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The Science of Miracles playlist of 7 videos

I love this man...

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Essential viewing, period.
I agree with everyone else - this is distinctly important. It is somewhat similar to "What the bleep do we know" but perhaps a bit more practical. The most important thing to me from this was two fold:

1. The number of people required to bring intentional change to a larger group is the square root of 1% of the larger group. I'd like to know how they came to this calculation, but if accurate, the implications are HUGE!

2. True effective change is achieved through feeling. Thought (or as how I interpreted it - intention) with emotion to produce feeling and it is this feeling that materialises the desire.

Thanks Dana for posting

Now the thing for me, is how does one produce this "feeling" as such. How does one feel peace, how does one feel healing?

When I was watching this, I felt heat at my chakra centres and a heat moving up and down my spine. I have not ever felt such a thing before, so to me my body is telling me this is EXTREMELY important.
Hi, and thanks for joining The Synchronicity Group! You are where you're at right? I mean if you feel hungry, your intention is to get some food, etc. It's hard to talk yourself out of feeling hungry or any feeling for that matter. But what if you want to feel a way that you don't? By doing things consistant with that feeling! If I want to FEEL peace, I do peaceful things. If I want to heal or FEEL healing, I do healing things. If I want to fell unhappy, I go to a Woody Allen movie...


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