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Very interesting!! Thank you Trudy!
Great post Trudy :). ..lovely girl.Namaste.

Photon band (or 'belt', as it is more familiarly known) was discovered in outer space in 1961 by means of satellite-born instruments. Earth is now gradually moving into the Pleiades - The Seven Sisters - an estimated 440 light-years from here. This grouping of stars is the basis of mythology in many countries.

Around the early 1980s, a radio announcement in the U.S. was made that our solar system was, in fact, going to collide with an "electromagnetic cloud" in the not too distant future. However, this incredibly important statement of astronomical and historical significance was expressed in the usual casual and indifferent manner, as though of little consequence. Follow-up data was then suppressed and another government coverup was conceived for the typical purpose of exploiting natural events to camouflage contrived chaos.

What is this electromagnetic cloud, this golden nebula, sometimes referred to as the "radiant nebula" by ETs? Its more universal designation is known as the "photon belt", consisting of many bands, and any encounter with this belt is recognized by extraterrestrials as being of great importance.

Yes, we are moving into a zone in space that is a band of photon energy (hence the term photon 'belt'). Our star moves into that band for about 2,000 years and this event happens about every 11,000 years. The last time we were in was Atlantis. The 11,000th year out of the photon belt is often referred to as the Galactic Night. Our star system is the 8th star in the Pleiadian star group. Our star cirles the star Alcyone, as do the other Pleiadian stars. Alcyone is in the photon belt all the time. Others are in and out for varying periods of time depending on their orbit. The experience we have on Earth at this time is extremely valuable for the range of moving between dimensions that happens as we move into and out of the photon belt. Trillions of souls are trying to get into a body for this ride.

We are moving into the photon belt now and will be entirely in
it by 2012. In the photon belt, the walls between the different dimensions will become increasingly thin, or even non-existent.

One of the things that has to happen as we move into the photon belt is that we have to master the 4th dimension and integrate it into this planet. The transition into and out of the photon belt is characterized by radical weather patterns and earth changes. This phenomenon will be particulaly interesting as the 4th dimensional world begins to precipitate into our own 3rd dimensional reality.

The 4th dimension is polarized, much like the 3rd dimension, which means that beings in the 4th dimension also have their own agendas as well - from assistance and blessing to outright interference with our spiritual development. Our state of consciousness is the most important thing as we continue to interact with the Photon Belt.

1st dimension - mineral kingdom
consciousness of resonating mother earth - accessed through crystals.

2nd dimension - plant kingdom
consciousness of feeling earth mother - accessed through communication with plants.

3rd dimension - time and space
consciousness of linear time mastery through 'being here now' - polarized into positive & negative.

4th dimension - non-physical kingdom of guides & angels
consciousness accessed through communication with spirit guides & angels - polarized into positive & negative.

5th dimension - cosmic cycles and patterns
consciousness accessed though awareness of major cosmic cycles and patterns.

6th dimension - consciousness of ceremonial patterns
crop circles, glyphs and symbols meant to awaken certain patterns of consciousness in us.

7th dimension - consciousness of oneness
Doorway to higher dimensions. The sacred work here is to find and be reunited with our soul mate.

Once in the photon belt, we will have access to ALL of these dimensions of consciousness.

The photon belt does not exist without a reason. Its purpose is to act as the prime regulator for galactic change, by coordinating its movements with a natural energy cycle from within the galactic core. At regular intervals this core spews forth an enormous, extremely intense energy wave that is intercepted and transmuted by the photon belt.

When required, this energy can cause stars to nova, planets to change their orbit, or even their very nature - their atmospheric content - and become arid, semi-arid, or water planets. Consequently, each galaxy's divine plan painstakingly carries out the spread of physical life and its controlled evolution. Everything in Creation happens according to the sacred edicts of its specific divine plan, which a galaxy's Spiritual Hierarchy watches over. For this to be accomplished, Heaven forms countless Orders, Councils and Administrations.

The photon belt regulates these waves, moving about in a set pattern that is established by how the galactic core operates. In our particular case, the Milky Way galaxy runs in roughly 13,000 and 26,000-year cycles. Hence, the photon belt rotates around the core according to this pattern. Each emission of galactic core energies varies in intensity and dispersal pattern, because it needs to affect every section of the galaxy in a specific way.

This energy leaves behind a special pattern that encodes each section of the galaxy with a distinctive 'timetable' - that is, the way each star, planet, dust cloud, etc will react and carry out its part of the divine plan. Each aspect of a galaxy also possesses a schedule for its unique unfolding. These events shape the very nature of physicality.

Let us outline the mechanics of this anticipated encounter of our solar system with the photon belt.

