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One of the areas that has been most affected by the coming of the Crystal Energy and the shift to Multi-Dimensional living, has been that of relationships. Many people are experiencing heartbreak and pain as longstanding relationships disintegrate. Or they find themselves alone and without a partner, despite a sincere desire to be in a loving relationship. Or they enter into a series of relationships that just don't seem to "work out", and then they tend to give up and lose interest in the whole process.

What is going on?

Why are relationships under such extreme pressure at this time?

Surely this transitional time would be when we need relationships the most?

Yes, we do need relationships, and we will have the support that we need, even if it sometimes doesn't feel like it. But relationships are one of the key areas where the tidal wave of change is being most intensely felt. Maybe this is because the need to relate and to be loved and accepted is such a key human need. And it has become a place where old energies need to be released to allow for new forms and structures.

The Indigo Children, in their roles as "Systems Busters" have been instrumental in helping to initiate these shifts, and the Crystal Children will help us to consolidate new ways of relating.

In the wake of the Indigo children, we have moved from a society that only accepts male/female monagamous relationships within marriage, to a society that is more prepared to accept different kinds of relationships. The importance is the need to relate, not what sex or class or race the person with whom one is relating belongs. This is a revolution that is opening up a whole new way of thinking about what relationships are, what it means to relate, and how we conduct our relationships.

The Old Ways of Relating : Relationships, Archetypes and Karma
In the old third-dimensional energy, relationships were often based on physical attraction or magnetism. The concept of "chemistry", "love at first sight" and many other romantic concepts fostered by endless movies and novels was the motivating force. It was all about what you looked like. And this was accompanied by whole industries to ensure that you stayed youthful, slim and sexually attractive in order to ensure that you would "attract" a suitable partner. This, it was argued, was nature's way, and the best looking humans attracted a partner and reproduced their genes. Well, maybe so. But human relationships are not just about reproduction. They no longer need to be. There are enough people on the planet to allow us to begin to remodel relationships as about something other than sex and reproduction.
Also, when two people enter into a conventional marriage, the force of the archetypal energy is often so strong that they are almost compelled into predetermined roles. Many people who swore they would never end up replicating their parents marriages, did just that. Why? Because despite good intentions, the archetypal impetus of the marriage system, built up over thousands of years, tends to take over and create the reality. Men and women fall into "provider" and "nurturer" roles, or they enter into power games to see who can dominate and who will submit. Or they play out victim, abuser, rescuer dramas. And quite often, they pattern these dramas on their parental models.

These patterns are learnt in childhood, as the child observes the parents in their dance of relationship, and the subconscious records all the details for future reference. In Metaphysics we call this the "Inner Child Drama" and it contains all the unresolved issues of both that family experience, and probably many past life family experiences where the soul has played out all the roles in the "family drama".

We have learnt to explain this process of soul roles as "karma", and we tell ourselves that we have to go through this experience in order to learn. The partner in the relationship is seen as a mirror of our issues, and we diligently work to assimilate whatever "learning" there may be for us. And probably just as diligently reincarnate in order to continue with this supposed "learning".

But one of the things that Indigo and Crystal have taught us is that "karma" is an outdated concept. KARMA IS FINISHED! And this doesn't just mean that now you have graduated karmic school to become a wiser being. It probably means that there was no such thing anyway. It was just another "system" that humans invented to help to explain why all the other systems they had invented, including the "system" called "marriage", were uncomfortable and had to be endured and worked at and persevered with.

As we enter into the Crystal state, we begin to understand that relationships are about creative partnerships. They are about soul bonding, experiencing the self and the self as other, and about co-creating. They are not prisons, and were never meant to be. They are about FEELINGS. Being able to share and communicate the full spectrum of feelings to and with another person. And this can be done within the parameters of loving parental and family relationship, but there are many other ways that this can also be explored and enjoyed.

The Multi-Dimensional Relationship
The new forms of partnership are very different. They are based on different criteria and needs, and are played out in different ways. As we become more at ease with the Crystal state, we will become far more accustomed to these new kinds of relationships.

Soul Resonance rather than Physical Attraction
People will be attracted to each other on the multi-dimensional or soul level, rather than the physical. The physical will still be a part of a Crystal relationship, but it will not be the primary focus anymore.
More and more people are looking for a "Soulmate". Whatever beliefs we might hold about whether or not soulmates exist, it does seem that there is a deep longing in most people to blend energies with a compatible soul.

