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Hi everybody, I just wanted to express this, that pool is not real, it is obvious that the members who came to pick on Brad, they opened many accounts to prevent the discontinuity of bullying due any account banned, they are going to be only ones who are going to be happy about the closing of this site, this pool it was just a gift to them.
Because if we are going to believe that the majority of the members want the site to be closed, wouldn’t make more sense if they just leave this community? They can get together and create a different network

We supposed to be awaking

If the administration gives validation to this pool, and close the site, that will be extremely sad.

Anyway the answer is in your hands.


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Tony, I always hear the voice of reason in what you say. Let those that don't like the site delete their accounts, because we don't benefit from their engagement, and leave to never come back, because if our interests are different and conflicting, then we should not be in the same boat. Let them go find solace else where and if we feel we want to join them there, then we will, and if they here, then they will. Why would an attack on Brad warrant that sort of action. If it's too much on him, fine, let's take the option where he takes a break for the time being and see how that goes but bring down the site? That's cold meeeen. That's just cold y'all.
For some reason and after Brad already said it, the site won't be shut down.

However, even thought he said several times, he will just trasfer the ownership, and he said more than 20 hours ago, people keep thinking that the site it's going down.

Also the poll doesn't help, it can confuse members because it just say either the site should shut down or not.

It should be re-write to clarify the options, that Brad should sign over ownership or not.



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