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By Jim Self
21 June 2009

Two massive waves of light and energy are moving through the universe, through you and through the Earth. They are working together in perfect synchronization, evolving everything to a higher order. This energy transformation is heralding a transition of great proportions and we are all in the midst of it.

One of these waves expands outward, like ever-widening ripples on a pond, spreading greater light, knowledge and wisdom, opening the gates to higher consciousness and evolution. This wave is shifting mass consciousness from the third-dimensional perspective, through the fourth, into a fifth-dimensional perspective. This wave will create a fifth-dimensional community on Earth that will realign us with All That Is.

As this wave accelerates, it is fascinating to observe how it continues to powerfully and positively affect us. This wave is making it possible for the second wave to unlock all that has been keeping us stuck in 3D.

The second wave is a destabilizing pattern that is dissolving everything that is no longer working in our lives. Please note that I did not say “destroy”; I said “dissolve.” This wave is breaking apart all dysfunctional patterns on every level. All that is lacking in integrity will crumble away and be replaced with new patterns of energy, light, knowledge and wisdom coming in on the first wave. While one wave of light is emptying the vessel, the other wave of light is refilling it.

These transformative waves are allowing all of us to re-wire, re-connect and re-member who we truly are and what we really came here to accomplish. Like a tsunami, these waves are significantly stepping up in intensity. We will see tremendous transitions in the upcoming months and years. We are playing in very exciting times, but we need skills and tools that will help us ride these waves with grace and ease.

Riding the Waves - Creating Your Reality

Our thoughts and feelings create all of our experiences. Thought is our greatest ability. It can also be our greatest liability. The difference between success and struggle is the degree to which we use the focusing tools of intention, attention and thoughts.

The mind is active 24/7. Your thoughts flow in an unending stream that keeps you busily creating your reality, consciously or unconsciously, all day long. Everything you are currently experiencing in this moment first began as a thought.

Your unconscious thinking creates just as powerfully and swiftly as your conscious thinking does. Unconscious thoughts are like misguided missiles, whereas intentionally-directed thoughts result in precise outcomes. In these fast-moving times of acceleration, all of our thoughts are manifesting our realty much faster than ever before. Therefore, it is more important now to pay attention to our thoughts and feelings and to understand that we are the creators of all of our experiences. Those powerful waves of light flowing through and around us are intensifying and quickening all of our manifestations now.

Your Thoughts + Your Emotions = Your Experiences

Perhaps the most powerful emotion-charged thought is known as Fear. Fear is cohesive, solid and very real in the third dimension, and it’s a very dense thought-form. Fearful thoughts are charged with emotion. Emotion-packed thoughts are like powerful magnets. They transmit signals to the universe and the universe automatically responds. The Universal Law of Attraction is a magnetic force that finds you irresistible. If you want to see this law in action in your life, pay close attention to the thoughts you concentrate on and the feelings you emote.

Your thoughts and feelings are broadcasts to the universe. The universe “hears” them as requests and always delivers a matching vibration to you in return. The stronger the thought/emotion, the faster and more powerfully it will be delivered to you. The Law of Attraction is an excellent barometer showing you where your attention is focused at any given moment. The Universe is not responding to your language but to your vibration, and your vibration is all about the way you feel. If you could trace your present experience back to the exact moment it was “born”, you would always discover the original thought/emotion that launched it into motion.

Fearful, worrisome thoughts and archaic belief systems keep you locked in a third-dimensional reality and make it very difficult to maintain a vibration high enough to move you into a fourth or fifth-dimensional reality. You can disrupt your fear-driven thoughts-emotions and replace those limiting beliefs by consciously choosing to focus on higher thoughts and newer perspectives. Once you begin to choose where you place your attention, new choices become available to you. Fear, then, simply becomes another choice, not a given result. Manage your thought-emotion and you will be the master of your life.

A Tool to Establish Your Personal Space

As the waves of energy step up, greater levels of light, wisdom, and knowledge become increasingly available to us. The more you can merge and anchor the light within you, the quicker you will awaken and fulfill your spiritual purpose. As you begin to vibrate with 5-D consciousness surrounded by 3-D energy, it is vital to know where you start and stop, which brings us to an important tool, the Octahedron.

The aura of a balanced person extends about an arm’s length away from their physical body. It radiates in every direction. Hold your arm out in front of you now and pretend you are holding a rose between your fingertips. Using your imagination, envision the universe starting on the other side of that rose. Do the same to the left and right of you and behind you, leaving a rose at each of those points, then place a rose above your head. If you trace imaginary lines and join all the roses you will create a four-sided pyramid around you. Its base will be running through your heart chakra and its apex will be about 18 inches above your crown. Just pretend. Repeat this exercise, only this time place a rose about 18 inches below your feet and connect more imaginary lines to create a downward-pointing pyramid. Connect the bases of each pyramid (base to base) at the level of your heart. This creates an 8-sided, geometric shape around you called an Octahedron. Next, fill the eight faces (8 triangles) with light. The space inside this geometry is you and everything outside this field defines the rest of the universe.

As you build this geometry around you, play in it and make it a game. Observe the world from inside it. If you stay within this Octahedron of light you will not become affected by the emotions of other people who are on the other side of it. Some of you are extremely sensitive to other people’s emotions, thoughts and erratic behaviors and, as you start vibrating at higher levels, you will want to reinforce this geometry around you. This will keep other peoples’ energy from invading your space and you will find that much of the noise, drama, and attention you have felt from others begin to drop away. Your style, your joy, your enthusiasm, your choices, and your ability to express yourself are only about you and your path. Simply begin to regard everybody outside your octahedron as actors in a play performing for your entertainment. Play with this as a new toy and make it fun.

Many wonderful changes are occurring around and within all of us now. Please play with these skills and tools to help you move more easily through this grand Shift. We are on our journey Home.

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Great post Tony, thank you for sharing

Love and Light

I like Self's plain english and the octahedron tool is wonderful, thank you.
Great information dear Tony ...
Do you Octahedron repeat each day? Or is once enough :-) :-) :-)
Great Tony Thank You I will try this Light & Love Always

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