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The Secret of Physical Healing


Back in the 1970’s, when I was still living in London, I knew a talented spiritual healer by the name of Marie Norlen. At the time, she was studying metaphysics under the same yoga master as me. Marie had moved to England from Sweden, was working in the business world by day, and spent countless hours of her spare time working with other healers.

Fast-forward to 2012 and, after decades of experience as a dedicated spiritual healer, she is now an exceptional healer! Not only that; a few years ago, she had a deeply transforming spiritual experience which, like these experiences often do, changed her life completely.

Talk about changes... She quit the busy world of business, followed her heart, moved to Greece, and changed her name to Amma Magi!

Today, she does more distant healing than in-person contact healing and, thanks to the Internet, she’s helping people all over the world.

She was always one to help people with their spiritual education, and now she has written a helpful free guide called “Spiritual Self-Healing” to show people how to attract and direct natural healing energy in order to restore physical health and balance.

A healthy body frees your mind and spirit to pursue spiritual growth without being encumbered by physical distractions. Amma Magi generously offers the “Spiritual Self-Healing” guide free of charge at her website.

I highly recommend that you become aware of the simple technique given in this invaluable, free guide to self-empowered wellness:

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  a chama
   ~   O nazismo do governo de Israel

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Wow!   Thank you!

thank you :)

Dear Besimi is it perhaps possible that you publish the ''secret '' of healing cause my PC gets a warning that its an untrusted site :(

Thnx in advance ^L^



A How-To Guide
by Amma Magi




Do you know that you are a healer? Everyone has the potential. It’s not a gift but a simple technique you can learn.

As a life-long healer with an extensive track record, I know that miracles happen all the time. At first, I used to think that healings were just “luck” or “coincidence”, but these words do not exist in my vocabulary any more. As healers, we tap into a world of energy that is ours to shape and use. This universal life energy has always been there and it will continue to support us as long as we use it in a constructive and positive way.

One of my first successful healing treatments was to my own sister, who was riddled with period pains while visiting me in London. She was a teenager at the time, unable to get out of bed in the morning. She was bent over double with pain, not able to stretch out. I applied a hands-on method and before I had even finished the pain had stopped. Just seconds after the session, she was already up and getting dressed. I didn’t think any more about it but after a whole day of trotting about the city she mentioned that this would have been impossible under normal circumstances. Every month, she just knew that her moon cycle would start off with severe pain. As time was precious and her visit to London short, she did not want to miss the fun and, with my newly acquired skill, there was no need.

The second case was my sister’s best friend. Still a teenager, she was diagnosed with leukemia with only six months to live. As she lived in Sweden, I could not gain physical access to her at first but received her permission to start distant healing. A few months later, before her “time” was out, she actually visited me in London to receive contact healing. Although spending much of her life with various bouts of ill-health, she is still alive today and, looking at her radiant beauty, no one would suspect what she has gone through. She travels the world and works in the health and well-being sector.

The list goes on with healing successes. These days, often I do not even need to apply a healing technique. Miracles happen just by my healing-energy presence being in the right place at the right time. It can be a conversation with someone or correspondence via the Internet and suddenly past trauma starts being released.

Recently, I was visiting a relative in Sweden whose husband had a severe heart defect. For four years he had been living with a battery-driven heart pump, awaiting a heart transplant. I had not even been in their home long when the telephone rang. It was the hospital saying they had a heart ready for him. Would he like to have a transplant? I heard him reply: “I never thought this day would come!” He is now back home, recovering well after this major surgery. “Coincidences” like this will become commonplace in your life too when you learn how to be in the flow of the vibrant life energy that fills our universe.


One of the first things I learned about Spiritual Healing is that the only thing you really need is the motivation that you want to give healing. The rest is pure technique.

I mentioned earlier about tapping into a world of energy. The space all around us, reaching from underneath our feet out into deepest space, is filled with “prana” or “universal life force”. This is the energy which holds all creation together.

We can draw upon prana to charge ourselves with this vital life force and then direct it in a concentrated form through our heart chakra and the palms of our hands.

