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Due to a need to have a suggestion list of what people can be doing to help the planet and all life upon her,  some of us would like to start a place in cyber space where we can be united with other to make a difference.  

It has been agreed that some people are in positions to do somethings that may take more risk or physical energy , while others can offer equally important tasks that do not require a physical presence. 

So to do my part, I have gone ahead and taged a domain name and will be creating a very simple sight to get this ball rolling.   The link will be         
Here we shall put a suggestion page  and link pages that can connect the freedom workers.  To do my part I will get off my ass and get this started.  

For those of you that do not know what the goya movement is....goya "get off your ass" movement.  

At this stage I would like some input as to what are the main things you would like to see....links.....etc etc.    Do  take note that I am not a computer person at all, but I will do what I can to surpass my personal limitations.    

So lets goya  and bring on the suggestions. 
Thank you....paTricia

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