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I am beginning to come out on the other side of ascension. It is about time - I have been at this for years now - but the introduction of the solfeggio tones seems to have accelerated the process. Since early last week I have been manifesting good things in my life. Not the over the top - my dreams coming true type of good things - but things such as a relaxed, loving Thanksgiving this year - which is rare in my family. A date Saturday night when I was feeling lonely and wanting to go to a movie with a friend. I got a call after lunch and was invited to go see "Australia" Saturday night. It was a relaxing evening with a good male friend who is also going through heartache (we both recently ended long-term relationships). Then Sunday, my plans with a girlfriend were cancelled - she had hurt her back working too hard in her yard the day before. So I thought to myself - okay universe - I am going to flow with this. This is something you conjured up for me. So I was prompted to text a man who has been trying to get me to go out with him, and we ended up watching the exquisite new moon over the ocean - hanging in the sky with Venus and Jupiter. And he didn't think I was strange at all to be so excited to watch the sky.

All of these things have happened to me in one week. The Perks of Ascension are beginning to reveal themselves to me. I am now very careful of my thoughts - because I truly know now that once you get into the 4th dimension - manifestation begins occurring at rapid speed.

I think we should talk more about this - I want to hear more perks from others. If we read and begin to see the good that is happening in other's lives, we will all be inspired to stay on this path.

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Hehehe :))) clinton nice to hear that and i know who is that someone!! ;) :PP I wish u both alot of love and happines ;) And to u to jen and everyone else :)

Love & light
By Jure
yeah i know what you mean! i have felt so much happier and joyful in the last 3 months or so, and like you say, the solfeggios have had an amazing effect.
I believe im getting quite good at manifestation. Ive manifested a few things from loving experiences, to items i have needed, and even money which i would have been screwed without!

I truly am really realizing the power we have!!!!

Man, I need a boyfriend D:

Lol jk! Actually, not really jk. Uh.

But yeah, when you think positively, good things happen. I really have unusually good luck though so I haven't noticed any changes..

And I mean really good luck o_o
Mariell - beautifully said. And FYI - my guardian angel revealed her name to me 3 years ago. I kept hearing Mariell...but I renamed her Mirielle - (Miricle?). So, I really read what you just said as if it were her speaking to me. I like what you said about being able to hear the language of love spoken by everything all around.

nice post.
it is a very rough path - this acsension process. But when you begin to see signs of light in your life, and then they become more know. I just wish it made it easier to live here when you know. The problem is staying in the 4th dimension continuously. I think that is where the Wayne Dyar's and the Abraham-Hicks and the Enoch Tan's and the Steve Pavlina's are...they ascended...some had pain and some did not. They learned to stay in the 4th which gives them divine manifestation power. I need more tools to stay there. Or maybe more time to grow into staying there.
Hello to you all,
it is nice to read about other people's experiences.

I have really started to notice in the last month that the gap between the thought and the action is getting smaller. Things i think are manifesting quicker! I think of a person and the phone rings or i receive an email out of the blue. I am searching for certain information someone gives me this info unexpectedly. I have also found that i am more peaceful and focused then i was before.

I loved what you said Mariell I could say that my "inside" changed so that I am now more able to "listen" the language of love spoke by all the things around! i feel the same.

In love and light

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