And it is at the level of the soul that there must be resonance and "compatibility".

This does not mean that the partners will agree on everything. In fact, if they did the relationship would probably not work. Rather there will be a healthy balance of agreement and disagreement.

Crystal people operate from the heart, and will always allow their partner to be exactly who or what he or she is. They will not need to change the person or make them "better" or rescue them or provide for them. They will share with them and support them in their adventure of growth and self-exploration, and expect the same in return. But there will be an "allowing" and a freedom that will enable each partner to grow and to blossom into their full potential within the relationship.

Planetary Partnerships
This is a phenomenon that I have personally noticed in recent years, especially among Indigos in their twenties and early thirties. Their relationships are often trans-global or planetary.
With the easy access we now have to the Internet and to air travel, we have become global citizens. We now take airplanes from continent to continent like we use to take buses around town. And we can send an e-mail that is answered within hours, rather than writing a letter that would take weeks. And so we are enabled to "relate" across the planet. And,as all Crystal people know, all that loving energy being sent around the planet is creating a web of love and joy that can only have positive results in the long term.

So it is becoming quite normal for people to source soul partners from different continents and countries.

And, the magic of the Internet is that it can transmit feelings as well as ideas and concepts. Again, all Crystals know that they can transmit heart energies through the Internet. The Internet is a "nervous system" for the planet that transmits messages as light impulses through silicon/crystal chips. And so, it is becoming an extension of the human resources for locating a resonant soul with whom to relate.

Equality in the Partnership: Keeping the Balance
In a multi-dimensional relationships it is essential to keep the balance between the partners. There needs to be complete equality in the relationship.
Old relationship patterns of dominance, control and attachment have to be released.

If one partner dominates or controls the other, then an imbalance is created that will undermine the relationship. Anger will arise that will have no outlet for expression, since it will be assumed that this is the pattern for the relationship. In a Crystal relationship, each partner consciously watches to ensure that they are neither disempowered nor that they disempower the other. Rather, they look for ways of empowering themselves and their partner in positive ways.

When there is no dominance of one by the other, and there is an allowing of what the other person is, then there is no reason for the approval seeking behaviour that is so often part of old energy relationships, where one partner constantly seeks the approval of the other. There is no emotional neediness or fear, just acceptance and love.

And, if the relationship reaches its end, then there must be a willingness to let go, and not be attached to that particular relationship. Even soul resonant relationships may end when the partners outgrow each other or find the need to explore who they are in other ways and directions. And then the best thing to do is let go, allowing each of the partners to grow into new and different energies. And to allow the sadness that is felt when something ends, but also the anticipation as something new begins. Even if that something is a period of aloneness, as we adjust to the new person we are becoming.

Allowing the Full Spectrum of Feelings
This will probably be one of the most difficult things for us to negotiate in the future. So many of us believe that a "good" relationship is one in which you are always positive and happy and joyful. Where the other person always makes you feel good about yourself. But, in the multi-dimensional state, relationships are about self-exploration and growth. And your partner may need to challenge you in order to help you to grow, or you may need to challenge them.
This challenge may include playing out anger and frustration, and allowing the partner to be in these emotions and feelings without feeling personally threatened, or that the relationship is threatened.

Multi-dimensional relationships will always play through the full spectrum of feelings - not only the positive ones. The challenge, for us, is to allow these darker energies and to handle them in a creative and compassionate way, knowing that if so handled they will help us to grow and experience ever more of who and what we are in this particular relationship.

The importance again, is balance. Too much negativity, and the relationship will swing into negativity and become violent and destructive. Too much positivity, and the creative tension that enables growth is unlikely to be there and the relationship will probably stagnate.

The Key Elements: Communicate and Co-Create
The important thing to remember in the new multi-dimensional relationships is that they are primarily adventures of self-exploration in which we discover ourselves through relating and creating with another being.
So there are two key elements that need to be always present. The first is COMMUNICATE. In whatever way works best for you. There are many ways to communicate in a multi-dimensional relationship, from talking to telepathy, and they can all be explored and played with creatively. But where two people are constantly communicating, they are expressing themselves and discovering themselves through what they express.

