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The Mirror Effect

The Hopi Indians tell of a time they call the Great Purification, when humanity would stand before a huge mirror and each one would look into that mirror and would have the choice of seeing what they really are at their core or fleeing from the mirror. Those who flee would be presented with further mirrors until the light became blinding.

Is being faced with looking in a mirror a punishment?
It might be considered that way if someone is used to avoiding their own self reflection. It might sting or in some cases scald. There is a saying, the truth hurts. In the end the truth and only the truth heals. It is not for the purpose of punishment this giant mirror effect is present, but self discovery leading to healing.

The mirror effect gives the opportunity to weigh the self on the scales to see if they balance. Does the heart display a person of integrity, and fairness, one who speaks his own truth honestly and deals with others in that same spirit, or does it display a duality of heart and a person who lies to himself and finds it easy to lie to others. If what is seen by the self in the inner mirror is not aligned with truth, this mirror is really an agent of loving kindness so that a person may begin to make changes in his attitudes and dealings with others. Aligning the self with integrity is what brings that person into a purified state as he can now face himself and love and respect himself. One cannot love and respect others without self respect and loving oneself.

The giant mirror described by the Hopi is now in place and the upheavals in society are proof. Constructs such as governments, corporations, amalgamations, committees, or bodies who promote the health and welfare of all humans, can collectively look themselves in the face, but if a group or company is only organized for the purpose of perpetual greed at the expense of others, such an organization will find the mirror effect causing many good intentioned individuals to abandoned its ranks.

The Hopi were given this foreknowledge just as were the indigenous Mayan and that is why both cultures recorded this time as the emergence of ethics replacing greed. A few years back a movie coined the phrase “greed is good” but greed is like a poison, the effects of which can be seen in the air, water and land.

An honest look at the self creates an honest look at society, which in turn has unlimited potentials for the highest good for all involved. Whatever images which were false will dissolve before this light and whatever was built on honest true foundations will flourish.

The mirror effect reaches beyond just the individual and spans into every level. In mysterious and inexplicable ways hidden dealings are coming to the light. It is as if the light is drawing them out of their dark cubbyholes to be seen, and exposed and swept away. This energy is absolutely neutral and does not bypass anyone.

If you already know that all people are expressions of One, then you see this mirror effect as a result of the healing of many schisms within the human race. This is a time for reuniting, and healing of those things which separate people. Those things that are melting away, breaking apart and crashing to the ground are doing so because they cannot stand under the light of this truth. The light does not point the finger of accusation. It does hold up the mirror to the self and says ‘look within, look deep within. What do YOU see?”

If you are seeing yourself in a different way these days, as well as the world in general this is what is happening. Understanding the meaning will help you to have the peace of mind to observe the process and allow all things to take place for the highest good of all.


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ya its true most people think theres some grumpy judge waiting for us after death,the truth is we judge ourselves
Hello Budda,
You have just stated a truth that has not yet been validated by millions.

Love and Light
Thank you for the reply to my post Sanne,

The situation you describe with your friend could be a belief about yourself having to measure up to a standard you have set for yourself, and of course we always look at others who have similar potentials the same way. Just by incarnating and being that higher vibration you are assisting the planet and fulfilling your mission. It is not in the doing but in the being. I know this well because this is one of my life lessons. You are your own worst taskmaster constantly thinking you are not measuring up. I saw that in myself and stopped striving and struggling and trying to prove anything to myself and realized that just holding light and emanating joy touches others and that trying to be some image of myself is not being. Once you try to be anything, you are in your mind and thinking it through. Instead of thinking it through, feel it through with your heart and navigate by your feelings and then you will really be.

Talk to you another time,
Love and Blessings,

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