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I was on this great thread over at, and I wanted to bring up the Obama debate here and get all of your opinions from around the world. This is basically what I wrote over there:

Who is Obama? The bringer of light or darkness? Is he New World Order? There's plenty of evidence of him being in bed with them. Being funded by them. However, is that just "keeping your enemies closer?". "Infiltrating the infiltrators?" These really are important questions. If he's a nwo puppet, then nothing changes, it only gets worse. (maybe even gets much better, as some sort of set-up for disaster). Then again it may be he's anti-NWO but has played ball with them long enough to get in office and do something about it. Then things will get GENUINELY better, hopefully. It could be that he is a good soul, outwitted the NWO into office, goes to expose them, and will now get shot. The NWO would love that. Martial law, president down. Shot by the NWO and blamed on whoever they want, something racial I'm sure to divide the masses.

However, IF UFO disclosure happens on Obama's watch, the stakes rise dramatically higher.

There are so many ways a disclosure situation can go down.

Obama good, exposes NWO, disclosure, invites down good aliens.
Obama good, exposes NWO, disclosure, invites down bad aliens by mistake.
Obama bad, exposes NWO, problem reaction solution, disclosure, invites down bad aliens posing as good ones to take over.
Obama bad, exposes NWO, disclosure, invites down bad aliens but good ones show up and set things straight.

And that's IF he exposes the NWO. He my not. None of us know. I guess my point is, even if he does expose the NWO, that doesn't mean a thing. It could just be one more false flag event. NWO puts him in, they expose themselves in the guise of "ooh, the evil NWO. Let's get our protective space brothers to help us out" Then boom. That would be a paradigm worse than what we are already experiencing. I know, it's a worse case scenario, but still in the realm of possibilities. Best case scenario: Obama is of the light and becomes a positive figurehead for disclosure and bringing down the dark side. (BUT FIGUREHEAD IS ALL HE IS. If he brings in disclosure, he can't become the "man of the hour" who gets praised for it. That credit goes to ufo witnesses and and scientists and military who have been battling to expose this for 60 years. Obama will just be happening to be sitting on the chair when it happens. And that makes him the central figure which could create the dichotomy of "is he savior or antichrist")

Politicians have promised us the moon a million times, and never deliver. The ones that do get run off, or shot. So let's all pray for Obama. If he's a good soul, then I pray for his protection from others that would try to destroy his intentions. If he is of the dark, I pray for his protection from himself, and to come over to the light and do the right thing.


Since I wrote that, there has been some interesting developments. Stephen Bassett has been praising Obama as the disclosure president. Obama Picked John Podesta for his team, and Podesta is a leading figure in the disclosure movement.. Bassett's saying full disclosure by spring.

Actually, here's the mp3 from Brad's other site..

Peace love n light, everyone!

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i used to be slightly suspicious of obama.
but when i looked closer, he does appear to have the wisdom of king solomon in him (no idea why i said that)
we have to be positive in order for good things to happen :)
i think obama is good and will try to make a change.
however, i feel his appoinment as president is a farce, either way he would have won, the powers that be want to show that the US is no longer a racist society (the government - not the people), that they are willing to embrace a member from a different cultural background to be their president..
however, i dont think he will fulfill the 1st 4 years, he will be taken out before then...(BY THE POWERS THAT BE),,,
The "bad" aliens are already here, both inside and outside each and every one of us. So no need to worry about that;) Obama calibrate in the mid 400s on Hawkins scale which makes him a man of great integrity and Light.

As the Mass Consciousness of mankind has made a great leap in the last few months the New is rising more and more to the surface as the "old world order" crumbles. Obama is the tip of the iceberg and represents The New. All the Lightworkers which has been operating "behind the scenes" are about to step into positions of more power as the old and corrupt crumbles away more and more. This is a gradual process, but it is a very good sign that the president of the United States is such a Lightworker. This means huge changes are coming very soon. For the time being he and others have to "play along" until the dark cabal is totally removed from any position of power. He is probably not even totally conscious of this himself, but he follows his Heart and intuition. Feel his being as opposed to a man like Bush or Mccain (both calibrate below 40) and you will know that he is a good person.
i think you misunderstood me.
I said I think Obama is good and WILL try to make amends all the wrongs the US govt has done.
He is not the one i have a problem with, but the leaders above him.
Just because he is president doesnt mean he runs the country.
He is mearly a spokesman, he is a puppet to the powers that be above him.
He gets to know what he needs to know, he will be in office 4 or 8 years, you think they are going to let him know EVERYTHING, I THINK NOT.
he became president, but i believe he couldnt fail, the same as bush never failed, its common knowledge bush' election was rigged, Obamas the same, they want to make the rest of the world say look, the US arent a racist society....
when i say racist society i mean the leaders of the country, the war mongers & greedy evil souls that have been at war with someone for over 60 years....the same govt that killed thousands of their own people on 9/11.
the same govt that knew pearl harbour was going to be bombed.
they care nothing for american people or any other person in the world, they are a super power that need to be stopped.
hopefully the gfol will do it, then and only then can a real peace process begin.
now all of the above is about the american govt, NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE...
Nice... finally I hook up with the relatives..
Sick and tired of this NWO BS it will never happen we already been in this NWO with bush and his pupets but their plan never went further! we are the change not Obama or any politicians leaders!

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