The universe is held together by means of vortices within vortices of "centripetal" (directed toward the center) energy--with their associated electromagnetic fields--like whirlpools on water, within larger whirlpools (this is the machinery behind Einstein's space-time topology of general relativity). These spiralling energies give rise to natural space-time orbits--satellites around planets, planets around stars, solar systems around other major vortex centers, and so on.

Our planet Earth orbits the Sun once a year, but our solar system as a whole also traverses an orbit in this section of the galaxy within a period of about 26,000 years. There are many other solar (star) systems in this cyclic motion (just as there are many other planets orbiting the Sun). The Pleiades, about 440 light years from us, is part of this system, and in fact our solar system orbits the central sun of the Pleiades, Alcyone. The photon belt encircles the Pleiades system. In fact, it consists of many photon bands emanating from the center of the galaxy, associated with the spiral arms of the galaxy.

Thus, our solar system, and therefore planet Earth, takes some 26,000 years to come back to its same point in this particular orbit. Picture several star systems in a massive orbit, but now envision overall a doughnut-shaped cloud cutting across these orbiting star systems. This is the photon belt, or photon band. This means that our solar system goes through the belt twice each cycle of 26,000 years (that is, every half-cycle or 13,000 years). The thickness of the photon cloud is such that it takes about 2,000 years for our solar system to pass through it, and therefore about 11,000 years between each encounter with this belt (2 x 11,000 + 2 x 2000 = 26,000 years).

When will this occur? A particular source of Pleiadian information indicated that it will not occur until just after 2010, and that it was difficult to predict, since the belt was oscillating randomly. There are in fact huge discrepancies in channelled material regarding the date of this revelatory occurrence, ranging from 2010-2012. Other Pleiadians tell us that our solar system skimmed the belt for a few days in 1987, then over a week in the following year (1988). However, the information also indicates that Earth does not fully enter the photon belt until around 2012.

What does the photon belt consist of? What will be its effects on the life on our planet? Positive or negative? What is the photon belt's purpose, if any?

The photon belt is an immense region of space which is radiating intense electromagnetic radiation throughout the visible spectrum and beyond, into high-frequency invisible light; even including some x-ray spectra. Reference has already been made through the media to huge increases in intensity of "dangerous" radiation entering through the holes in the ozone layer in certain regions of our planet.

We have completed the full circle and are back at the beginning. It is described in detail in the bible, in books on mythology, by Nostradamus, as well as modern day scientists. If the Earth enters first into the PHOTON BELT, the sky will appear to be on fire, but this is called "cold light", as there will be no heat.

If the Sun enters first, there will be immediate darkness, which, computed by our speed through space, will last 110 hours. The interaction between the Solar Radiation and the Photon Belt will make the sky look as if it is full of falling stars. As the Earth enters this radiation belt, all of its molecules will become excited. All atoms will change, things will become luminescent. THERE WILL BE CONSTANT LIGHT.

There can be no darkness, not within the deepest cave, not within the human body. A quick look at the Christian bible: "All the stars will fall from the sky and the sky will be no more...". It is expected that the rotation of the Earth may diminish a little. Because of the reduced Solar Radiation, the temperature is expected to become cooler and the ice caps are expected to extend to about latitude 40 degrees in both hemispheres. Your history books document that at least five ICE AGES have been recorded and that they seem to last about 2,000 years. It may be noted that world communication centers, fixed satellites, U.S. bases and experimental sights are within the 'safe zone.' By design or accident? One can only wonder!

If the ice caps form within the light years, then the increased Solar radiation when leaving the belt must surely melt the ice... floods. If it does not rain within this period of light, it is understandable why Noah was so awed by the sight of that first rainbow. The Gilgamesh talks of a great flood, but it was apparently about 10,000 years before Noah's flood. We have thought about our world and the effect on a single person, but what about humanity as a whole?

This interaction with the photon belt has been referred to in channelling as the Christus. Moreover, the event is supposed to be the true nature of the ascension or rapture, well known in the prophecies of Christianity.

Other spectacular effects, some of a temporary nature, are expected as our Sun system moves into the photon belt. Earth is circling the Sun, thus it is alternatively ahead of the Sun and behind it in its linear motion towards the belt. Consequently, either the Sun or planet Earth may enter first. It is impossible to predict which, since, as stated above, the photon belt is expanding and contracting randomly. If the Sun reaches the photon cloud before Earth, it has been prophesied that darkness will ensue for about three to five days. It will be expected to be pitch dark, with probable cancellation of electrical power sources. If however, Earth goes in first, then the darkness will be avoided.

