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PERIGEE MOON SHADOWS: The brightest full Moon of the year is casting the darkest Moon-shadows. "I went out tonight to take a picture of the moonrise," says Jonathan Sabin of Ellenton, Florida. "I couldn't help noticing just how dark the shadows were." He faced away from the light, directed his camera (a Nikon D300) at the ground, and snapped this self-portrait:

This weekend's full Moon is a perigee Moon, as much as 50,000 km closer to Earth and 30% brighter than usual. All around the world, people were amazed by the shadows--but even more amazed by the light source itself. Browse the links below to see what was shining behind Sabin's back.

I went tobogganing on a mountain with absolutely no lights. The moon was strong enough to light up everything so we could see. It was just amazing.

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cool, even in darkness there is light ^_^
I went for a hike to watch the Sun set and the Moon rise at the same time! I noticed the incredible darkness of the shadows as well! What came to mind was "I'm being followed by a moon shadow, Moon Shadow, MOON SHADOW!...
Also found and brought back an incredible 42 pound chunk of QUARTZ! Pictures to follow on my page!!! We lugged it out the canyon, approx 1/4 mile back to camp. and then home.
Equistice Jim
Took a snapshot of the moon last month with my cell phone and saved it as my cellphone screen.
Now every time someone calls me I get to see that moon shot, Makes me feel like Im part of something bigger.
Did the same with the sun, now anytime I feel bad I just pop open my phone and feel the energy from it.
Thanks to my sun pic I have been using my cellphone to recharge my energy. ... No joke try it.

Be safe all...

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