your mind and spirit--to influence the physical world
How governments the world over are preparing for the coming decade of change
How to determine your place in the Next Age
If we can truly can make this world into anything we want, which path will we choose?

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I have not yet viewed this myself, it is on my "things to to list".
Thanks Tony!
I haven't been able to watch it either. It is also in my "Videos to Watch" list!! lol

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