The photon-belt encounter will play a significant role in the (biblical) Transformation of man. The term "Christus" expresses the Second Coming of Christ. (Christ is a state of being/consciousness--some ETs refer to it as the "Christ office". Jesus was not Christ, but he could attune to this state.) There will be a rebirthing of planet Earth. We are told it will divide; each part retaining wholeness though, producing a 3rd density (frequency) Earth and a 4th density Earth. This will not be perceived physically. The planets will be in different dimensions. One will be in a parallel universe relative to the other.

It is important to mention that there are several serious books on physics that cover parallel-universe theories. There is nothing particularly weird or new about this. It has been channelled that we sometimes move into parallel-universe planes and back, which are usually virtually identical. A further example is that an advanced civilization exists in the center of the Earth, but this particular civilization is in a parallel plane, which is reached by entering "electromagnetic" corridors near the openings at the poles as well as other specific regions.

Possibly the only sad event will be that some families will be split up by the natural spiritual selection of the photon-belt encounter. Some individuals will go with the more evolved Earth, referred to as 4th density, while others will choose to go with 3rd density Earth, which could permanently separate their evolution by several thousands of years (in rare instances, one person taking the more evolved path may suspend their own spiritual progress to wait for the other).

The Photon Belt cycle is synchronized with the end of a number of greater cycles. For example, 225 million years (the Reptilian cycle), 26,000 years (precession of the equinoxes), and 104,000 years (a prominent evolutionary peak of four cycles of 26,000 years), culminating in a harmonic convergence at about the time of the encounter, 2012. It is also recognized that this point in time coincides with the universe reaching its maximum point of expansion. Synchronization of such nodes would be expected to open up the dimensional strata for the influx of new Light energy.

There are three types of people in our cosmos: corporeal (like us - solid, human); atmospherean (also solid to a point, but the molecular structure is quite different); and ethereans (no mass at all). When we enter the Photon Belt, a normal healthy person is expected to feel a jolt similar to putting your finger in a live electric socket, and the transformation will be complete -- you will have changed from a corporeal person to an atmospherean person ("and ye shall be changed to immortality without the separation of death in the twinkling of an eye"). Theologians have written at great depth on Bible characters, and assert that they have lived in this period of light. The sky and atmosphere was different and apparently it never rained.

Nostradamus, in his quatrain about the end of the world as we know it, in 1999: "and it will rain no more, but in 40 years, all will be normal." In aboriginal mythology it is said "Men were different to what they are now, we had a bridge to the stars." In all their stories if they fell out with the Chief or Elder, they fled to the sky. So did the Greeks. It appears that space travel is simple within the photon belt. The year 1962 was the year that we came within the influence of the Photon Belt. The year 1962 was a year of great UFO activity. Did we come within range of space travelers using the Photon Belt?

As we hurtle closer and closer, will more UFO's look us over before our rebirth into the years of LIGHT? It would seem that this is already happening. Erich Von Daniken, when visiting South America, discovered a tribe with an object given to them by Sky People thousands of years ago. They were told to keep it clean and "when it hums like thousands of swarms of bees, we will return." (It started humming softly in 1978). A cosmic alarm clock alerting us to the coming of the LIGHT? It would seem some civilizations may live permanently within The LIGHT. When our Planet leaves this period of LIGHT and returns to the 10,000 years of darkness, do THEY return to the LIGHT and wait our eventual re-entry? It seems likely.

The Mayans departed hurriedly with the message also of their return, which scholars now agree is imminent. Rock carvings around the world show drawings similar to the system of Alcyone. Ball lightning...a phenomena about which little is known, is it perhaps little pockets of the Photon Belt? To all UFO researchers, these craft always show an interest in nuclear installations. What will happen to a reactor within the Belt? I think our scientists are way out ahead. Photon energy seems to be the energy of the future. Many UFO reports seem to indicate Photon rockets on experimental craft "the headlights were at the back." The reports at hand indicate slow, cumbersome craft; but within the Photon Belt, I think we have craft for immediate unlimited space travel. Because the radiation of our sun will be modified by the Photon energy, is this why our scientists only pay small lip service to the development of solar energy? Let us think about our planet coming out of the light and into the darkness. Aboriginal mythology says "we were cast out into darkness and were much afraid, so the Gods gave us a Sun to warm us and a moon to see at night."

It is conceivable that many people will not survive the initial jolt if they are not prepared for it. If the ice extends to latitude 40 degress, that basically covers approximately half of the United States, most of Europe and parts of Asia. That is a lot of people without a home.


It is this statement Besimi, which keeps me busy ...

_Trillions of souls are trying to get into a body for this ride _

Do they mean orbs ??? Or ...
Trudy said:
It is this statement Besimi, which keeps me busy ...

