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The Time Is Now
You are being invited to join our global family of enlightened awakened
leaders – Leaders In the New Civilization. You are certainly a leader as you
express the greatness within you and contribute your very special gifts of
I recommend you go to an important website right now and take your time to
synchronize and vibrate with the inspiration, vision and awareness that
are shared. This is preparing us for right now and forward into 2012 and
beyond. We are to awaken and make the right choices for our future and our
children’s future.
_www.thetimeisnow.tv_ (
VERY IMPORTANT: Your participation and support is necessary to ensure this
becomes a successful award-winning film and book with global events - so
that billions of people throughout Humanity are awakened. Be a sponsor, give
your energy and financial support and you will become a Co-Producer. This
is our film and we are here now together to bring it out to the world. The
Time Is Now!

Listen to what Gregg Braden says:

Contact Lynne Joy McFarland for your further participation (949) 388-9893.

_www.thetimeisnow.tv_ (
My heartfelt appreciation to you,
Sandy Medine PS; please contact Lynne Joy= Lynne Joy (949) 388-9893 PO
Box 4085, Laguna Beach, CA 92652 - to become a part of this film.
Dearest Friend, I have Chrynes telephone number from the pao web site =
Chyrene Pendleton _CAP2283@aol.com_ (
1-877-484-3475 (toll-free) Thanks for the healing energies, Sandy

I am
sending you this healing mail - as I am praying for you right now and seeing you
vibrantly healthy and feeling

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Thank you Sandy :):):) Nice post lovely friend.
..................Namaste and Love.

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