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The Galactic Hub Public Release For May 4th 2009

The Galactic Hub Public Release For May 4th 2009

I am writing this message to announce that on May 4th 2009, The Galactic Hub will be releasing an article that we believe has THE MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR HUMANITY within it! This article will be entitled: "2011 - The New Paradigm: The Truth About Our Existence, Our World, And Where We're Headed."

This article is the result of much research done by our team as well as other leading scientists and researchers from around the world, and is based upon information from our extra-terrestrial contacts, which together forms a clear picture and answer for every major question humanity has ever asked itself about who we are, what's our past, and most importantly what's our future.

We ask everybody to spread this public release as far as possible to get others ready for this *reality shattering* information.

After this article has been released, conference calls will be held both on the internet and the phone which is designed to further explain this newest information in an interactive manner. It is free to attend any conference call and details will be placed on our website on May 4th 2009.

Thank you for your time for allowing us to get the public ready for the most important information ever to be known to humanity!

-The TGH Team-

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Ahhhaa, is this to do with the recent developments in the higher realms and the new info THEY have come into understanding about what this experiment known as Earth and the 3rd and 4th dimensional realities has as an effect on the higher dimensions...
Is this to do with the Solar flares through May to Oct 2011, where most of us will finally leave this 3d reality for good as it is no longer serving the higher light in any constructive way and is actually dragging down everything......
i really look forward to reading this :D

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