_Trillions of souls are trying to get into a body for this ride _

Do they mean orbs ??? Or ...

:):):) One thing I can answer for sure is : ..this statement ,make me wanna stay even more than ever in my body :):):).
- but yes, Souls like yours and mine,All souls,any energy signature that has awareness, ..orbs too have awareness .
..they know that being alive in a body ,and living within a highly concentrated photonic region,as in Photon Belt, life will be more exciting (as everything vibrate in a higher level) ,ability to percieve and understanding grows ,with it love grows ect.
........ :):):) Much Love Sweet Trudy.
This is what NASA scientist call the Local Fluff.

""NASA explained what is keeping "Local Fluff" in a place it's not meant to be. "Using data from Voyager, we have discovered a strong magnetic field just outside the solar system. This magnetic field holds the interstellar cloud together. Voyager data show that the Fluff is much more strongly magnetized than anyone had previously suspected—between 4 and 5 microgauss.""
source -
“Is it likely that any astonishing new developments are lying in wait for us? Is it possible that the cosmology of 500 years hence will extend as far beyond our present beliefs as our cosmology goes beyond that of Newton?”
—Fred Hoyle, The Nature of the Universe . NASA's IBEX (Interstellar Boundary Explorer) spacecraft has made the first all-sky maps of the boundary between the Sun’s environment (the heliosphere), and interstellar space. The results, reported as a bright, winding ribbon of unknown origin which bisects the maps, have taken researchers by surprise. However, the discovery fits the electric model of stars perfectly"". source -

When ever there is a magnetic field, there is an eletrical current present. Where you have one, you have the other. The universe is electric.. This could be related to how the universe is holographic and everything in the universe is part of a cosmic brain.

paTricia T. said:
hummmm....I wonder why now they say we shall always have light while going through...a year ago we were suppose to go through 3days of darkness while entering the photon belt. Did I misread this?
:):):) Sweet Patricia ,lovely friend You. Hugs precious. ..:):):).
Imagine SUN going toward the PHOTON BELT,and The EARTH rotating it (more like on the horizontal/slant way).
Earth going , in FRONT of the SUN and Behind it as it rotates around Sun (yearly).
When reaching the Foton Belt, ..if Earth is in front of Sun,we won't experience those 3 days of darkness,as described.Cause we enter the light directly.
If Sun is ahead and Earth behind,then we will .( wich I mostly believe ,this to be the case). Cause naturally Sun (Stars) always move ahead ,and planets follow them in a spiral way. But in this case foton belt is a spiral too,and sometimes is possible planets may enter it first. ...........:):):) love.
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March 14th, 2010:
It sounds like something out of Star Trek, but it's all too real: a few months ago NASA's IBEX (Interstellar Boundary Explorer) spacecraft discovered a giant ribbon of atomic particles floating at the edge of our solar system.
Nothing like the space ribbon has ever been seen before, and when NASA scientists first saw the data, they were stunned. As they double-checked the data and determined that the readings were in not in error, and as they realized the immense size of what they were beholding, they may well have had the same creeping sense of horror and awe as when it gradually dawned on the cast of Star Wars that they were seeing the Death Star.
NASA found itself in the nervous position of having to publicly admit that there was something huge, radioactive and invisible out there, right by our own solar system, and we have no clue what it's doing there. Not only that, but both our previous Voyager deep-space probes failed to detect it. "This is a shocking new result," said IBEX principal investigator Dave McComas. "We had no idea this ribbon existed - or what has created it."
The current attempt to explain the mysterious ribbon is a theory that it's a reflection of solar wind particles being reflected back into the solar system by a galactic magnetic field. They've whipped up a mathematical model that, made to order, predicts a boomerang shaped barrier much like the one that is baffling astronomers. Not everyone agrees with the theory, however, and we can probably expect much wrangling, arguing, and forehead-smiting for a long time to come.
"This is an important finding," says Arik Posner, IBEX program scientist, quoted on NASA's website. "Interstellar space just beyond the edge of the solar system is mostly unexplored territory. Now we know, there could be a strong, well-organized magnetic field sitting right on our doorstep."
What this means for Earth's future is uncertain. As the latest NASA article on the space ribbon states:
And upon this field, the future may hinge.
The solar system is passing through a region of the Milky Way filled with cosmic rays and interstellar clouds. The magnetic field of our own sun, inflated by the solar wind into a bubble called the "heliosphere," substantially protects us from these things. However, the bubble itself is vulnerable to external fields. A strong magnetic field just outside the solar system could press against the heliosphere and interact with it in unknown ways. Will this strengthen our natural shielding - or weaken it? No one can say.
Great input Andy ... about the space ribbon ... wow it is all so exciting :)))

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