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Since tax season is upon US citizens I decided to write a post about the income tax in America. The simple truth is many Americans will false profess against themselves on their 1040 that they owe an 'income tax' when they really don't. The 'income tax' is really an excise tax. What that means is the federal government is saying it wants back a piece of its' actions. What the income tax code has done is redefined common terms such as wages, employee, employeer, etc and redefined them to mean something completely different from what average layman of the US believes them to be. Thus the IRS freely uses the words mean something different from the public to intentionally mislead the populace of the United States.

Essentially if you work a job our receive money from investments that have nothing to do with direct actions by the Federal government then such money does not constitue as income as defined in the law. I personally have received refunds for every penny withheld using this knowledge. Please educate yourself and DO NOT listen to the lies put forth by the IRS, their agents and the sheeple just going along the PTB's game. Visit to educate yourself on this crucial matter. Stand up to the PTB and DON'T BE a sheeple. Be a warrior and fight for the Consitution of the United States! Fight for your rights!


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