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The Invisible War

We are engulfed in war. Not simply a war fought with guns and bombs "somewhere out there." The skirmishes take place in the region of one's own mind. The less one is aware of the invisible war, the more receptive one is to its ongoing process of demoralization, for the insensate human is vulnerable, malleable, weak, and ripe for control.

Invisible warfare allows its victims to wallow in their sense of choice and freedom while actually feeling weak and ineffectual. I've outlined a few pertinent facets of these weapons, for comparisons of their intended effect on one's own environment, body and emotions. Avenues for infection are everywhere. "Bombs" are falling on our doorsteps every day. Supermarket tabloids, radio, tv -- all these are catechisms of demoralization.

1) Weather Control -- Unusually protracted weather conditions with little or no change (especially long periods of sunshine) provide ample opportunity for the incubation of viral and bacterial agents. An added advantage is that sunny, warm weather encourages people to get together in groups, going to games, the beach, the park. These masses of humanity create a mental wavelength which depletes creative energy and deadens the environment, contributing to the main objective of overall demoralization.

2) Viral and Bacterial Agents -- It's foolish to believe that research in bacteriological warfare ended with the invention of the nuclear bomb. Many diseases are now being traced back to invincible, ever-modifying viruses. The cause of everything from AIDS to ARC to the much-discussed "Yuppie Disease" (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) seems to be isolated to a breakdown of the body's immune system triggered by a viral infection. If "bombardments" were being manipulated so as not to arouse suspicion, attacks could be made on areas of the body already susceptible, causing "flare-ups" of already diagnosed diseases. "Spot" or arthritic-type pains could be induced in unlikely parts of the body. Irregularities in mucous membranes could cause cold-like symptoms that never quite develop into full-fledged colds, chronic yeast infections, symptoms of internal parasites (bloating and swelling), fluid retention, or a feeling of "pressure" in the head. Of course, few would feel bad enough to be incapacitated, just ill enough to wonder was that matter.

3) Ultrasonic Targeting or Saturation (White Noise) -- I've done extensive experimentation with various sound frequencies, on both ends of the spectrum, and discovered what can be done, especially using the technology of microchips and synthesizers. Ultrasonic sound jams volitional thought, immobilizes the individual, induces mental confusion and increases suggestibility. White noise can be carried by radio and tv-audio signals, and enhanced by frenetic musical (MTV, ect) or frenetic spoken delivery. We become used to the "chipmunk" sound always going in the background, establishing a norm of hyper-pacing and overstimulating the senses. Without an electronic device chattering away, things seem unnaturally quiet, so, under the guise of seeking information and being entertained, we become addicted to the "presence" of tv, radio, or stereo as guiding and stabilizing influences.

4) Subsonic Targeting or Saturation (Black Sound) -- On the opposite end of the sound spectrum, subsonics can be used to drive people together during conducive periods (holidays, weekends, or special events). Besides the depletion resulting from large numbers of people clustering together, black sound creates anxiety, hyperactive behavior, agitation, and increased stress. Subsonic sound can also be employed to create earthquakes.

5) Microwave Radiation -- Not leaking from microwave ovens, but received through undetectable (or overlooked) receivers, from satellite or earth-bound transmitters. No giant receiving dishes are necessary. Natural or man-made configurations can be utilized or constructed that are conducive to reception (areas between hills, valleys between skyscrapers, sports arenas, ect) Symptoms: respiratory ailments, circulatory problems, mucous membrane and kidney dysfunction, excessive thirst, mental retardation, memory loss, forgetfulness.

6) Food and Beverage Dispersal -- Outlets where large numbers of people are exposed to the mass-produced provisions are suspect. Chemicals in widely consumed foodstuffs or drinks are an obvious arena for unseen chemical additives. (And those who actually fry or dispense the foods never need know exactly what is being dispersed.)Fast food and restaurant chains receive pre-mixed ,pre-packaged supplies, as do supermarkets and other retail outlets. To "fuel up" at these outlets is to perhaps induce and sustain lassitude, and foster mental incapacity and insensitivity. Those not yet conditioned by exposure to these chemicals can experience MSG-type symptoms (excessive thirst, hot flashes, wired yet tired feelings, metallic taste, ect.)

7) Psychological Smokescreens -- Screening and misdirection are employed to divert attention from the agents of the invisible enumerated above. Some of the more obvious misdirections are: threat of nuclear attack, political "causes," scandal and campaign hysteria, concern over "real" or conventional warfare, contrived revolts and shooting wars in far-away areas of the world, fear of contamination of water supplies by parties unknown (ensuring increased sales of chemical-laden beverages), poisoning or experiments by the CIA or other convenient groups, fear of the Appointed Enemy, i.e, Christian-defined "Satanic" influences, UFOs, neo-Nazis (until they're absorbed to make room for a new, common enemy). These are all widely discussed and heatedly protested topics, and therefore effective as diversions.

8) The Extended Weekend -- There have been occasional three-day weekends before, but never like this. Long weekends are necessary to allow spending and recreational time while maintaining the illusion of productivity. Three and four day weekends allow plenty of opportunity for "relaxation" ( i.e, intensive television viewing and other indoctrinational devices) and keep everyone happy. At this rate, we may yet see six day weekends.

9) Urban Warfare -- Beyond the smokescreens, there are other psychological elements involved in the present war. By allowing heavy drug use to increase, and an underground network of sales and distribution to exist, people can be kept malleable and satisfied, while the drugs induce mental retardation. Drug skirmishes, rampant in urban sectors, thin the population. Another effective warfare agent is the individual annihilator -- a person so frustrated with the injustices of the "justice system" or by the petty tyranny of contemporary life that he grabs an armful of guns and starts shooting into the nearest crowd. The serial killer -- a contemporary phenomenon -- cannot be overlooked. These incidents are often labeled "Satanic" or "cult" crimes, and will increases as a method of population reduction.

These are the major weapons in use today. Inasmuch as neurological responses affect the entire physical organism, it must be emphasized that physical malaise or disease may originate in demoralization created and sustained by any warfare agent. Becoming aware of these agents can minimize unnecessary demoralization in those who wish to preserve their instinct for survival.

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Sounds like the nazis trait of hate .
Thanks Yakov . Bigg post really.
...this is very much the truth,and people still refuse to belive this Invisible war.
...they (people) know that.something is definitely wrong,but just can't belive that The Dark goes to this extent.
....much love my friend.Namaste.
It is very hard to accept the truth because they have been programmed by there television and newspaper what to be concerned with and they allow the MEDIA to tell them what to THINK . The hardest task I ever had and still do is to get them to think for themselves and any story that is not given to you, that does not have another view or side is pure propaganda real reporters give you both sides to any story they report on and as accurate and truthful as posible.I have gotten through to a few but its trying to get them to think with there own mind is tough to do .I never attempt to tell anybody this is the way it is .i always say check out this information and you decide for yourself after hearing or seeing another legitimite view on a subjet ..I know that a opem mind is the key to the truth that surounds our need to know the truth .
It took me a while to figure out how to get back to my original post here so I apologize for not replying sooner. Once we understand some of the themes of the invisible war we can prepare ourselves and open the mind of others to what is being done. Please do read my second post about New Age and Nazism as it continues much of the work discussed here.

As paTricia T. says, it is irresponsible not to dig for the truth no matter how far down the rabbit hole it leads. I look forward to interacting with all of you more.

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