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Dear all.

As stated in previous discussions, I am someone who does not believe in coincidence. Too many things happen to us to leave it all down to luck and serendipity. Which means that the last two days of my life have been particularly indicative of the law of attraction.

So it was that I found myself in a pub in Southampton yesterday, 60 miles from where I live, at night, waiting for an old punk guitarist to perform, talking to an Aston Villa fan called Skip. A complete and utter stranger to me. Out of nowhere, in the conversation, he wondered if I had ever heard of 'mindfulness' and the 'law of attraction'. That is when the conversation moved into philosophy, ethereal matters and the game blaring away on the TV behind us completely forgotten.

So it was that at the end of an anonymous road in Southampton yesterday, 60 miles from my home, at night, I found myself talking to a lightworker named Skip, who up until that point thought he was entirely alone.

All is as should be.

Send your thoughts, your strength and your love to Skip, a man that had a rough road getting to where he is, and full with even more fire than ever to keep going and telling all that love and positivity is the only way forward.


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