The second key is CO-CREATE. There must be a reason for the partnership. Together you must be creating something, even if it is only your own spiritual growth. But, in order for a multi-dimensional relationship to flourish, there must be a place for all that wonderful higher frequency creativity to find expression on the physical level.

And it may even be that the creative comminication that happens between partners will enable and empower each of the partners in their own creative projects. The creativity does not have to be expressed in co-dependent ways, but is used as empowerment for each person's individual creative projects and exercises.

The Sacred dance : the Spiritual Principles of Relating
There are many ancient Creation myths and legends that tell how the original God-force created two beings out of its essence. These two beings, in turn, went on to create All That Is.
So the basic spiritual principles behind creation are Unity (the Oneness of All That Is), Duality(the One exploring itself through the tensions of opposites) and Multiplicity (the replication of this basic dance of creaitivity many times over into complex and wonderful forms).

Relationships allow us to rediscover that original dance of the TWO who are in fact ONE. The movement is always towards discovering Harmony and Unity, and then discovering that in fact there is also disharmony and duality because the two are now unique individual beings. But the key to this dance is to balance and flow from unity to duality and back again.

There are also many ancient myths that speak of the original deities "dancing" through the heavens as they spin out creation in the wake of their dance. The myth that comes to mind is that of Shiva and Shakti, whose union and "dance" represents the union of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine energies in the ongoing dance of creation.

In our relationships in the new multi-dimensional energies, we need to understand the steps of the sacred dance of Shiva and Shakti, if we are to replicate them in our own lives. The dance had three primary steps or movements:

The first movement is always towards Harmony and Unity. Two people are attracted together and seek to discover in what ways they are alike. This is the movement towards the Divine Force, or the movement of the Two seeking the state of the Original One. Because this movement is towards the Divinity, this phase of a relationship is always ecstatic and joyous and creative, as the two beings feel the flow of light and energy between them. They discover each other and find the best parts of themselves mirrored in the other in this part of the sacred dance.

The second movement is always away from Unity and into Separation. The One becomes Two, who are each separate and unique. In this phase of the relationship dance the two people discover in what ways they are different, and because this stage of the relationship is AWAY from divine source and towards separation and duality, there is often anger and anxiety in this phase, and a need to exert control inorder to maintain the sameness.
This is because in our spiritual culture we have become afraid of duality. We see it as something bad, and we strive for Unity consciousness and we seek to move "beyond duality". But we can never move beyond duality while we have a separate and unique identity. In our highest state of consciousness we will always be a part of this dance of energies between Unity and Duality. To be conscious is to be aware of the dance, and to be able to let go and enjoy the dance knowing that the flow will always be back and forth between these two states of being.

In a relationship, this means that we must be prepared to experience times of challenge and discord. There may be anger, frustration and other negative energies. These must be handled with elegance and the knowledge that, if so handled, they will not be destructive. This is what we call the SHADOW side of the relationship. It will always be there. How it is handled and integrated will determine the quality of the relationship. If both partners or "dancers" know how to cope with the dance of anger and negativity, then it can be negotiated without creating such an imbalance that the relationship/dance is disrupted and destroyed. I have always found that the key here is to allow anger and negativity to be expressed and released, without taking it personally, or needing to defend yourself in destructive ways if there is equal anger on both sides. This just creates a spiral of negative energy that prevents the dance from taking its next step or movement.

The third or last movement is always back to Unity and Harmony. The Two once again discover, through their separate journeys, that they are indeed One. In fact, they rediscover each other and their oneness, since they have learnt something more about the self and the other, and are now reuniting on a higher spiral of evolution and consciousness. And having learnt this particular new thing, there is no need to go back and do it again and again, this being how destructive patterns arise within a relationship. Skilled cosmic dancers know how to let go and move to new levels of experiential dancing, by keeping the relationship in a state of growth and new movement.

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not sure if this cheered me up about being lonely, it didn't really explain why Im still single even though I know what I want in a girl.
lonliness can be felt anywhere though love, in a crowded room, with a mate who is wrong, or on your own. we need to find our true love that is inside us and will never leave us. its hard and im trying so hard to master it so i understand

love to you brother for i feel and know what you are feeling.

take care
with love

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