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Aloha beloved family and friends,

Months ago Mary Carol, a dear friend, and I were guided to start writing a book together. We have been receiving weekly transmissions from Adama, from the Inner Earth, and from our brothers and sisters from the Stars. We were asked to share these messages with the world at large.You can find our messages on my website Island of Light.

We have both been so blessed over the past months, primarily by the energy that comes through the transmissions. As you read the messages you will also be blessed with this illuminating, transformational energy.

A lot of the information will be familiar to some of you, but it is the frequencies available through this loving information that is the gift. We have certainly transformed our lives immensely, and it has helped us go through enormous cleansing cycles, for which we are extremely grateful. Life just continues to get better and better!

With much love and infinite blessings from us both,

Sue & Mary Carol Susan Michele Moll Mary Carol Breckenridge

Island of Light


The Healing Temple

Transmission received 9-12-12 Sue and Mary Carol

MARY CAROL: Aloha beloved ones, I am Adama and I greet you with love and light. We are here in the inner earth gathered to await your arrival. We would like to take you to visit our temple of healing and the valley of the crystalline vortex lake. It is an extensive landscape that accompanies many of our crystalline structures and so in the healing temple there is a pool in the middle of the temple that emanates all the colors of the rainbow. This is a healing pool with the frequencies of all the colors that assist with healing. There is a healing table upon which one may recline to receive healings of the utmost intensity for where needed or desired for the healing of the body, mind and soul. The body, mind and soul are all connected, and where there is a blockage or a dysfunction in one it most certainly will affect the other. This is most certainly very deep healing that we do here. We have appointed highly trained priests of healing who facilitate what is called for.

It may surprise you that there is a channel of sea water surrounding and leading up to the round healing temple. Through these waterways our beloved dolphin pod travels very slowly to assist and enhance the healing frequencies. The crystalline structure of the building is constructed to absorb the energies of that which is healed and to transmute them into a different format or cellular structure, so that they are carried away and they are disseminated amongst the other waters we have here and dissolved, becoming part of the water.

You may come here whenever you wish to ask for and receive healings of your choice and what will follow will be healings as well of other parts of your body, mind and soul that you have not perceived as needing healing. And so, it is a wondrous place to release past lives, past dysfunctional beliefs, past habitual thoughts that do not serve you. You will welcome the uplifting that you receive, you will welcome the clearings even those you did not know were needed. This is a sacred place of very high frequencies and the workers facilitating the healings are of the highest beings.

As you come to visit the crystalline lake and waterfall you may wish to go there before or after your healing. Although it is recommended that you do one or the other for after your session of opening to and receiving healings you will want to rest inside the temple for a while and when you return to your own environment you will want to allow yourselves to continue absorbing the healing frequencies so follow your guidance here with this procedure and we know that as you express your deep gratitude that we are all blessed with that.

We see that you are able to envision all of this and make it a permanent knowing of your inner selves and your higher selves. It is with great joy that we open this doorway for you and to share with you our invitation to visit the healing temple.

Adama : [Sue may want to dip her foot into our healing pool so she is relieved of any residual effect from the bee sting.]

(Sue reports: The next morning after visiting the Healing Temple during the night, the swelling on my foot had gone down completely, Thank you Adama!)

SUE: Allow yourself for a moment to absorb and bathe in this beauty. Allowing the energies of the healing temple to permeate and surround your being. Allow yourself time to dwell and rest in this place of healing. There is no rush, and what needs to be addressed primarily will be tackled first. Each time you come you may offer a certain request including all that you are unaware of that requires some adjustments. The more often you come to this beautiful place and ask for healing at deeper levels, the quicker you will find your life long patterns and shall we say habits or physical ailments are suddenly dissolved and all of a sudden one day you will awaken and notice it is gone. It may take a little time for you to integrate all we offer you, but bit by bit, you will notice amazing differences. You do not need to be aware of the beings that assist you, but you may begin to see and feel them as time goes on. Remember to express your gratitude to your helpers. They will greatly appreciate your love and gratitude.

