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Upon reaching the age of realization, every individual entity of planet Earth has a CHOICE to serve the purpose of uplifting the lives of other entities who inhabit this planet, or denigrating the lives and existence of the other entities, with the understanding that not even one is immune from the rule of result, and every entity gets what they give.

It has become painfully self evident, realizing the results of choices instituted by a Corporate Western/American Predator State, are results of self-serving, non-leadership, full time terrorist entities suffering seriously from a #####-for-brains affliction.

Corporate America's military/industrial/political/banking complex is officially the pariah terrorist state of our time, terrorizing not only the North American Continent and the American people, but it has become the black plague of planet Earth.

It's well worth repeating this gaggle of terrorism addicts is no respecter of persons, and in addition to the remainder of the planet, the American people are constantly attacked by the same criminal gang of insane terrorist factions.

As a Human Being, I am quite fed up with allowing psychopath 

terrorists to define who is a terrorist, while they assign the title of terrorist to other Human Beings who are not terrorists, only to deflect attention away from the real acts of terrorism being committed by very terrorists who point their terrorizing fingers at everyone else.


Terrorists are NOT the "Osama bin Laden's" of the world, hiding in caves with cell phones and laptop computers, directing so-called 'jihad' operations that destroy buildings in New York.

That fronted meme is nothing but a ridiculous, absurd, lie - a fantasy that could only spring from the demented mind of a terrorist who plans even more destruction, who needed a false-flag scapegoat to blame for a pre-planned agenda, which the real demented terrorist in a three piece suit wanted to advance.

The real terrorist in this situation, are the war criminals who planned to invade Iraq and 6 other countries over a five year period, with Pentagon plans laid out and appropriated long before the 9-11 false flag operation actually occurred.

The real terrorists killed over 3000 Human Beings with the 9-11 false flag implosion demolition attack pretext for the invasion of Iraq.

The real terrorists stole the gold stored under the World Trade Center, went on to invade Iraq, stole and continue to steal Iraqi oil, and steal Iraqi gold.

The real terrorists have murdered more than 3 million Iraqi men, women, and children to date - with the death toll rising by the day.

Terrorists are NOT goat herders in Afghanistan.

The true terrorists in Afghanistan are dirt bag excuses for humans, profiting from death, drugs, and destruction of Afghanistan and her native population.

The true terrorists operating in Afghanistan are factions of the CIA, the Corporate US Military, with an array of sociopath private mercenary goons who are employed by psychopath terrorist Eric Prince (Blackwater/XE/Academi) as guns for hire to protect the multi billion dollar per year opium and heroin trade, which is foundational to the Afghan occupation.

Military and mercenary thug terrorists have murdered millions of Afghan men, women, and children to date - with the death toll rising by the day.

Terrorists are NOT the leader of Libya, who was executed by terrorist thugs of NATO, the US Dept of State terrorists, with assistance from French and Canadian terrorists.

After the above terrorist factions murdered Libya's rightful leader who was well respected by the Libyan people, the above terrorist factions went on to destroy the most beautiful country in North Africa, and decimated a thriving Libyan economy.

American and NATO psychopath terrorists killed the Libyan leader, stole Libyan gold, stole - and continue to steal - Libyan oil.

These terrorists have murdered millions of Libyan men, women, and children to date - with the death toll rising by the day.

Terrorists are NOT the lawfully elected, and the internationally respected among sane individuals, leader of Syria, whom the international terrorist factions of NATO and the US Dept of Terror State are attempting to kill at any cost.

The above terrorist scum have already destroyed much of what was a modernized Syrian infrastructure, and now have the blood of millions of Syrian men, women, and children on their hands - with the death toll rising by the day.

The terrorists from the US Dept of State Sanctioned Terror continue to funnel millions of US dollars into their terrorist activities in Syria, while decimating the economy of the usa by authorizing free reign of financial terrorism against Americans on US soil.

Terrorists are NOT the lawfully elected leader of Ukraine.

The true terrorists in Ukraine are the insane Corporate Department of US Predator/Terrorist State bought and paid for Nazi predators who overthrew the duly elected leader of Ukraine, and are now actively murdering men, women, and children in Ukraine, while openly fermenting and promoting civil war among the people of Ukraine.