How do we draw upon prana? The simple answer is: through correct breathing!

The act of healing is the transmission of prana from the healer to the person receiving the treatment.

In the case of self-healing, it is the transmission of prana from the palms of your hands to the afflicted part of your body.

Take it from someone who has been practicing Spiritual Healing for over forty years: You already have the power to heal yourself and others!

The following technique is a long-tested method of self-healing. This is my free gift to you.


With all healing work, there are certain basic steps one should observe for the best results. These are:

Energy cleanliness
It is good to take a shower beforehand and change into clean clothing. Choose a clean, sacred or safe place for your healing work.

While giving healing, make it your number one focus. Do not let anything or anyone disturb you.

Start by stating your intention, for example: “I am now making myself a channel for spiritual healing”.

Healing technique
Apply the healing technique as set out on the next page.

End by saying a prayer of thankfulness for the universal life energy that fills the universe.

This is the secret of success. Allow the healing to work.


Sit upright with the head in line with the spine and both feet on the floor, hands gently placed on your lap. Close your eyes.

Become relaxed by slowly breathing in and out for a few minutes.

Now, visualize the universal life force that fills the air and draw it into your body as you breathe in. See it as a white light and direct it down the spine all the way to the base of the spine. On the out-breath, bring the white light back up the spine but push it out through the heart chakra, which is the subtle energy center outside of your body, just in front of the breastbone. Allow the heart chakra to be charged with this white light.

You are now charging yourself with universal life force or prana.

Next, place your hands where you would like the healing to take effect. For example, if you need healing for your knee, place both hands on the knee, one above and one below. Continue breathing in white light but, on the out-breath, allow the energy to flow down the arms and hands as well as the heart chakra. Feel the healing energy leaving the palms of your hands and entering the affected area. Do not spend more than 10 minutes on each area.

The chakras or energy centres in the palms of your hands are your healing tools.

If you just want general healing to recharge and balance your energies, place both hands over the solar plexus chakra, just above the navel, the left hand underneath and the right hand on top. The solar plexus is the life energy battery of your body. Breathe in white light through the nostrils, down the spine to the base. On the out-breath push the white light up the spine a little, then out to the solar plexus center and exhale the energy into this center. Do this exercise for no more than 21 out-breaths.

On completion of the healing you may conclude with a prayer of thankfulness and then detach.

Now you know a safe, well-proven and effective healing technique.


I was born in Sweden in 1949. After leaving college, I moved to London, England and worked my way into becoming a freelance journalist. My days were filled with the clamour of the business world, but my heart was searching for that something that calls within each and every one of us.

There is a Soul Plan for each and every one of us. I just know it from personal experience. One sunny afternoon, my eye was caught by a quiet, mystical man in a London park who asked me: "Do you believe in God?" I answered him: "No, I don’t." "But you must", he countered.

A long conversation ensued while sitting on a park bench. The outcome was two-fold. The next day I went to my local library in search of books about God. He also predicted that within nine months I would be a healer. I did find a book at the library which changed my life and soon afterwards I was a practicing healer.

Healing and spiritual teachings became everything to me. After forty years of experience as a practicing healer, I have long since gained the ability to see into a situation and apply the exact, needed energy to bring balance and wellness back into being.

After a deeply transforming spiritual experience in 1999, I quit the hustle-bustle of life in London, followed my heart and moved to Greece. Out in the quiet countryside where I live now, you can feel the sacred energies of this ancient cradle of civilization. Here, I devote my life in service to humanity through healing and writing.

I wrote this guide "Spiritual Self-Healing" to spread the word about how easy it is to attract the universal life energies into your body and bring about seemingly miraculous recoveries.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this technique.

I offer my own services as an expert healer with a lifetime of wonderful experiences in the field of spiritual healing. Should you need my professional help, I am here for you always and I do offer convenient, introductory specials on distant healing.

Contact me at any time: E-mail Amma Magi.



©2012, Amma Magi

This is great ....thank you!

Thank You dear Besimi ^L^

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