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The Present- Mother Nebadonia
By Nebadonia thru Hazel
Dec 28, 2011 - 10:03:29 AM

Given Christmas Day, 201

I am Mother Nebadonia, the Mother Spirit or Universal Mother in union with Michael of Nebadon. I come at this most promising time to bestow a divine gift to you; an offering. It is an unlikely gift and one that you will never expect or perhaps willingly ask for. So that there be no doubt, this offering is for those who live behind the curtain of untruth and dismal reality. It is time however to render again that which has been offered many times before. I am uncertain as to the numbers who will accept it for want of belief BUT I offer it anyway. It is of no material substance and cannot be bargained for or exchanged. Once you receive it you will assume responsibility for it. There is no return element; but I assure you that once you accept it willingly you will never part from it because you will become one with it. 

Have I piqued your mortal interest? What indeed can the Mother offer you at this momentous time in your earth’s evolutionary cycle? Ponder upon the ailing world you live in where the fabric of all that is elementary is in upheaval. The hope that you ones hold in your hearts for change in the physical world that you created remains very dim as your confidence in the powers to be have been severely eroded.

However, there are ones who in their eternal optimism cannot face truth of the revolting destruction that is a certainty should current dynamics be allowed to continue.

So what is this gift that I offer you? It is the timeless gift -FREEDOM. This gift is offered to those who remain in bondage; who have been blinded by the clever ones without heart. MY children; yes you are also MY children. WE your celestial custodians do weep for you as WE see you chained and burdened by the lies of the deceivers. 

This which I offer, you all crave but cannot yet comprehend. For you, freedom means freedom from worries in the physical world. What WE offer is Freedom of your soul for it is only then that the worries that assail you in your dimension can be mitigated. WE are not bargaining with you beloveds. You have all but sold your souls to the dark forces who prey upon you. WE ask for nothing in return; for when you are free in truth, you will in any event find your truth and return to your light.

You dwell under heavy darkness now. It may appear that you have no control over this BUT you do. You may not individually change the dynamics of what is materialising before and around you but you could assume responsibility for your own freedom by resolving to be free and acting on that consensus.

What is this freedom you may ask? It is the liberation of your mind from the control of the master manipulators. If you don’t feel free in your mind it is because you are being controlled or influenced by forces against you. You see dear ones the dark ones know who you truly are but most of you don’t know who you are. They know that you bear the fragment of the divine and should the divine in you be free to work, there will only be heaven on earth.

So what they have done is to assert power over your senses that you have come to depend on, and sway you into things and thoughts to make you forget your true selves. Your earth is in bondage because you are in bondage. Do not delude yourselves into believing that you are making the decisions. Many of the decisions being made are foisted upon you and your programming has allowed a willing acceptance. Even those who are seeing truth feel powerless and those who have the courage to act are cut down before their voices can be truly heard. There is no denying however that a fraction of the world’s population have seen behind the curtain of lies and are motivated to act. They are to be honoured for their attempts but will be unable to effect any material change for they will not be allowed to.

So you might ask what is the benefit of this gift? Ah, if only the majority will understand the nature of the times they will rise up to accept it. The gift of Freedom if accepted determines your next placement. As free will is your god given choice you are free to say no to this gift. However, I would think carefully about refusing it. Now this is not a gift you can accept for curiosity sake. It is a gift of vast proportion as it impacts upon your soul. Even if you decide to accept it for the sake of it, it will bear no fruit for you. Ponder about this in light of your times and be truthful with yourselves. The fragrance of time is now sorely dimmed. Can you feel the stench of the old leaving? 

You who desire to be free will experience this feeling at the heart level and this must be actively followed by a decision at the mind level. When this alignment occurs you will willingly accept this gift and your guides will sweep down and open that cage and thus begins a union of divine proportions which will guide you to a level beyond your current manifestation. 

I now come as a dutiful Mother. I come now, for your earth place is to be imminently transformed and those ready for transformation will benefit. A mother never leaves her children unguided but will never resort to force. I will weep for those who reject this offering but will triumph with those who accept it.

You cannot forever live in the realm of the physical; that which you need to be free of is mind control so that your own divine mind can function as it was meant to. Only then will you be free of what you perceive as physical limitations and issues that appear insurmountable.

I offer you this present boldly and bid you with love to accept it. The circle of the cycle bonds now and the linear facility of time is being caged to allow for graduation. Where will you be?

Mother Nebadonia

Candace:  I did not read this until today.  But last evening I posted something in my GLP post that relates to it.  What other people think of ME is None of MY Business. What is MY business, is what I think of MYSELF. It is about standing in sovereignty.  For until you DO that, you remain enslaved to the mind control of the dark.  You remain in the control of the manipulation of others.

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Thank you for posting this!  I accept the gift of freedom, with much anticipation and delight!  Thank you Mother for offering it again!  Peace to all my brotheres and sisters.


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