Lucid sleeping woman

When you lie down at night to go to sleep go to the healing temple and lie upon the crystalline bed and ask for healing on all levels while your body is sleeping. This way the time you spend in your bed will be well utilized. You do not even need to be present in your physical bodies for this to take place. So it is time well spent while the body is at rest. This is our advice to you. When you awaken in the morning, go to the crystalline vortex lake and waterfall and begin your day rejuvenating on all levels.

We now wish to address something completely different. There have been many strange happenings taking place the last few weeks, many shifts and changes for everyone. A lot has been coming up to the surface to be released for the majority of humanity. These are the times we have talked about where people will need your advice, your helping hand through these difficult transitions. As you know through your own experience, when you are in the thick of it you cannot see the wood for the trees. All you need to do is be there for those in need of a friend to hold their hand and love them through their process. Just being present with your love is enough, helping them to stay with their process and offering them any assistance that might be beneficial.

You will see that this is just the beginning, beloved ones, and more and more you will be required to be the peaceful pole in the midst of chaos. The energies present at this time are of a chaotic nature. It is designed to bring up and to the surface all that no longer serves you in the higher frequencies. So just remember to be compassionate and kind towards yourself and others. You are in this releasing mode. You may be the trigger that causes a burst to come forth from another. Do not take it personally and know you are serving one another and helping each other to clear unwanted and unnecessary clutter.

From our perspective everything is running smoothly and according to plan. With this new gift that we have given you, it will assist all those who choose to accept it, to have an easier ride. As your heart beats more in unison with ours, our friendship will deepen and the spectrum of what we can share with you will be a lot broader and more varied.

Beloved ones, there is nowhere to go, nothing to do, but stay in your hearts. This is the key to your awakening into full consciousness. Sometimes no words are needed, just a loving presence. Cultivate the love and emanate your love consciously to all those around you. So set the intent on a daily basis to be the best that you can be. Shine your light and your love in a friendly manner with everyone you meet, strangers included. You will have a great effect on those around you. This is often enough and may be your purpose and why you are here.

You do not always need to be well known or glamorously performing in front of others to make a difference. Just be your loving self and relax and know that this is enough unless you are called to do more. It is often a simple act of kindness that makes the most difference in someone else's life. So remember this and go about your days with intent and conscious friendly communication. Take the time to greet others. You will see, even if it's only a smile it will make a difference and help them have a better day. You have no idea beloved ones how your sweet presence makes a difference in the lives of others. Just believe us that it does. We close now and bless you all with our love until we meet again very soon.

MARY CAROL: Beloved ones, so now you are well acquainted with how to access our healing temple and how to allow yourselves this facility of wondrous healing powers. Just follow our suggestions and instructions and you will experience great benefits to your beings and to your pathways during these times of transformation. Although what appears to many as troublesome changes, are because their perspective is still in the third dimension. Because Mother Earth, yourselves and all that is upon her - sentient or non-sentient beings are all effected beneficially by the rising of higher frequencies.

The shifts and extensive changes are blessings as they are part of the great transformation you are experiencing to arrive at the Golden Age. Some who are lagging behind will begin to get the drift and to absorb the frequencies that lift them higher. They will see in their hearts and feel in their beings that this is all part of the Divine Plan as it unfolds, and that it will all come to settle in a place of love, peace and harmony for all to be a part of with willingness and joy.

More than you, perhaps, we see down the line the resulting turnarounds that are to come, while there is much concern amongst much of the population of the Earth. Little by little their concerns will be dissolved as light and love envelop the Earth and all those who are now dwelling upon her. As you move into a new position within your own galaxy it will bring many colossal changes in the way that your society and civilizations are operating. As we have said before, there are many pockets of divinely realized people and of those who have never forgotten their sacred cultures and beginnings. These pockets, even though hidden or obscured or reclusive at this time, are assisting each one in their own ways, and contributing and enormous amount to the progress of the Divine Plan. Thank you for your assistance in your own ways, beloved ones, and be of good cheer as you each continue to travel your pathways of holding the Light and spreading the Love. Thank you my dears for being your true selves it is greatly recognized. For this time with you we are grateful and now we say aloha until we have the joy of meeting with you again and sharing our communications.

We love you.

The Island of Light

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i feel calmer after reading this article. :)

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