Given that Corporate USA and the entire western alliance structure is now fully and blatantly outed as the consummate Satanic predator terrorist organization, it would be easier to list those organizations who are NOT predator terrorist organizations preying on the planet - than it would be to list all the varying terrorist organizations who take pride in their existence of rabid dog ignorance.

Nonetheless, here is the short list of predatory terrorist organizations infecting planet Earth...

CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) 
The UN (United Nations) 
NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) 
Washington, DC Inc. 
The Pentagon 
The Military/Industrial Complex 
The Corporate US Executive Branch 
Corporate US Department of State 
The Corporate US Congress 
The US Supreme Court 
The Pentagon 
The Military/Industrial Complex 
The Pentagon Joint Chiefs 
The US Army 
The US Navy 
The Marine Corps 

The Pentagon 
The Military/Industrial Complex 
State Police Agencies 
City Police Agencies 
All other 'letter agencies' 
The NSA (National Security Agency) 
The CIA 
The Pentagon 
The Military/Industrial Complex 
The FBI 
Dept of Homeland Security 
The TSA 
SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) 
The Pentagon 
The Military/Industrial Complex 
ADL (Anti Deformation League) 
Project For a New American Century 
Israel (Rothschild Drive-thru Location with 500 Nukes) 
Mossad (Zionist Nazi Terrorist Front Organization) 
The Pentagon 
The Military/Industrial Complex 
The Federal Reserve 
The City of London 
The Pentagon 
The Military/Industrial Complex 
Pharmaceutical Corporations 
AMA (American Medical Association) 
The Pentagon 

The Military/Industrial Complex

...just to name a few.

Legitimize the above predatory terrorist organizations at your own risk.

They have a proven track record.



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Date: Friday, 16-May-2014 22:09:07

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They have tried using force and fear. They have tried abusing our natural inclinations toward family and tribalism. They have tried corrupting the very religious institutions that are supposed to reinforce our consciences and teach us nobility. They have tried psychotropic substances and medications to paralyze our emotional center and make us malleable. They have tried everything, and they have failed so far. How do I know they have failed? Because you are able to read this article today.

Two methods remain prominent in the arsenal of elites.

Convince Good People To Do Evil In The Name Of ‘Good’

This strategy is still effective, depending on the scenario encountered. Elitists are very fond of presenting mind games to the public (in TV, cinema, books, etc.), which I call “no-win scenarios.” These games are hypothetical dilemmas that require the participant or viewer to make a forced choice with only two options: The participant can strictly follow his conscience, which usually means assured destruction for himself and others; or he can bend or break the rules of conscience in order to save lives and achieve a “greater good.”

Watch the propaganda tsunami in the show “24,” for example, and tally how many times the hero is faced with a no-win scenario. Then tally how many times he ignores his moral imperative in order to succeed. The message being sent is clear: Solid morality is not logical. Morality is a luxury for those who do not have to concern themselves with immediate survival. In other words, the world needs bad men to fight other bad men.

Of course, real life is not television; and there has never been nor will there ever be a legitimate example of a no-win scenario. There are no dilemmas that require good people to knowingly sacrifice conscience or destroy innocent lives in order to succeed. There are no dilemmas with only two available solutions. All social dilemmas are fluid, which means that solutions are shifting, but infinite. Just because you cannot see the way out does not mean the way out does not exist. To fight monsters, we do not need to become monsters. Survival is meaningless unless we can prove ourselves worthy of life. This does not mean one should not fight back against evil. On the contrary, one should always fight back. But if we fight without a code of principles and honor, then we will have lost before the battle begins.

Convince Good People That There Is No Such Thing As ‘Evil’ People

Any action, no matter how horrifying, can be rationalized by the intellectual mind or the mathematical mind. This is why we are born with an emotional and empathic side to our natures. Those who embrace evil often seek to soften their image through the use of cold rationalization. They appeal to our desire to feel logically responsible and to boost our intelligent self-image.

- brandon smith

You can contact Brandon Smith at:

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